My Kitchen Rules… #MKR is back to the country…off to Mt Isa we go

Got to love another instant restaurant…this time off to Mt Isa for Jac and Shaz and an airport welcome by their family.  Then “have you got the keys darl, we’ve got to go, ay.”  Gee we’re back in the country and I like it.  Oh god love them cooking barra…barra is seriously amazing and barra from the Gulf of Carpentaria is second to Kimberleys barra in my humble opinion.  Guess what they get back quite quickly, well there aren’t a huge amount of shops in Mt Isa, more than in Country Town 2.0, but not as many as all the other teams can access.  Oh lord Will thinks he’s a proper Aussie now he’s in red dirt country…mate come out to Country Town 2.0, it makes Mt Isa look like a city.  Oh dear, they’re having pastry issues, that’s the problem with pastry and living in the heat…there’s always difficulties.  Oh dear poor Drasko isn’t coping with the heat and the humidity and he only just jumped out of the car.  Now Will is relating Crocodile Dundee to Mt Isa…oh heck this is going to be fun.  Drasko thinks it is the posh version of the outback…until they spy a beetle and a lot of the girls scream…seriously it’s a damn bug.

Oh dear…poor Will is in long pants, a thick shirt and a singlet and is somehow coping in the 40+ degree heat, as he thinks it is what Aussies do…mate we sit in air-conditioned comfort when it’s that hot.

Entrée – oh Drasko you’re killing me “surprise, surprise they look good”…oh so so annoying!!

Fried squid with chilli jam – Pete had this and says that they know what people like, it mightn’t be the flashest dish, but it tastes good.  Eva and Debra love the dish, especially the chilli jam.  But our old mate Drasko reckons it doesn’t have enough chilli and he wants more herbs, am I surprised???

Prawn and leek tart with basil pesto – Manu had this and thinks the pastry was perfect as were the prawns and the pesto.  Will loves the pastry.  Ash enjoyed it and is really impressed.

Main – now personally I would want the barra, but I wouldn’t be keen on the salad as oranges and I don’t agree with each other, but barra….mmmmm…I’m like Homer Simpson is with a donut when it comes to barra.  I love that everyone else is over Bianca and Drasko, especially Ash, oh look Drasko says that in hindsight they would have changed their menu.  Ash and Camilla start a Mary Poppins singalong, oh girls I adore you both.  Oh dear they have no idea if the roulade is ready, at least not until they cut them, I feel for them right now…then there’s a similar thing with the barra.  Girls why didn’t you make an extra one to check.  First cut of the chicken it looks good.

Sweet potato and chicken roulade with white wine jus – Manu had this and says a comment in French and poor Jac is confused.  But he says it is perfect and crispy and has a beautiful sauce, but he probably wouldn’t have put the vegies in the middle of the roulade, but he was happily surprised.  Will thinks it is fabulous, especially that the potatoes resemble the stacks in Mt Isa.  Guess what part of Drasko’s chicken was over-cooked and he wanted more acidity and less salt…shut up already!!

Macadamia crusted barramundi with beetroot and orange salad – Pete had this and said they’ve stepped it up a notch, the plating was sensational and the fish was cooked to perfection.


Of course Ash and Camilla order the pears as they’re the only ones who were at this instant restaurant last time and they remember the failure that happened with the pears last time.  Oh love it, poor Eva and Debra struggle to say cherry short stack and keep saying sherry short stack.  Just when it is all going well Jac drops the coulis as she gets it out of the fridge…poor love.  They decide on a brush stroke of coulis then the soil, then the stack.  Personally I think both dishes look lovely.

Poached pears with cinnamon ice-cream and hazelnut crumb – Manu had this and thinks the pear was poached perfectly, the ice-cream was creamy, but he is missing flavour in the dish as there isn’t much spice in the pear and he can’t taste the cinnamon in the ice-cream.  Oh dear, Bianca thinks that the ice-cream tastes eggy.  Ash says it is a lot better than their last pear dish.

Cherry short stacks – Pete had this and questions if it is a dessert and is underwhelmed by the dish.  Camilla thinks it loks like a petit four and not a dessert.  Yay…Eva and Debra managed to say cherry short stack.


Drasko and Bianca – 6

Eva and Debra – 6

Will and Steve – 6

Ash and Camilla – 6


Manu – 7

Pete – 8


Pete – 8

Manu – 9….sorry Bianca and Drasko they’ve past you as they’re now on 56!!


Manu – 5

Pete – 4

Total score 65/ 100 putting them 2nd on the leaderboard, next we’re off to the last instant restaurant and it will be either Drasko and Bianca who go home or Ash and Camilla and I know who I am cheering for!!


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