My Kitchen Rules… oh dear lord more #MKR instant restaurants

MKR and we’re back to instant restaurants…back to Perth, even with the obligatory airport scene and naturally all their families are there and Bianca states “they’re supporting us”…oh honey really???  Are you surprised???

Oh, they’re cooking 6 dishes tonight, 2 for each course and Pete thinks it is really ambitious upon first sight.

3 pages of shopping list, 10 different shops just for the ingredients and we’re off to Coles first…yep, sponsor insert.  2½ hours into the shopping and they’re still going…then there’s traffic as well as them crawling to the next shop.  Oh look the clock ticks over to prep time and they’re still shopping, or sitting in traffic.  They get home with 2½ hours to go, but they have to set up the restaurant.  2 hours to go in prep time and they finally start with the food.  Gee, no rush.

Oh it looks ever so professional with them standing there writing down everyone’s orders.  They get back to the kitchen and there’s rice noodle sagas, well that’s what you get when you decide to make them yourself…just saying.  Bianca tries again with a non-stick pan, heck you wouldn’t believe it, it works…oh honey I’m seriously laughing here.  Then in goes so raw meat while Drasko is still cooking the scallops and he can’t decide how to pronounce it, the pre-recorded version is different to the kitchen version and lord save me he keeps calling Bianca his beautiful girl…focus on the damn food.

Entrée –

Bianca’s Pho Bo with homemade rice noodles – Pete tries this and thinks it is nice.  The stock needed longer to infuse but he was okay with it.  Shaz was impressed, the noodles weren’t the best, but she was impressed that they made their own.

Seared scallops with chestnut veloute – Manu tries this and thinks it is pretty good, but the scallops are a bit overcooked…oh dear, poor Drasko is devastated and tell us that.

Main – oh dear…there was no time to prep this before because of how long the shopping took.  Oh well, that’s life but now Drasko is busy deboning the quail himself.  An hour’s gone and Pete pops into the kitchen, poor Drasko is still deboning the quails and they want to serve in the next half an hour and Pete lists everything for them, which worries poor old Drasko.  God love Pete for saying that if they take too long people will score them lower.  Bianca tries to help but of course Drasko gets side-tracked trying to help her.  Hell the others will be starving if they don’t hurry up.  2 hours have passed and Ash is busy fluffing up her curls because she is over waiting, bless her.  Serve the damn food already.  Oh heck, now they’ve put the mushroom cream into the cream canister while it is boiling hot and everyone else is yawning…it’s been 2½ hours and poor Ash is going cray cray, even Pete’s having a laugh.  They’re doing the foam and it’s splitting…oh heck, this is funny, well it would be if they were serving the others.  Oh look time to replate without the foam gun cream.  Finally there is food, but I pity the ones having quail, there is quail, sauce and a couple of bits of mushrooms.

Veal with truffled pine nut puree and crispy zucchini flowers – Manu had this but wanted the veal more caramelised on the outside and is blown away by their sense of creativity and says Drasko has talent to become a great chef, but needs to nail the basics first.


Tea-smoked quail with mushroom cream – Pete had this and loved the smoking, but wasn’t impressed by the dish overall and called it a small entrée and didn’t get the mushroom cream and says a mistake like that can send them home….um aren’t they are home???


Dessert – Poor Jac is worried she won’t be able to stay awake for dessert as they’re taking so long.   They check the tart in the oven and amazingly the oven was on grill, god love the beep button at channel 7 as that’s all we hear…beep, beep, beep.  Well 20 minutes of it on grill.  Oh now the delice isn’t set, seriously saga, saga, saga…meanwhile the lemon curd isn’t setting still.  So they smear the curd over the plate and make it deconstructed.

First date lemon tart – which reminds Drasko of his first date with Bianca…oh who knew he was romantic??? – Pete has this and straight out asks what happened, he says the dish isn’t great and says they know it is a disaster…gee really???


Chocolate delice with mandarin caviar – Manu had this then asks what a delice is, Drasko says it wasn’t set enough and Manu wasn’t overly impressed by it.



Will and Steve – 4

Eva and Debra – 5

Ash and Camilla – 5

Jac and Shaz – 5


Pete – 7

Manu – 7


Pete – 4

Manu – 8


Manu –5

Pete – 1…which of course he hates to do.

Total score 51/100, next we’re off to Eva and Debra, so we’re staying in Western Australia.


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