My Kitchen Rules… #MKR Pommy pub catch up

On a side note…I haven’t seen very much of the last 2 episodes…I was at line dancing for most of Tuesday’s episode and had to travel on Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday course 260km away and actually went out to a proper restaurant for dinner…in a country town, but a Thai restaurant all the same, so I’ll catch up on them on the weekend….well that was the plan…yep, didn’t quite get there, may happen in the next few days!!!

Naturally they start the day with a cuppa tea and then they head off in the drizzle…yep an English looking day says Will and he’s a happy bloke.  Steve tries speeding down along on aisle on the trolley…bit Will gives him grief.  Oh look they’ve got an English pub theme, complete with a photo of Her Majesty…oh bless them.

They start cooking and decide to rely on an egg time for cooking the eggs…but of course the time stops working on the first go.  Another dozen eggs into the pot.  Then they get distracted and hope the eggs work this time…surprise, surprise, they’re over-cooked.  Onto eggs batch three!!!  Concentrate this time boys.

The others arrive and the instant restaurant is exactly what the others expected, but poor Lynn is concerned about Steve’s hair and the lack of product holding it up.  Oh dear, now Will is talking in such a way that the making of Scotch eggs is in the same category of 50 shades of grey.  Some of the others aren’t overly impressed by the menu…they were hoping for slightly more refined food and of course the menu isn’t perfect as it says thrise and not thrice, which Lynn notices.

So the Scotch eggs are finally crumbed and are into the deep fryer and then they have to go in the oven…let’s hope they work.  They come of the oven and poor Steve looks ready to pee his pommy pants…and yes there is a damn ad break.  At last the ads are over…he cuts it and they look perfect and they share a man hug.

Entrée – Scotch egg with herb mayonnaise.  Colin simply says it is spot on…but, yes as always a but…he wanted more mayo.  Some of the others aren’t happy they didn’t get to cut the egg themselves and they all wanted more mayo.  Poor Drasko thought it was very bland…ummm is that strategy talking????

Main – fish and thrice cooked chips with peas and liquor.  They grab the fish out and panic sets in, it’s a huge task with 3 big fish to chop up and it’s a fish they’ve never filleted or cooked before.  Oh and apparently liquor is some form of sauce, you learn something new every day.  Colin strolls in as Steve’s preparing the fish and notices that the fish isn’t being filleted very well and then says the fish portion is quite generous.  Colin asks the others if they’re filleting their own fish, some say no, Drasko says they better be as Steve debated the process last night.  Poor Steve is taking forever to pin bone the fish…no rush there mate.  Finally everything seems to be coming together properly, and the fish is in the oven…let’s hope they don’t lose track of time.  Now poor Emma I think it is (yes I still get mixed up who is who) is given rubbish because she likes Steve, oh poor love.  Thank god they didn’t forget about the fish.  They plate and it looks okay, even though there’s only about five chips per plate and two circles full of peas.  Bianca’s now thinking the boys didn’t fillet their own fish in the time they hand…oh honey you’ll be surprised I think.  Colin says the fish was spot on and he had no bones in it, but…he wanted less crumbs and wasn’t impressed by the peas or the liquor and he wanted more chips and he just happens to say that he witnessed the filleting…oh bless you Colin!!!  Oh dear, Bianca wasn’t keen on it, while Drasko loves it and tells her to say what she really thinks.

Dessert – Mrs Stewart’s chocolate and hazelnut roulade.  Oh dear the roulade cake looks very dry and not great whatsoever and it breaks as soon as they try to roll it…so they create a back up plan.  Bless Will as he says “who’s to say that isn’t how my mum makes her roulade”…love it!!!  Except it is cutting circles out of the cake.  Then they mess up yet again by solidifying the ganache after putting the whisk in water right before putting it into the melted chocolate and cream…ummmmm clever boys…yep that can’t be rescued.  But Steve has somehow made it look rather pretty with a raspberry sauce on the bottom of the plate and a quite petite looking thing on top.  I’m impressed by how it looks.  But of course everyone says it isn’t a roulade, but Rob says that roulade means round or cylindrical and Will says the word roulade in Latin means an interpretation of the word round…well in that case it should work, should being the operative word.  Colin’s not convinced and says it is not a roulade and Will fesses up and Colin says it was a valiant effort to get something out.  But Drasko finishes off a whole heap of the others’ plates.


Rob and Dave – 6

Katie and Nikki – 7

Drasko and Bianca – 7

Lynn and David – 5

Jane and Emma – 7

Entrée – 9, which turns in 18

Main – 8, which turns in 16

Dessert – 5, which turns into 10

Total score 76/110 and puts them on the top of the leader board…well done boys!!!

Next we’re off the Katie and Nikki and someone will be eliminated…either them or Lynn and Tony.  But….we have to wait until Monday!!!


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