My Kitchen Rules… #MKR semi-final 2

We’re up to the 2nd semi-final.  Eva and Debra up against Jac and Shaz and how I would love the country ladies to make it through to the final!

Oh and tonight is the first time that Jac and Shaz have cooked in a sudden death cook off…you know I hadn’t even thought of that, another reason why they should win.

Jac and Shaz

They start with Shaz making bread and then Jac gets on to curd and oddly enough it isn’t thickening, well honey that happens when you run out of water in your bottom pot on the double boiler, no steam going on.  Then Shaz gets onto the chicken livers and poor Jac isn’t keen on them, but she’s going with what Shaz likes, god bless her and both Pete and Manu think if they pull it off the dish will be great, apparently there’s a fine line between undercooked and overcooked with liver.  Oh look the bread is out of the oven, but the curd however hasn’t thickened up yet.

Entrée – sautéed chicken livers with caramelised onions and port …oh bless them they’re making bread that normally takes 90 minutes to make and yes they realise they have 90 minutes from start of cooking to serving.  Well I think it looks rather interesting and Guy checks out the livers first and he loves it.  Karen loves the bread that they made and Liz is also thrilled.  Colin thinks it is rustic, as well as elegant and clever.  Manu has nothing bad to say and Pete says it was sensational…such a range of great adjectives there.

Jac decides to start the curd again and leave Shaz to get onto the smoking of the duck.  All looks good, until they plate and the duck hasn’t rested long enough and some are dripping juices into the fennel puree.

Main – smoked duck with fennel puree and cranberry sauce.  Well I think it looks lovely on a dark plate with the light coloured puree.  Liz could smell the smoke as it came to the table and she loved the duck.  Karen wasn’t keen on the broccolini, Guy loves the whole thing.  Colin thought the dish was a tad beige and Manu thinks the cranberry sauce is like cranberry jam from a jar, no good for he who loves sauce.

Oh no, Jac and Shaz are running behind already.  Then poor Jac is trying to scoop out the sorbet and it’s crumbling, god bless Shaz as she gives Jac a bit of advice.  Into the pan goes the pineapple for their Queenslandy dessert, and amazingly the sorbet has settled enough to be scooped out.  Shaz is making a citrus caviar with finger limes and poor old Will is completely dumfounded, but of course Shaz won’t tell him what she’s doing.  Jac checks the curd and I’m guessing it didn’t work given the swear word and beep dropped when she took it out of the fridge, it’s set hard.  Shaz tries to rescue it.  Oh my goodness Shaz puts the bowl of sorbet into the oven to soften it, what the heck I hope that works.  They’re plating an Shaz asks if anything is cooking….um think for a second darl, suddenly they remember the curd with three minutes to go and Shaz thinks it tastes nice and doesn’t want to call it a curd, but puts it on the dessert.

Dessert – lime and coconut sorbet with pineapple and meringue.  Personally I think it all looks rather pretty on the plate.  Guy loves the meringue and the sorbet.  Karen loves the pineapple.  Poor old Colin isn’t keen on the curd, neither is Pete, but they think everything else is perfect.

Eva and Debra

The girls look like they’re having a really good start to their cooking with the chutney on and then Eva is onto the fishcakes, while Debra is trying to melt chocolate at the same time as beating the cream for the white chocolate mousse, but it looks a tad grainy, never mind she puts it straight into the fridge, even old mate Steve noticed that it was grainy and he’s how far away from her?  Oh dear, now they’ve suddenly realised that they haven’t marinated the pork belly and it is almost time to serve the entrée, whoops, that wasn’t really well planned, and they didn’t get it onto the stove, so they’re thinking about plan B…not the best start girls

Entrée – crumbed fish cakes with mango chutney.  Our mate Colin wrote the dish off before it came to the table, but in tasting it he was over the moon.  Manu was worried about the fish being overcooked and didn’t expect it to be so moist and Pete says it couldn’t have been improved, Guy suggests three fish cakes instead of two.

The girls get onto their pork vindaloo and they’re a bit worried as they’ve never cooked curry in a pressure cooker, oh well first time for everything.  Then Eva gets the rice on whilst cooking the sago and she says she’s not stressing, honey, honey, honey you know that won’t last.  The pressure cooker is done and they freak out because it is meant to be a dry curry but it has a lot of liquid in the pot, well I’m sorry girls but the pressure cooker doesn’t reduce the amount of liquid in the pot.  One minute to go and they’re only just putting the curry into bowls as it is still very liquidy.  Time is up and the girls aren’t happy.

Main – pork vindaloo with spicy eggplant and raita.  Karen thought the pork was cooked perfectly, but there’s something odd about it, Liz and Guy think the same.  Manu says normally a vindaloo blows your head off and it’s bland.  Pete thinks they rushed the curry because they spent too long on entrée.  Then Manu notices the roots on the end of the baby herbs, oh dear, that’s not a good sign.

Finally they check the mousse, strange that it has lumps, we knew that how long ago?  Seriously girls, you could have started it again straight up, but no you left it, now they’re not sure if they’ll serve it.  10 minutes to go and finally the tuille is in the oven, gee no rush there.  Then they try to get the mango puddings out of the mould, but they’re sticking.  The tuilles come out of the oven, but they’re not done, oh well they’re not in the name of the dish, forget about them girls.  Then they put sauce all over a plate when it comes out of the bottle in a messy way.  Now there’s smoke coming out of the oven and they haven’t noticed, but Manu has, as has Will and Steve.

Dessert – mango pudding with coconut sago.  Karen loves the savoury sago, but wants more mango and slightly more sugar in the pudding.  Colin isn’t overly impressed by the sago, but gets why it is there.  Guy enjoys the dish as does Manu.


Eva and Debra

Guy – 8

Liz – 8

Colin – 7

Karen – 7

Manu – 7

Pete – 7…44/60 for them

Jac and Shaz

Liz – 8

Karen – 8

Colin – 8

Guy – 9

Manu – 8

Pete – 8

So going through to the grand final against Will and Steve are…Jac and Shaz with 49/60!!!  Well done ladies!!!


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