My Kitchen Rules… #MKR is still in Perth for yet another instant restaurant

Tonight we’re still in Perth, we’re here for Eva and Debra who get a family home visit seeing as they were in Perth for the last instant restaurant, so no dodgy airport hugging required here.  Oh my gawd they’re home with almost 3½ hours before the guests arrive…unlike last night.  Then they’re all set up exactly on 3 hours to go.  Drasko and Bianca take note!!!

Well the prep time went rather quickly, but the arrivals call for plenty of screams and hugs much to poor Will and Steve’s annoyance.

From the opening comments I think Bianca’s brought some narkiness with her tonight going on that it’s not a fine-dining menu.

Pete decides to start conversation and asks what people ordered for entrée…um Pete you were sitting there when they ordered, or was I imagining it???

Entrée – the food comes out quickly and it all looks beautiful.

Grilled scampi with sambal beans – Pete had this and asks if they normally mix the seafood and beans, which they do.  He thinks it is like two different dishes, but it is bloody delicious.


Chinese braised beef ribs – Manu has this and he loved it but reminds them to cook how they would normally cook things instead of changing for the show.  Oh fancy that Drasko is disappointed and the beef ribs are overcooked and he’s got star anise almost cracking his teeth.


Main – Jac and Shaz and busily entertaining Will and Steve while they are waiting for mains and it’s laughs all around, unlike the waiting of last night.  Bianca meanwhile is having a sook about what the barramundi is served with thinking that it is too simple and god bless Shaz for disagreeing with Bianca, Shaz you’re wonderful!!  Eva and Debra are praying that the fish is cooked through and agree it is still cooking once it is out of the steamer, let’s hope.  I’m worried about duck curry where the duck is placed on top of the curry and cooked separately.  Yep you guessed it, Bianca sees the dish and is looking for the shebang…honey, be grateful you didn’t wait hours and hours for your main course.

Red duck curry with lychees – Pete had this and says they make a mean curry and it is phenomenal, but it would have been better with a duck leg cooked in the sauce.


Steamed barramundi with chilli, spring onion and ginger – Manu had this and he couldn’t fault it, except that the fish hasn’t been steamed long enough and half of his fish is undercooked…oh I can’t wait for Bianca’s comment…yep she goes on about the fish not being fully cooked.  Thankfully Drasko thinks unless there is a major disaster in the kitchen they may be in trouble with the score they got.


Dessert – The cake is going well, but the pandan ice-cream is crystallising and there’s no time to make another batch…oh well, pray for the best.  Debra’s worried about serving it, but Eva says they need to serve it or there is nothing.  But they change their plating ideas.  Oh you wouldn’t read about it, but Drasko and Bianca have the pandan ice-cream and Drasko is disappointed as soon as he sees it, yet he thinks that it shows the pressure has gotten to them, I’m not sure how that is shown through dodgy ice-cream.  Poor Shaz is only tasting the pandan plant, nothing but a green plant.

Singaporean sugee cake with orange ice-cream – Manu had this and he knows what sugee cake is because his mother-in-law left him some when she left, but he thinks it’s not moist enough.  He’s not sure overall though.


Pandan ice-cream with coconut jelly and kaffir lime syrup – Pete had this and the girls straight up admitted they had trouble with it.  Pete liked the flavour of the ice-cream, but didn’t overly like the jelly, couldn’t taste the kaffir lime syrup and hated the crumbs the most.



Jac and Shaz – 6

Ash and Camilla – 6

Will and Steve – 6

Drasko and Bianca – 5


Pete – 7

Manu – 9


Pete – 9

Manu – 6


Pete – 4

Manu – 5

Total score 63/100…sorry Drasko and Bianca you’re on the bottom of the leader board and Eva and Debra are through to the semi-finals.  Next we’re off to Sydney for Will and Steve’s instant restaurant.


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