My Kitchen Rules… #MKR has a garden party

We’re back to Melbourne for Jane and Emma who had a massive disaster last time, it honestly can’t get much worse than that night!!!  Hopefully they do a bit better with their shopping this time as that was a disaster last time.  Oh and they’ve never cooked for Pete and Manu.  Plus I’m sorry, but pork cheeks…yeah nothing like that in Country Town 2.0!!

But they do manage to run through Coles, naturally, I mean who doesn’t get a trot going down the aisle in Coles.  They’re also doing that much shopping that we’re fine if there is a nuclear disaster, 120 eggs, 20 lemons, or actually closer to 50.

We’re only about five minutes in and I think I’ve heard OCD at least 20 times…I’m over it already!!!

Oh now poor Emma is reminiscing about Steve and how much she misses him, focus on the food honey!!!

Everyone arrives and they love how beautiful the outdoor garden themed instant restaurant looks and it comes complete with a lolly bar and a drink or two.  Plus little old Annie loves all the flowers everyone is wearing and thinks it’s Annie-couture, oh deary me oh my.  Everyone is chatting and Kat slips that she voted strategically in the last round and everyone else is completely shocked!!!  Do they not realise that it is a competition???

Entrée – pumpkin ravioli with sage butter.  Entrée is served without so much as a hint of saga or disaster.  Oh dear Manu says he’s not happy…actually he’s amazed and poor Jane nearly had a heart attack.  His only negative was the butter could have been a bit nuttier.  Pete thinks it was sensational.

Main – pork cheeks with apple cider jus, crackling and potato croquette.  They’re worried about the pork, it’s very fatty and surprise surprise it is making the jus rather fatty until ice blocks are involved to pull the fat out.  Now weird fact number two about Kat for the night…she sleep eats, sorry did I need to know that???  Now there’s a drama with the potatoes, the mix is too soft and not holding into croquette shape, well honestly what do you think when you use a machine to attack the potatoes and make them super smooth and not lumpy????  Now Nikki tells us that she cooks and sells over 100kg of pork and crackling every week and her crackling is always perfect and everyone loves cracking…I’ve said it before…I HATE IT!!!  I’m with Annie, the smell of pork does not agree with me.  Oh dear lord get the food out because Lloyd’s showing off is one and only magic trick.  The pork is out of the oven and honestly it looks disgusting with it’s huge layer of fat on it and it’s sickening to eat.  So they decide to serve it as pulled pork to try to save it from the fat.  Then they lump it on top of the mash vegies…I have to say I’m not impressed by the beigeness of it.  Naturally Manu is straight into the sauce, no surprises there.  Manu starts with “it doesn’t look good, but it tasted damn good” and he had an explosion of yum after yum after yum in his mouth and the crackling was the cherry on the cake.  Pete feels like he’s in a restaurant and it is a notch higher than the entrée and it’s one of the best sauces they’ve had in the competition and it’s perfect…poor Jane is in heart attack mode again.  Amazingly Annie’s opinion of pork has had a complete backflip.

Dessert – lemon friand with lemon curd and blueberries…and now they tell us they’re adding a lemon mascarpone gelato…mmmm they even say they’re going for similar to what Katie and Nikki did!!!    Katie declares it is game on!!!  It all looks good, but now they’re spending time quinelling the ice-cream, just serve it already!  Lloyd’s seeing the OCD gene, perfect plating on the board, all board in the same direction, all boards looking identical.  Pete thought the friand was delicious and spot on but would have preferred it without the distracting ice-cream.  Manu thought the friand was perfect and the rest was okay.  Oh dear Katie thinks the ice-cream has a strange taste.


Annie and Lloyd – 7

Kat and Andre – 8

Katie and Nikki – 8

Sheri and Emilie – 9

Eva and Debra – 9

Entrée – Pete 9, Manu 9

Main – Manu 9, Pete 10

Desserts – Pete 7, Manu 7

Total score 92/110 putting them on top of the leader board and everyone except for Katie and Nikki crack a smile.

Next we’re off to Perth for Kat and Andre.


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