My Kitchen Rules… #MKR who will make the finals???

I feel so behind in MKR.  Yes I know the posts haven’t happened for a while.  There was uni and work and going away for work and then holidays and going away and then I got back from holidays and spent last week moving house…a whole 500m from where I had been living the last 6 months, but hell it was hard…more on that in another post.  Plus I’ve recorded a heap of episodes that I haven’t watched yet…including Kat’s meltdown.  I seriously want to watch that.

Three teams walk into Kitchen HQ.  Jane and Emma, Ash and Camilla and Eva and Debra.  They walk in to find a lemon, a lime and a grapefruit on the bench.  Then they’re told two of them will make it through to the finals.

Round 1 is a skills test, segmenting fruit in 10 minutes taking turns one at a time, one fruit at a time.  But poor Camilla is up in Ash’s grill…her wording and she’s getting a tad stressed out.  Personal space needed lady!!  Then Ash is stressing out Camilla when it is her turn.

That 10 minutes went fast and Eva and Debra as cringing and stressing about their segmenting.

Ash and Camilla won that round and get an advantage for round 2.

Round 2 is all about vegies and there’s three of them under cloches.  They have to make a vegetarian dish with the vegie they choose.  Ash and Camilla get to choose who uses which vegie.  The choices are mushrooms, cauliflower and okra.  Girls just make sure you don’t give the okra to Eva and Debra.  They chose mushrooms for themselves, they give the okra to Jane and Emma as they know Eva will know how to use it and they give Eva and Debra the cauliflower.  They have 45 minutes to cook.

Ash and Camilla are making braised mushrooms with ricotta gnocchi.

Jane and Emma are making okra fritters with chilli mayo and Asian slaw.

Eva and Debra are making cauliflower curry with cauliflower rice and kora (deep fried cauliflower).

Time’s up…sorry I went to check on the new washing machine and to put vinegar into the disgustingly dirty oven I inherited during the ad break.

Emma and Jane serve their serve their dish and are asked if there’s enough okra in there.  Ash and Camilla serve their dish and personally I think it looks great.  They’re asked what’s in the parmesan crisp and say it is parmesan and a bit of cayenne pepper and Manu asks a bit or a lot and is told there’s a polite amount in there.  Eva and Debra serve up their dish.

Oh dear the okra got lost according to Pete and Manu.  Manu thinks Eva and Debra’s curry was to die for, however he didn’t enjoy the cauliflower rice and Pete wants to give 11/10 for the curry.  Manu thought Ash and Camilla’s dish looked like a fine dining restaurant dish and Pete thought the gnocchi and mushroom was sensational, but the cayenne pepper was unescapable.

The team through to the finals is Ash and Camilla…oh bless, I actually really enjoy Ash.

Round three is sudden death…and I have no idea what they have to do as my tv has got sound issues tonight only on channel 7…I’m blaming the weather.  But I know there’s 90 minutes on the clock.

Oh it’s a signature dish challenge and all the judges are there to taste it.

Jane and Emma – spiced sweet potato pie with peach and raspberry sorbet.  Jane gets a tad over-excited about using the blowtorch in the kitchen and races to check the pies while the blowtorch is still on…gee love talk about fire risk.  Colin thinks it is restaurant quality plating as they all look exactly the same.  Liz loves the dish, Karen thinks the spice is overpowering the taste of the sweet potato.

Eva and Debra – braised oxtail with roasted bone marrow.  There’s some issues going on with the bone marrow dressing…two batches done and they’re concerned about how it tastes.  Eva’s plating and everyone else is stressing about her given she’s doing one full plate at a time, not an element on each plate before moving on to the next element.  Karen loves it, Colin thinks there’s a lot of flavour in it.  Karen’s not overly keen on the presentation of it though.


Jane and Emma

Guy – 8

Karen – 7

Liz – 7

Colin – 7

Manu – 8

Pete – 8

They get 45/60.

Eva and Debra

Colin – 8

Karen – 8

Liz – 8

Guy – 9

Manu – 9

Pete – 9

They get 51/60.

Sorry Jane and Emma, but it is time to go and Eva and Debra are through to the finals.

Oh dear lord, we’re back to instant restaurants…I’m wondering when this is going to end, but apparently there’s a lot of emotional moments still to come…oh lord I don’t know how I’ll cope with that.


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