My Kitchen Rules… #MKR finally the instant restaurants are over!!!

Well last night I was at the pub having dinner while watching MKR and let’s say there were multiple people commenting on the show, especially on Kat and Andre…but I’ll that for when I write about that episode.

So tonight…Robert and Lynzey, Will and Steve and Eva and Debra are safe from elimination.

But nothing like super dramatic music for when the teams walk in…for goodness sake get over it already and focus on the cooking and get rid of the evil spawns that are polluting the show…oh and Manu’s not there.  The judges tonight are Colin and Pete.

So for the first challenge they’re shown a cloche and dear Annie predicts they’re cooking with a pony…what the heck???  Then they see there’s a sleeping bag.  They’re going camping to cook breakfast on a bbq, with no stoves, power, appliances and they have to cook for 200 campers and of course Robert has a camping story.  Gee I’ve missed him.  Oh and they have 90 minutes and Pete says that bacon and egg rolls won’t cut it.  The most votes gets people’s choice and is safe from two eliminations.  The two weakest teams are through to sudden death cook off and elimination.  Oh and they’re actually camping the night.

Heaven help the Coles supermarket they’re in, because they’re all racing at the same time.  Thankfully the supermarket looks vaguely empty.

Ash and Camilla want to do lobster, but 16 lobsters will cost $400 so they decide not to get it…I’m sorry but lobster for breakfast seems a bit out there…of course they want to show off that they are the gourmet cooks.

The teams join up to drive to the camp-site and even the drive is interesting.  Setting up the tents is even more interesting with one tent per team.

No good when Colin is banging a metal plate at 6:30am in the camp ground.  Oh that went down well…not in the slightest.  They get 90 minutes to cook and have to be ready by 9am and serving finishes at 10am.  Poor Vicki and Celine are struggling big time, between the tomato hassles and the slowness of flatbread making, looks like they won’t have much food.  Now Sheri and Emilie realise making dough wasn’t a great choice as well…strange about that, there’s not a huge amount of time to do all the cooking.  Oh no…Sheri and Emilie don’t have any gozleme ready when service time starts.   The campers come to get food and everyone freaks and not necessarily in a good way.  Kat and Andre run out of food and have to wait 25 minutes for another bake to be ready…yeah well that’s not a good idea given there’s only an hour to serve people.  Then Drasko and Bianca run out of tortillas and have to make more…gee all these teams need to take a good look at their time management skills and recipe choices.  Now Rob and Dave have run out fritters and give people some bacon to eat while they’re waiting.  30 minutes left and Sheri and Emilie still haven’t put any food out.  Finally Sheri and Emilie have food ready to serve…gee took long enough.  Time is nearly up and Lloyd realises they made the wrong dish and says they would have been fine if they were cooking in a library or Disneyland…oh dear lord!  Oh no…Emilie lip reads someone saying it was raw.  Ash and Camilla manage to sell out with a few minutes to go, followed by Jac and Shaz.

Rob and Dave – zucchini and corn fritters with maple bacon and tomato salsa.  Pete’s not keen on the spice in the fritter, but Colin enjoyed the bacon and they think the masses will like the dish.  Pete tells them that the bacon was a masterstroke, but the fritters weren’t.

Ash and Camilla – chilli scrambled eggs with salmon and hollandaise.  Colin says it looks good, Pete loves the salmon and Colin is impressed it has crispy skin and he would order it again.  Colin says it didn’t blow his mind…it blew his mind, his head and his socks, he was completely shocked.

Vicky and Celine – Greek baked eggs with dill and garlic flatbread.  Pete says it doesn’t look very attractive and Colin says the egg isn’t really cooked and the bread is soggy.  Pete said it sounded like a dish he wanted to eat, but the technique was wrong and Colin says his bread wasn’t even cooked.

Jac and Shaz – American-style pancakes with caramelised bananas and coconut crumb.  Colin thinks it is a big portion, even Pete thinks he couldn’t get through the whole plate.  Colin tells them he is a savoury breakfast eater, but is now converted, except the portion was very big.

Emma and Jane – blueberry ricotta hotcakes with berry compote and candied pecans.  Pete says the berry juice is giving it a tartness and Colin thinks the blueberries gave a bang.  Colin tells them he loved Jac and Shaz’s pancakes, but he loved their pancakes as well.

Annie and Lloyd – lamb meatballs with vegetable stew and bubble and squeak.  Pete says the meatball was dry and Colin says the lamb was already dead and they killed it further and they committed a crime against cooking.  Pete tells them it looked terrible and it didn’t taste great.  Annie replies that it was tough as they don’t barbecue, camp or cook outdoors and of course we get Kat’s reaction with laughter.

Kat and Andre – smoked ham and gruyere cheese bake with tomato relish.  Colin commends them on their method of cooking and Pete’s confused with the different tastes.  Pete tells them he was disappointed and it wasn’t pleasant.  Colin tells them he liked the cooking method but nothing else and it was a misfire…back to dear Kat who is humiliated by the review…oh honey, suck it up already!

Drasko and Bianca – spicy pork and egg tortilla with avocado salsa.  Colin isn’t keen on the tortilla and Pete says the pork was a bit dry.  Pete tells them he was very impressed.

Rose and Josh – ricotta fritters with tomato relish, rocket and feta.  Pete says it is not the most challenging of dishes, Colin enjoyed the flavour.  Pete says every mouthful was a you and Colin says it was a good breakfast dish.

Sheri and Emilie – spinach, feta and mushroom gozleme.  Pete and Colin think it is technical and has a lot of flavour, but it needed to be cooked a bit more.  Pete asks the girls if they are crazy as it was very ambitious.  Colin tells them he liked the filling and liked that they made their own dough.

The people’s choice winner is…Ash and Camilla and I love how gracious they are…oh that’s until Camilla says she would like to thank all her fans, honey I think I prefer Ash to you.  Now they’re safe from two eliminations.

Now I predict that it will be Kat and Andre as well as Annie and Lloyd in sudden death.  I would love it if that happened.  The first team Colin announces is Annie and Lloyd.  Pete announces the second team in sudden death is…Vicky and Celine…damn…I seriously wanted Kat and Andre through, just to add to the drama of the show.

Next time it is sudden death cook-off time.


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