My Kitchen Rules… #MKR back to Perth…it strategy in play again??

God love that Kat is basing her whole day on getting an easy parallel park…if only she was able to pronounce things at the butchers…but no she can’t.  Plus she can’t walk through any of her shopping.  Now Kat says that Annie and Lloyd are playing the game more than anyone else…backup there a tad love, last time I checked you were playing the game more than anyone else!!!  Pot, kettle anyone??

Kat’s onto making sugar syrup for the praline and says how if it boils to quickly it crystallises…no good, let’s start singing and let the syrup crystallise…take two…oh look, it does it again and of course it has never done it before.  Sounds like every other team.  Back to making the bread and the exertion of pure animalistic force…they would be her words and not mine.

Oh dear, poor Lloyd is the only guy at the table and now Annie is talking about the names for their future babies and yes one will be Barbie…named after none other than the Barbie Doll and everyone else is in complete shock!!

Andre’s helping roll out the bread dough and he’s thinking it doesn’t feel great, but Kat makes him keep going…I’m foreseeing a disaster later on.

Pete and Manu ring the bell and Kat decides to go and do her hair instead of opening the door as she feels manky….now that’s downright rude.  They saw what the menu is and Sheri would like Google Translate to assist her, I think a fair few of the others are thinking the same.

The bread is out of the oven and I don’t think they look all that great…thankfully they taste one and Kat thinks it tastes like pizza dough.

Everyone is discussing the entrée and what they think is it and of course Nikki sells it and cooks it often, no surprise there.

Entrée – veal involtini.  Manu likes the entrée and says it is a great start.  Pete loves the flavour combinations, but his meat is slightly over-cooked, especially when compared to Manu’s.  Everyone seems to like it and then Nikki says how she’s made it lots before, but never knew what it was called…oh honey you are priceless.

Main – zuppa di pesce with home-made bread…otherwise known as seafood soup.  Everyone is discussing what they expect from the main and Annie mentions the home-made bread and is trying to stir up everyone else.  Now Kat and Andre are busy putting the same bits of seafood on every plate…but oh dear…the squid is too rubbery, out that goes and the bread is on the side and of course one falls straight into the soup.  It looks nice, but that’s the soup…not the bread.  Oh dear, Pete thought every bit of seafood was over-cooked and they were served a watery broth.  Manu can only say “ummmmm” and questions the bread and says they should have spent a lot more time on the soup and says that the bread can’t be called bread and it shouldn’t have been served and he’s not impressed.  Poor Andre is devastated.  The consensus is that the bread is hard and could break a window or door and the soup is watery over-cooked seafood.

Dessert – ile flottante…otherwise known as floating islands.  Now they’re making dessert and apparently the meringue has to cook for 55 minutes in the oven…it could be a rather long wait until dessert is ready to be served.  Then they struggle to say pestle and mortar, oh dear, they’re struggling.  But at least Andre managed to make the sugar syrup.  They plate the crème anglaise and get the meringue out of the oven and it’s kind of eggy and not cooked through and it’s covered with egg white when they take it out of the tray…oh dear lord.  Now Kat’s spooning off the uncooked bits…oh my goodness gracious me, I’m honestly scared!!!  Obviously looks are deceiving as Debra thinks it looks perfectly cooked.  Kat looks like she’s going to pass out as well as vomit, this might be fun.  Of course it was the first recipe that Manu cooked as a 15 year old apprentice, the crème anglaise is good and Manu thought it was a brilliant dessert.  Pete thought it was the perfect way to finish the meal.  Mmmmm it’s rather odd that nearly everyone around the table isn’t all that impressed by the dish.

Scores –

Jane and Emma – 5

Katie and Nikki – 5

Eva and Debra – 4

Sheri and Emilie – 4

Annie and Lloyd – 3

Entrée – Manu 8, Pete 8

Main – Pete 2, Manu 2

Dessert – Pete 8, Manu 8

Total score 57/110…putting them on the bottom of the leader board, 2 points below Annie and Lloyd.

Next we’re off to Eva and Debra, so we’re staying in Perth.


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