My Kitchen Rules… #MKR finally the last instant restaurant…or at least I hope to dear god it is!!

Tonight we’re off to the Paris of the south…Melbourne for Ash and Camilla.  Oh they go shopping and oh dear lord Camilla says she wants two chooks…I’m in shock, she’s sounding a bit country like as opposed to posh and classy.  They even get to set up the instant restaurant at a leisurely pace…Drasko and Bianca should take lessons.  Oh dear, there’s no lemons and there a bit of swearing, Camilla honey you’ve taken great lessons on how not to be posh, I love it.  Heck she got a full box of lemons, how many does she need??  Camilla is back and makes some puff pastry, which is good as Manu is expecting home-made pastry.  But they don’t have any store-bought puff pastry as a bake up, oh well.  Poor Ash is cooking lobster but didn’t hear the time go off, oh well, let’s hope they’re okay, thankfully they are.  The others arrive and can you believe it Drasko says that it looks French, but poor Shaz is confused when Ash and Camilla start talking French to the others.

Ash tries to say what the restaurant means and then Camilla has to correct her and she drops a swear word, then she says they’re back to the kitchen and Pete reminds her to tell them what is on the menu and asks if she’s okay…nope the poor love is hungry and she can’t pronounce the dishes and Drasko is super excited.

Now Shaz is giving a vocabulary lesson to Drasko as the poor bugger hasn’t heard the word gammon before, as in proper silverware doesn’t have green material on the bottom, it’s gammon…gammon meaning lying or faking.  Got to love a good country vocabulary.


Asparagus salad with 63 degree egg – Pete had this but thinks it was a bit disjointed on the plate and the asparagus wasn’t the star of the dish.  Steve loves the egg.

Scallop mousse with lobster sauce – well the scallop mousse looks great as it comes out of the mould and poor Ash is getting a tad teary over it, bless her.  Manu had this and thought it was simple, that is simply gorgeous and Ash is getting teary again.  Oh dear Drasko thinks the mousse lets the dish down and doesn’t taste nice in his mouth, mate we know you won’t like anything tonight.

Main – it all seems to be going well, that is until the plating of the coq au vin with pasta when the girls disagree on plating.  Naturally old mate Drasko straight up says that the pasta isn’t mixed through as the plate is put down then tells Steve that the consommé isn’t clear, but Steve thinks it is.  Then Bianca tells them to hold on and the poor girls are confused as they’re happy with how they’re going.

Coq Au Vin with Pasta – Manu had this, oh dear he’s not happy with the choice of cut with the chicken as in a restaurant you would only ever get the leg as the breast gets very dry and Bianca’s smiling up like the cat that ate the cream.  Strangely enough Manu would have enjoyed it a lot more if it was plated how Ash wanted to plate it.  Drasko can’t say a nice word about the dish, mate if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

Three cheese ravioli with game consommé – Pete had this and thought it looked gorgeous and has never had such a dish before.  One element was executed perfectly, Ash guesses the consommé, but he was referring to the pasta, the consommé needed more depth of flavour and poor love Camilla is annoyed.  Poor Shaz feels like she hasn’t had a main meal.

Dessert – Bianca’s going on about how Ash and Camilla wouldn’t have been able to make their own puff pastry due to lack of time, however the others all disagree.  Time to get the puff pastry out of the oven and Camilla thinks it looks amazing.

Gateau De Trois Laits – otherwise known as three milk cake.  Pete had this and he thought the cake was sensational, he enjoyed the chocolate soil, but didn’t think the delicious tasting lemon sorbet belonged on the plate.  Oh dear poor Drasko thinks that the cake is too sweet and the sorbet shouldn’t be on the plate and he just doesn’t get it, surprise, surprise.

Mille-feuille – Manu had this and straight off asks if the puff pastry was bought or home-made and asks if it was worth it, Camilla says home-made is always worth it and Manu agrees and sprouts of a list of adjectives about it.  But more than anything he loves that they have proved that making your own puff pastry is achievable on the show…go girls!

Oh look, no scores are given here, we’re off to Kitchen HQ for the huge result.


Well the guest teams have given them a combined score of 20…ummm right now I don’t know who scored them what, I will endeavour to find out.

Eva and Debra –

Drasko and Bianca –

Will and Steve –

Jac and Shaz –


Manu – 9…so we’re on 29…they need to get to 52 to ensure they stay and Drasko and Bianca go home.

Pete – 7…they’re up to 36.


Manu – 5…they’re now on 41.

Pete – 6…they’re now on 47.


Pete – 6…sorry Drasko and Bianca, but the girls are now on 53.

Manu – 9

Total score 62/100…oh it is time to say goodbye to Drasko and Bianca.

The teams are ranked, semi-final 1 is Will and Steve verses Ash and Camilla and semi-final 2 is Jac and Shaz verses Eva and Debra.  Next episode is Will and Steve against Ash and Camilla and the winner is through to the final!!!


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