My Kitchen Rules… #MKR back to Toowoomba

Tonight we’re back to Sheri and Emilie in Toowoomba.

Well we’re starting with Manu being scared by reading the word deconstructed on the menu and I’m feeling his thinking about now, there’s been a few issues with deconstructed dishes in the past.

I’m sorry but someone needs to teach these girls the tricks when cutting onions so that they don’t cry as they’re likely to injure themselves at the rate they’re going.  But I’m impressed with Emilie trying to make puff pastry by hand for the first time ever!!!  Oh dear…they asked for 13 lamb shanks and now they get them out of the bag there are only 12 in the bag, so they won’t be able to try them…oh and the sizes are all different.  Off goes Emilie to get more, apron and all.  So now Sheri decides to check all the rest of their shopping…funnily enough they forgot the buttermilk.  Finally she notices 15 missed calls!!!

Oh dear Katie and Nikki think that Toowoomba isn’t like Sydney….girls girls girls, come to Country Town 2.0, then you’ll see different to Sydney and you won’t even have to leave the state!

Sheri asks where the three hours has gone…well there was that racing back to the butcher, that took up a lot of time.  Everyone is now meeting Annie and Lloyd and I think Katie and Nikki are taken aback by them as they’re so different to them.

Now there’s a drama with the crepe batter, it’s way, way, way too thick.  Batter mixture number two and finally they seem decent.  Now they want to plate it so that it is eaten the right way.  The crepe is on the salad so they get eaten together…I’m hoping it doesn’t lead to soggy salad.

Entrée – mushroom crepes.  Manu was taken back to his childhood, he liked the filling.  But he didn’t know what the salad leaves were for, the girls said they thought of putting the salad leaves inside the crepe and Manu would have preferred that.  Pete thought they were delicious and he loved the filling and the crepes.  Oh dear Annie left a lot of her entrée…the poor love is confused because she doesn’t eat savoury crepes.  Fancy that Lloyd wasn’t keen on it either.

Main – deconstructed lamb shank and sherry pie.  Oh dear lord Sheri is making the sauce and says there are two sherries in the room, one is sweet and intoxicating and the other is in the sauce…so not funny darling.  Oh and now the pastry is very dry and of course Emilie used a short cut method so there isn’t butter between the layers.  Now the sauce tastes like granny…there’s a lot of not funny jokes going on tonight.  Talk at the table is about the main and what they all expect and poor Lloyd and Andre are concerned about Katie and Nikki’s meat knowledge…let’s wait and see shall we.  Well the pastry puffed, but it tasted like shortbread, but they need to put it on the pie to make it a pie….ohhhhh dear.  Ummmmm I’m not sure how the heck that’s a pie…actually wait it resembles a pie I ate once in Halls Creek, with a wedge of pastry placed artistically on top of the meat.  Naturally enough Pete asks why it was called a pie, no surprise there…and yes Pete I agree with you that the disc of pastry does not make it a pie.  Poor Manu is conflicted between the setting, the menu and the plate…oh and he thinks there is a bit of Sheri in the sherry sauce as it is quite sweet…oh a dad joke.  Poor Sheri thought lamb shanks would be too boring, honey they were the best part apparently.  So Annie doesn’t like it, but Eva and Debra love it…mmm I’m seeing a trend happening here!!!  So is Kat!

Dessert – rhubarb and raspberry upside down cake with crème anglaise.  Emilie is making it like granny would make it…no mixer being used, hand whisking all the way.  But then we have a problem…the oven is on 220 and not 180 and they didn’t notice until during cooking.  Oh hell, Annie loves raspberries partly because they’re pink………….I cannot comment on that.  The cakes are out and there’s not enough fruit on the top of them when they’re taken out of the oven and they think it is too dense…well that’s what happens when you put the oven up so high.  Now the crème anglaise is stuffed up.  Crème anglaise take two, along with a berry coulis to add some liquid to the cake…but Sheri thinks it is super acidic and Emilie thinks it is fine, okay I’m confused.  Manu likes the balance of flavours, but nothing else…he thinks it is too simple, fine for a cuppa, but not for a cooking competition.  Pete suggests adding walnuts or ginger and surprise, surprise the crème anglaise needed more cooking.  Oh guess what Eva and Debra thought it was great and Annie thought it was an afternoon tea dish and not a dessert dish.


Katie and Nikki –7

Kat and Andre – 6

Jane and Emma – 6

Eva and Debra – 8

Annie and Lloyd – 4…I’m definitely seeing strategy at play tonight with a couple of teams.

Entrée – Pete 7, Manu 7

Main – Manu 6, Pete 6

Dessert – Manu 5, Pete 4

Total score 66/110 putting them on top of the leader board and they beat their last score of 63.

Next we’re off to…Melbourne for Jane and Emma and they haven’t cooked for Pete and Manu before.


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