My Kitchen Rules… #MKR off to Sydney for yet another instant restaurant.

Tonight we’re off to Sydney for Will and Steve’s ultimate instant restaurant, honestly I’m glad the last two have been slightly interesting as this series is going on and on and on and I’m wondering when it will end.

Oh dear lord we get a plane and a ferry and Will is being a dill as if he’s on the Titanic and has a huge PDA at the ferry dock, just get on with the food already.  Off to the butcher and he’s got the lamb and pork, but of course no pigeon, onto the phone while driving around and god love Steve who calls ‘The Butcher’s Block’ but it is a café and not a butcher.  Will somehow reckons the pigeon is one of the key elements of the entrée…um, it is called pigeon salad…so it is the basis of the entire dish if you ask me.  Off they trot to find the pigeon place and it’s on the other side of Sydney, I would love to see the countdown clock right about now…oh look, they make it how with 3¼ hours until the guests arrive, that’s earlier than Drasko and Bianca.  They start cooking with 2 hours and 49 minutes to go.  They start with the dessert and Steve is making some pretty great looking honeycomb.  There’s a saga with crème anglaise though, Will’s making one and isn’t happy so does it again and is stirring Steve’s at the same time and next thing you know a bit of onion lands in it…dear lord he’s stressing me out.  He getting a bit out of it and it’s so early in the damn night.  First sight of Drasko and we hear how he wasn’t impressed at Will and Steve’s instant restaurant last time and expects more this time, gee wouldn’t have predicted that!!  But Pete and Manu haven’t been there or have all of the other guests.  Oh gee Drasko your comments are getting old…he’s impressed by the sound of the entrée, but not the rest…heaven forbid that people should serve lamb or pork and then him and Bianca can’t decide which entrée they want.

Entrée – The table has a conversation about pigeon and Shaz asks where to buy it, but says that in Mt Isa you would just go out and shoot one.  Then Manu questions Drasko and Bianca’s choice as they chose not what they wanted, but what would be harder to make and Manu says Drasko will be a good chef as all good chefs have a big ego and Drasko has a big ego.  Oh dear, Will’s having trouble with his bugs and worries he’s overcooked them so can’t get the colour onto them properly while Bianca is sooking about waiting a long time for entrée, oh honey, honey, honey you made people wait how damn long???

Pigeon salad with caramelised pear and asparagus.  Well this looks absolutely amazing on the plate.  Pete had this and says it was a sensation start to a three course meal and was the most beautiful and gorgeous dish he has ever seen on MKR, the only suggestion he can make is that crispy skin would have made it perfect.  Oh FFS Drasko and Bianca need to stop talking right now, they bitch and moan about everything to the extent where our old mate Drasko wanted to vomit after a fatty bit of pigeon.

Moreton Bay bugs with celeriac remoulade and seafood bisque.  Manu had this and he just loved it.

Main – Oh god love Shaz, she doesn’t know what colcannon is and when told it is cabbage and potato she doesn’t know why it isn’t just called cabbage and potato.  Shaz honey I adore you.  The bring the food out and old dear Bianca goes on about how Will and Steve look flustered and should have learnt from her and Drasko’s mistakes, as should all the others.  Honey it is not all about you!!

Lamb backstrap with pumpkin hummus and charred brussel sprouts.  Manu had this and loves it and says if he’s as impressed with dessert as he was with entrée and main he will kiss them.  They say Colin already kissed then and Manu says he’s a better kisser.

Pork belly with apple, fennel and colcannon.  Pete had this and it is the food he would dream of having on the show as there’s no fancy ingredients but there is beautiful technique and it topped the entrée and Steve cracks a smile which causes even Pete to go into shock.

Please tell me old mate Drasko picks on the dish and someone tells him to shut the hell up!!  Oh thankfully Bianca can’t fault it and says it is perfect.  Yet there isn’t a sound from Drasko.

Dessert – Well the chocolate bar looks amazing, then Will decides to brown up the crumb on the tarts using the grill and manages to burn them…honestly mate.  They scrape off the burnt crumb and hope the whole tart doesn’t taste burnt.  Then the pastry is disintegrating as they’re taken out of the trays.  Now they’re cutting the chocolate bar and the honeycomb has melted into the chocolate and the poor buggers are stressing majorly.

Almond honeycomb chocolate bar.  Pete had this and says it was a hat-trick and says it tastes spot on and the texture was phenomenal.  The others aren’t as keen on it.  Drasko is disappointed as there’s no honeycomb and it is very chewy and he’s getting sugar crystals in his teeth, oh honey stop talking, please I’m begging you.

Apple tart with rum and raisin ice-cream and butterscotch sauce.  Manu had this and he’s a little underwhelmed…oh well there won’t be any kisses going on and to make things worse they left the bottom of the tart tray under the tart on the plate.


Jac and Shaz – 7

Eva and Debra – 7

Ash and Camilla – 7

Drasko and Bianca – 7


Manu – 9

Pete – 9


Manu – 10…sorry Drasko and Bianca… you’re still on the bottom of the leader board and there’s still 3 scores to go!!

Pete – 10


Manu – 4

Pete – 9

Total score 79/100…meaning that they’re on top of the leader board.  Next we’re off to Mt Isa for Jac and Shaz.  Oh dear we get more comments from our old mate Drasko who thinks that Jac and Shaz are nothing like him and Bianca and they’re not fine dining at all.  Don’t be picking on people from the country Drasko.


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