Masterchef…Marco Pierre White week begins

The show begins with a lovely aerial view of Melbourne, they arrive at the kitchen to see Macro Pierre White standing outside and to think it is only week three…poor buggers.

Gary tells them that this week Marco is not there as the scary Marco, he’s there to take them on as his apprentices for the week and to be their mentor, no offence I’d still be scared and nervous, but would take a lot out of the experience.

Bless him he starts by asking them what their dreams are, he says dreams are the most important as without them you won’t achieve anything.  But if you have a dream you have a duty to make it true because if you don’t then you are just a dreamer.   So take that in and ponder on it if you will.

Out comes the mystery box and Matt says it is all about flavour.  There are 10 ingredients, two for each of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.  Marco lifts the box and there is for sweet; Muscat wine and dates, for sour; lemons and yoghurt, for bitter; endive and cumin seeds, for salty; anchovies and pigface and for umami; pork chop and parmesan.  They have to use at least one ingredient for a perfectly balanced dish in 60 minutes with the staples of course and they’re only tasting the top five dishes and the winner get the advantages as per usual.

Nothing like Marco going around and causing contestants to be speechless, but when it is Gary and George doing that you have to laugh, poor Jamie.

Mind you there’s a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes going on, but there are a lot of pork chops going on.

All of a sudden Marco tells them all to stop, just so he can tell them there are 15 minutes to go.

Poor Ashleigh, she’s cracking up her cumin seed praline when Marco strolls over and tastes a bit, but says nothing…poor love.

Poor Fiona is stressing majorly about her pork being black on the outside right when Marco walks over to ask about her pork, oh honey you’re in trouble.

Time to taste five dishes…up first is Georgia with endive cups with pickled pigface and pork crackling and George goes to cut it and Marco tells him it is designed to be eaten with his fingers and to take a whole one.  Nothing like a close up of Marco chewing to scare a person, then a close up of poor Georgia looking like she’s about to pee her pants, then another close up of Marco and back to Georgia and then off to a damn ad break before he talks.  Georgia asks if Marco likes it and he says he’s thinking about it, oh dear lord what a response.  He mentions all the different flavours he can taste in one mouthful and finally says he likes it.

Up next is Sara with date and Muscat glazed pork with cumin salt and pork crackling.  Marco says it eats better than it looks.

Up next is Jessica with pan seared pork loin, parmesan crumb, Muscat sauce and endive and Marco thinks the pork is cooked really well.

Next up is John with choux pastry gnocchi with pork sausage and dates and Matt congratulates him on making something new.  Marco says making the gnocchi with choux pastry is very clever, but it is very sweet.

Last chosen is Ashleigh with date frozen nougat with crumb, lemon curd and praline.  Marco likes the curd, but loves the cumin crumb and thinks it is truly delicious and thinks she has been really intelligent.

So the winner of the mystery box is…another damn ad break!!  Oh look the winner is Ashleigh and Marco says it was thoughtful and delicious and he walked away wanting more.  Now she gets her advantage for the invention test.

Gary starts going on about the five mother sauces that all sauces come from; veal jus, hollandaise, veloute of chicken, béchamel and vegetable nage.  Everyone has to make one of them from scratch as part of their dish.  Marco says to make something simple that will show off her strengths.  She chose veal jus.  Matt says they have to not only make the jus, but a dish where the jus underpins the dish and they have 90 minutes.  Top three have a chance for immunity, bottom three are in a pressure test.

Thankfully they’re given veal stock in the pantry, but heck they’re all bashing into each other getting their ingredients.

Marco’s walking around and tasting things and tastes Andrea’s sauce and tells her she may be in trouble…oh heck, poor dear.  Poor Ashleigh on the other hand is stressing out majorly with the pressure of having the advantage and the poor quail is taking the brunt of the stress.  Then there’s poor Georgia with a fatty sauce which Marco pulls her up on.

Next thing you know Marco has Melita in tears thinking about her family…oh poor love.

Meanwhile Ashleigh is still going on about the damn quail with 15 minutes to go.  Then Fiona has a potato drama trying to add some salt to their potatoes, except all the salt ends up in the pot, not a small amount.  Now poor Andrea’s sauce is too over-reduced and she compares it to Vegemite, oh poor love, Marco did try to warn you earlier and you said you hadn’t used all the stock.

Up first is Matthew who is happy with his dish.  He made beef fillet with pommes mille fuille and stuffed mushrooms.  Matt says the beef and sauce are impeccable.  Marco says the ratio of wine to stock is perfect and the sauce will take some beating.

Melita goes up and Marco likes the sauce.

Oh dear, up goes Jacqui with her pasta and Marco can’t taste the sauce and Gary says it might put her in the bottom three.

Andrea goes up and she’s nervous, honey you should be ready to pee your pants.  Gary asks where the jus is and he looks at it and says “oh my goodness it’s thick”…we have to remember she is only 18.  Marco says even at his age he over-reduces things but hides it better, bless him.

Fiona goes up with fillet of beef with potato puree, carrots and mushrooms and we’re off to another ad break before the judges talk.  Matt says it is honest and true and doesn’t mention anything about salty potatoes.  Marco says it is classical and beautiful.

Billie goes up with a spiced duck breast and raspberry jus.  Matt says each taste gives a different layer of flavours and uses the raspberry for it’s savouriness and not it’s sweetness and Marco says there isn’t an ounce of criticism from any of them and George says that she has arrived in the competition.

John goes up with his dish sea meets land.  Georgie Boy says there’s too much going on in the dish.  Marco says he can see that John loves cooking and experimenting, but he needs to know when to stop.

Jessica’s sauce it too salty.

Jamie’s sauce is quite cool.

Ava’s meat is perfectly cooked.

Christina’s sauce is consistent.

Amy’s sauce is very delicate.

Ashleigh goes up and she’s still going on about the extra pressure of the advantage, oh honey give it a rest.  She made quail with pumpkin puree and red wine jus and she gets teary when they ask if she nailed it, oh love you do realise it is only week three.  Yes the quail was overdone and Gary says the sauce is too strong and Marco says the pressure made her try too hard.

Georgia goes up, she’s made mushroom raviolo with hazelnut crumb and mushroom jus.  Marco loves the flavour and the combination of mushrooms and hazlenuts and thinks she’s done really well and she should be very proud of herself.

Righty-o, time for top three and bottom three…nope not quite, time for another ad break.

Matt calls forward Billie, Matthew and Georgia as the top three dishes.

George calls forward Andrea, Jacqui and John as the bottom three…Ashleigh manages to scrape through while Andrea, Jacqui and John are into a pressure test for elimination…heck they even have to butcher the meat first.  Shite, I would be in trouble.


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