My Kitchen Rules… #MKR yet more instant restaurants…

So it is the bottom two teams from each round…meaning we have Annie and Lloyd, Kat and Andre, Eva and Debra, Sheri and Emilie, Jane and Emma and Katie and Nikki…mmmmm there’s four teams that are all female teams!!!  This might be interesting.

Up first are Annie and Lloyd…and Annie’s freaking me out by saying her favourite thing to do is freak of Lloyd…and now she wants goat’s cheese from a goat that was happy so that it tastes happy…gee I haven’t missed her very much.

Everything seems to be going well, the cheesecakes are well and truly in the over, and Lloyd is making shortcrust pastry while dear Annie is caramelising a massive pot of onions…but oh dear, the cheesecakes crack in the oven and of course that never happens.

The others arrive and poor old Andre is the only male contestant sitting at the table…gee I feel for the bugger…the girls all think he’s smiling up like Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.  Oh and look…Pete and Manu are back…mmmmmmm that smile of Pete’s!!  Oh no…the pastry is in the oven and Pete and Manu are standing at the door waiting…and they actually ring the bell again!!!  I love it!!!  Amazingly the base looks cooked when they check them when they finally get back to the kitchen.

Entrée – goat’s cheese, caramelised onion and pine nut tart.  They say it is presented really simply…well it is literally placed on some lettuce leaves.  But Katie and Nikki think that the lettuce makes it look cheap.  Manu’s not keen on the presentation, but love the pastry and the onion.  Pete says it’s not fantastic, but is pleasant and suggests different lettuce.  Well Katie and Nikki think it was disappointing to eat.

Main – lamb rack with green olive gremolata and pomme dauphine.  Annie is relaxing while getting potato sorted out and it’s all good until she starts talking about Positive Polly and Negative Nancy…to the extent that she describes them.  Positive Polly sounds a tad like Katie and Nikki.  All while Nikki is going on about modelling.  Oh dear…the gremolatata tastes disgusting!  Now Andre is making blonde jokes…has he not realised how many blondes are next to him!!  Now the lamb is pink…Annie’s favourite colour as Lloyd reminds us…oh but wait some are pink, some are greyish…all over the shop basically.  Katie’s excited when she sees Pete and Manu’s plates, but super disappointed with hers.  Pete says it could be the best lamb in the history of MKR…poor Annie is all confused…oh and he thinks the gremolata is spectacular…but he wanted more.  Manu says they’ve redeemed themselves.  Poor Katie is struggling big time with the lamb.

Dessert – espresso cheesecake.  Annie and Lloyd are over-excited about the cheesecake and they’re happily tasting it.  But of course Katie and Nikki don’t drink coffee, oh dear they’re in for fun…not!!  Now they think they can’t serve it on the plate by itself, so they make a coffee syrup and then decide to add chocolate covered coffee beans and cream…personally I would just put a bit of cream.  Oh lord there is literally like two spots of cream, one under each coffee bean, now that’s just silly!!!  Now Kat’s frustrated because of how it is presented.  Manu says it has been over-baked and is dense, dry and pasty and not pleasant.  Pete likes the idea, but says it needed something to lighten it up…oh look he suggests cream…gee fancy that!!!  Poor Lloyd can’t process it as the review has destroyed his Positive Polly feeling and they’ve realised that they’ve always had cheesecake wrong, even though they fell in love over cheesecake…Pete and Manu have shattered their romantic history.  Kat voices her concerns about the whole night…yes we get it, you’re not into their cooking.

Scores…last time they got 45

Kat and Andre – 6

Katie and Nikki – 5

Jane and Emma – 5

Sheri and Emilie – 4

Eva and Debra – 4

Entrée – Pete 6, Manu 7

Main – Pete 8 (and they’re equal to the score they got last time), Manu 9

Dessert – Pete 3, Manu 2

Total score of 59/110

Next we’re off to…Queensland to see Sheri and Emilie cook again.


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