My Kitchen Rules… #MKR records will be smashed and redemption is complete!

So the girls start off shopping and Debra runs into her grandfather while she is shopping which she takes as an amazing omen.  But what is with running through Coles???  You honestly can’t be in that much of a hurry to get the food given that you’re in one supermarket.

First saga…the milk is in the pot heating for the kulfi and they say to keep an eye on it and next thing you know the pot is nearly overflowing…thankfully it still tastes like milk.  Now they’ve got multiple timers going.  Next saga…Eva thinks that she’s peeled all the prawns, all 3kg…yeah not likely, she’s peeled maybe 1kg.

Then of course they scream when the doorbell rings…oh dear, this might be an interesting night.  Everyone comes in and we now realise how short Eva and Debra are…I hadn’t noticed that with them usually sitting at the table.  They’re test tasting a fish cake when Pete and Manu ring the bell…yay no screaming!!!  Pete even manages a trip to the kitchen before entrée is finished.

Back at the table Kat’s going on about how low the others scored them compare to Pete and Manu.

Entrée – prawn cakes with peanut and lime dipping sauce.  They bring out the dish and state that the prawn cakes are meant to be dipped in the dipping sauce…gee I never would have guessed that…oh dear girls it is a dipping sauce.  Pete goes fingers and Manu goes knife and fork to eat, honestly they say and show this.  Manu says it is ridiculous and the girls are confused and “what, sorry?” and he says it is ridiculously good and they’re jumping up and down and he says there is no Thai restaurant in Australia who makes them that good and they’re crying.  Pete loves it, and says he could eat it every day.  Everyone seems impressed with the dish…and of course Kat and Andre are searching for problems…just accept it is a great dish!

Main – Keralan fish moilee with lemon rice.  Oh dear, they think they’ve put too much lemon juice in the curry…and of course there is an ad break before we find out.  Oh dear lord now Annie is going on about spirit animals and poor Kat is confused and literally says “what the hell are you talking about?”.  Then Annie says that Andre is a kangaroo and Nikki is a caterpillar…what the hell???    Eva’s worried that the curry doesn’t taste exactly how it usually does, but Debra thinks it tastes nice and says nobody else really knows what it is, so she shouldn’t really worry about it.  Now onto the garnish and it looks really nice, I’m impressed.  Pete says this dish was better than the entrée and it was brilliant.  Manu starts with “holy moly!” and says if they cook this well through the rest of the competition they might be winners.  Everyone loves it…except for Kat who thinks that her fish is undercooked, or she thinks it is undercooked but she thinks it might all be in her imagination because she’s on the bottom of the leader board.

Dessert – kulfi with rosewater syrup, pistachios and jelly.  God love it, they try to get the jelly out of the container and of course it is stuck and looks “rustic” and they’re not happy with it, but it says it on the menu.  Now the kulfi is starting to melt as soon as it is put on the plate.  They decide to remove the jelly as it doesn’t complement the dish and they’re willing to take the backlash because of it.  They take it out and people wonder if the jelly is hidden inside the kulfi.  Manu straight up asks where the jelly is and then decides that the girls have been listening to what they are told.  He thought it was great and Pete thinks it is delicious.  Lloyd thinks it looks creamy, but tastes icy and he’d rather confused…and naturally Kat doesn’t like it, sorry I’m not surprised and Andre is even worse and compares it to old ice-cream he’s pulled out the freezer, well that’s just cruel and nasty.


Jane and Emma – 8

Annie and Lloyd – 8

Katie and Nikki – 9

Kat and Andre – 8

Sheri and Emilie – 10!!!  Oh they’re on 43 now…a mere 14 points behind Kat and Andre who are on the bottom of the leader board.

Entrée – Manu 10, Pete 10

Main – Pete 10, Manu 10

Dessert – Manu 7, Pete 8

Total score 98/110 putting them on top of the leader board and poor old Kat actually cannot talk any more…finally she has decided not to talk.  Oh and it’s the highest score ever on MKR!!!

Next we’re off to the last instant restaurant in this round…Katie and Nikki and another elimination and dear lord hopefully the last instant restaurant as there’s been 23 so far!!!  Plus either Katie and Nikki or Kat and Andre will be going home!!!


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