Masterchef is back!!!

After MKR I’m looking forward to Masterchef being back.  Just the opening bits look amazing!!

So first job…win an apron in an hour with the signature dish, easy really.  Oh wait, there’s only 12 aprons available, but there are 2nd chances.

Oh heck, a Scottish girl is making haggis, what the???

Up first to the judges is a guy called Matt with pasta, actually scallop tortellini.  Naturally they ask the kids if they can have the dad for a couple of months, without the dad knowing.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Now there’s haggis girl and I have no idea what her name is, but poor Matt isn’t happy seeing haggis.  He ate it, but changes it by adding pepper to it.  But she got an apron anyway.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Up next is animal man who has 7 dogs and a lot of other animals and they all sleep together in a hut, oh dear, who’s looking after them mate?  He’s also got a moon boot on due to a fracture foot.  He’s made a deconstructed pie, I mean honestly I’m not sure on deconstructed pies.  Oh look, 2 nos straight up.  Matt says yes so he gets a second chance.

Oh god there’s a girl doing risotto, silly silly girl, it has a bad history.  In goes risotto girl.  Not a good sign when Gary looks at it and asks “Oh my god, what is that?”…honey I’m scared for you.  3 nos for a wet risotto, see you later honey.

Then there’s the bloke who made lemon meringue pie, without meringue and says dessert isn’t his forte…it’s a damn audition, cook something you know how to cook!!!

Next up an Indonesian guy with a pretty looking dessert who’s mum owns a pastry place but won’t let him cook, he gets to the judges and gets teary.  They all love the dish.  Georgie Boy goes to find the mother and bring her in, god bless him.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Then a mousse that has Matt gushing before he tries it and Georgie Boy hits the bench in excitement.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Gnocchi girl gets through.

A butcher gets a second chance.

Then a builder into quinoa, who’s cooking a curry.  Poor Georgie Boy is struggling it is too hot for him, but he thinks it is incredibly complex and great.  He’s through.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

A girl doing organic steak is through…all excited, but they’re getting through so many aprons they’re worried.

Up now is a lady doing a Lebanese dish with a twist, she gets a second chance.

Now a guy doing a golden egg with black aioli, well I think it’s like a 63 degree egg and yep he’s through.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

11 aprons gone…but they said all bets off, great dishes get aprons.

Mmmm a girl does a coffee poached pear and is through.

Then a sarsaparilla poached chicken dish with other bits in a soft taco.  Matt draws 3 boxes on the bench…tick, tick….ad break, tick.

15 aprons done


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