Masterchef…mystery box and invention test

Unfortunately I’ve only seen the first episode of Masterchef as I was out the other nights, I recorded them with every intention of watching them this weekend, however being sick and having to sleep a lot as well as finish an essay meant that hasn’t happened yet.  I’m only up now to finish the essay as it is due tomorrow and Masterchef being on is a bonus for all of you.

Straight up there’s a girl sitting out because she’s unwell and she’s straight into the next elimination.

So up first is a mystery box challenge, got to love a good mystery box.  There is a mixture of things, chicken breast, coriander, popcorn, blood orange, coconut, blue swimmer crab and chamomile.  They have 75 and only have to use 1 of the ingredients and have staples and only 5 will be tasted, the best dish gets power for the invention test.

Gary suggests making a crab tart, George loves chamomile, but Gary hates it and George suggest smoking the chicken with chamomile.

Georgia’s all into the chamomile and blood orange.  Gary and George talk to her and Gary says there’s a lot of components and he’s worried, but she’s not.

There’s a few attempting to open the coconut and I’m a tad scared for them, there may be a major injury here, even Gary is offering suggestions.

Okay so Sara’s making a Thai kind of inspired curry but she doesn’t have most of the required spices or things and doesn’t cook Thai often, oh dear lord someone save her not.  Now with 35 minutes left she tells Gary she’s trying a dessert and making 2 dishes and he’s worried and Georgie Boy can’t make a sound he’s that shocked.  She’s deciding between the Thai inspired broth and a crème brulee…oh honey make a damn decision already!!  No good, she makes both, but won’t decide until she goes to plate the dish.  Two minutes to go she decides on the broth, gee last minute decision there love.

Now there’s Stephen doing tea smoked chicken, well Georgie Boy will like it if it works and he only manages to plate one plate of food.

Time is up, they decide to taste Ashleigh…gee they showed enough of her that I’m not surprised, but the poor love is concerned by the sauce.  She made rolled chicken, noodle and coriander sauce, thankfully she didn’t mention it was a coconut sauce and she says she’s disappointed, but Gary is deliriously happy with the dish, well done love!!  Matt tells her to go back and taste it all together, so she does and they all watch her.

Next is Sara…gee not a surprise again!!  She served the Asian inspired crab broth and George asks about the crème brulee.  George says it is brilliant, but imagine if she solely worked on that dish.

Next up is Georgia, gee should we be surprised???  No of course not!  Matt’s first words are oh my goodness.  She’s made crumble with chamomile crème patisserie.  Matt knocks the table and says nothing when talking away, Gary loves it and says it is perfect and she proved him wrong.

Next is Billie who made crème brulee with coconut tuile.  Well the brulee cracked and the judges all “mmmmm.”  But it didn’t quite live up to Gary’s expectations.

Last one up is Reynold with his plating up at the bench and quenelling the ice-cream and George is getting a tad over excited, moaning, groaning and jumping up and down.  Chamomile ice cream with popcorn and granita served in the coconut.  They ask George to take a photo of it.  Matt loves it all, but wants more salt on the popcorn, but says it is an amazing dessert.

The winner of the mystery box is…oh no they have to go and talk together, gee no rush or anything.  Oh it’s not a unanimous decision and we have to wait for the ad break before we find out.  Finally we’re back from the ad break.  The winner is Georgia, looks like she was right, yet she says she doesn’t believe it…gee love work out what the hell you’re thinking, cocky before and shocked now, I’m confused.

Now the first invention test of the year.

Georgia followed Gary and George into the pantry for her power.  It’s all about guilty pleasures, gee lots of G words going on here…Georgia, Gary, George, guilty, gorgeous.  She gets to choose the key ingredient, they choices are chocolate she says if she chooses it she wants to make a white chocolate lava cake and Gary says none have been made successfully before in Masterchef.  Next she guesses bacon…yep it’s there.  Last she guesses cream, butter, dairy…she’s close, it is cheese.  She chose, chocolate…of course she did.  Poor James is stressing though, it’s his weakness.  The top three have a chance for immunity, bottom three are in a pressure test.  They have 90 minutes to cook.

George is after decadence and sophistication and great chocolate techniques shown, not just a chocolate overload.  Then he’s in ecstasy hearing what some of the dishes are.

Oh hell with 30 seconds to go George says “Boom, boom shake the room” please someone tell him how to pronounce boom, it rhymes with room, it’s not bom.

Time to taste, up first Jessica with chocolate ganache tart with figs poached in olorso sherry.  Matt’s oohing at the first taste and George is oh my godding.

Rose made chocolate, cardamom and orange blossom cake.  George says it looks decadent, however the cardamom is completely overpowering.

Anna made a white chocolate parfait and they like it.

Sara made a beetroot brownie and Matt thinks it is smashing.

A guy made silky smooth ice-cream, I missed his name.

Christina made a chocolate jelly tart and they liked it.

Then a guy who made a white chocolate bowl amongst other things.

Jamie is up and it looks not great, but his apron is very chocolately.  He made a chocolate terrine with coffee bean anglaise.  But the terrine didn’t set properly and the anglaise is scrambled, oh mate, not looking good for you at all.

Next is James who wanted to make a tart, but it didn’t work so he made it all layered in a bowl…chocolate ganache with crumble and cream, but he started with spraying chocolate essence mixed with water, and of course they comment on the dirty glass and he says he wouldn’t have served it at home.  Gary says the crumble isn’t great.  Matt says the punishment is to go back and have three big spoonfuls.

Jackie made chocolate mint tart.

Billie made chocolate and orange torte.

Jarrad made a white chocolate and pistachio cake.

Then there’s a chocolate spring roll.

Followed by a chocolate panna cotta, which needs to be lighter.

Next up is Ashleigh.  She made a chilli cocoa panna cotta with raspberry sorbet which looks decadent according to Georgie Boy.  George loved the dish and that it was fudgey and smooth and thinks it is wonderful.

Then it’s Georgia’s turn and she’s devastated as she should be as the cake collapsed.  She made…ad break time!!  She made white chocolate fondant with ganache and strawberries and of course she’s made the dish many times before.  Matt tells her to focus on the main element of the dish, the fondant, and get that right before focusing on the other components.

Up next is Reynold with his amazing looking dish and George says “wow!!!”  He made forbidden fruit and it honestly looks seriously impressive and has chocolate mousse hidden inside it and he’s never done it before and he wanted to make it look more like an apple, oh my dear lord did you hear the judges they love how it looks.  Gary says it is ridiculously good.  Matt can only groan in ecstasy then says everything is right about it and is shocked because it is only the start of week 2!!!!  Gary is gobsmacked and says it is perfect.  George straight out says it is a top three dish and Gary says it deserves a handshake and then they’re all clapping as he walks back.

So the three are…Reynold of course as dish of the day, which he definitely deserved.  The other two are Jessica and Ashleigh, and I think they both did well.

The bottom three are…but they say four didn’t do well.  They call Jamie, James, Rose and Georgia and honestly there are no surprises there for me.  Georgia is lucky to be safe, only because the flavours are all there.  They’ll be joined by Andrea who wasn’t well.


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