My Kitchen Rules… #MKR Colin’s group elimination

Tonight we’re off to see butchers/students/promo girls Katie and Nikki who definitely talk the talk…now the past tells us that those that talk up a big game don’t always cook a good way…and being ridiculously good looking whilst cooking and shopping doesn’t necessarily help!!!

Naturally we’re off to the butchers first…and yes it is Katie’s butcher’s shop and she’s in there mincing the meat…god bless her. Plus of course they happen to have 24 spatchcock in the store!!!  Colin’s slightly concerned by the dessert and questions why you would deconstruct a lemon tart…but the girls are too busy strutting through Coles…of course they can’t run, that would mess up their hair!

Oh heck the theme is Sassy and there’s a heap of selfies on the walls and high heels on the table…and now a few lipstick kisses…kill me now!!!  So they start by making mascarpone sorbet, which isn’t on the menu…oh dear!!

Now we’re actually up to some sausage making…and they’re mincing the mince they minced at the butchers.  With an hour to go they go to get ready and make it back with a mere 5 minutes to go.

Oh look everyone notices how glamourous they look and think it looks a tad like a teenage girls’ room, or a fashion show and it is rather girly and poor Steve is all confused.  Colin arrives and they think he looks sexy, he says they look glamourous!  The menus are in pretty pink jars and are served on pretty pink paper…oh and the girls think there’s two hot pots in front of them and they’re giving them another one…honestly kill me now!!!  Drasko is from Serbia so he’s hoping for a traditional hot pot…oh honey you’re about to be shattered!  Oh and the dishes have to be very pretty as that is their philosophy in life.

Entrée – Nikki’s Croatian hot pot with home-made sausage.  It’s all rather layered and not overly saucy and not what people are expecting because it is a Nikki creation.  Well Colin is confused!!!  Plus he expected paprika and questioned the red pepper garnish as they didn’t smoke it themselves…well I’m not liking that one little bit…not hard to do that ladies!!  Will think it is baby food, Lynn thinks it is a deconstructed hot dog and Drasko thinks the sausage was too dry.  Oh girls…not a great start.

Main – spatchcock with pomegranate salad and cous cous.  The girls think the dish will be elegant and beautiful like they are…oh and they’re not deboning the spatchcock.  They’ve been in the oven for 30 minutes and they’re definitely not ready…back to the oven.  Time to check them again and apparently they’re done…now to rest them.  But the cous cous is looking rather dodgy and can’t be fixed…and there’s no back up chicken stock, so they use spatchcock juice in the cous cous….um okay!!  Tony thinks it doesn’t look all that great.  I mean there’s yoghurt, then cous cous, then broccolini, then spatchcock all on top of each other…so I agree with him.  Colin didn’t like the cous cous on it’s own, but liked it with the yoghurt and thought it was a step up…gee they’re lucky.  It’s a mixed bag around the table, some have perfectly cooked spatchcock and others have dry spatchcock and a lot complain about the lack of seasoning.  It comes complete with country stand off music!!!

Dessert – deconstructed lemon tart.  They’re onto dessert…but of course the churner isn’t churning the sorbet…good thing it is not on the menu…oh and the sorbet hasn’t been frozen.  Katie tries churning by hand…then realises that the blades were upside down…ohhhhhhhhhhhh honey honey honey!!!  Oh you wouldn’t believe it Drasko and Bianca predict a lemon sorbet, but Steve says that will be too much tanginess going on.  Strangely enough now they have enough time for some modelling and strutting down the catwalk…just what we all need, modelling and cat walk lessons…it’s a damn cooking show!!!  Especially now that Drasko and Tony are on the car walk and Lynn’s showing off some leg.  Time to plate up and they’re going rustic and messy…oh dear.  Then the sorbet stars melting as they’re plating it.  But now they’ve said it is refined and pretty like then, I’m confused.  Colin says it is abstract as opposed to oil painting but the sorbet was the stand out.  Again it is conflicted around the table.


Drasko and Bianca – 5

Rob and Dave – 6

Jane and Emma – 5

Will and Steve – 4

Lynn and Tony – 3

Off we go to a special location for the final scores…and a surprise announcement.  They have to get 49 to make Lynn and Tony go home, 48 or less and they’re off home.

Entrée – 3…which turns into 6.

Main – 7…which turns into 14…2 they go home, 3 they stay…

Dessert – 7…which turns into 14

Total score…57/110…sorry Lynn and Tony you’re going home and the girls are in 4th place.

Yay!!!!  Pete and Manu are back.  Then in come the other teams…we’re at 15 teams.

The bottom two teams from each instant restaurant round are asked to step forward…oh dear lord we’re having an instant restaurant redemption round…honestly I’m over the instant restaurants!


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