My Kitchen Rules… #MKR experiences a world first!!!

Queensland mates Rob and Dave are cooking tonight and they’ve got a good start with no madness with shopping and so far they’re on track.  Colin seems impressed but also worried about the menu, especially the entrée and hopes there is a twist to the dessert.  The theme is a saloon bar with a twist, rustic with a touch of charm…um okay!  Oh and it’s named after their surnames and they miraculously walk into the kitchen with exactly three hours to go, then say the apron is like getting a guernsey, oh boys will be boys.

Plus they’ve got the pressure cooker out, they’re talking my talk right now, got to love a pressure cooker.  But I’m worried when they tell me that thyme and mushrooms go together like rum and coke…yep boys will be boys.  Now the porcini broth is amber, like a dark amber ale…yep beer references.  Oh dear, but will the pork fit in the weber???  Only by mere millimetres.

The others arrive and thank lord they boys don’t squeal with excitement, I mean they’re boys’ boys so I’m glad they stayed true to their gender.  The others are shocked by how beautiful the instant restaurant looks, which is a good sign I think.

Now the comparisons between Steve and Drasko start…I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing though.  Onto some pasta making, this has been the undoing of a few teams over the years.

Colin rocks up and bless him for saying that nobody is going to get any special treatment…yep that’s how it should be.  But all the girls are swooning over Colin, especially Katie and Nikki.  Lynn and Tony are confused about how the boys will manage making the ravioli, then Katie and Nikki think the pork and roast vegies won’t be anything special as they’re butchers.  Drasko and Bianca are shocked that there is no steak, no seafood and no beer.

Colin asks the others if they think that the entrée is a dainty entrée for two big men to make…well I think if it works it will be great.  Thank goodness they have just enough mushrooms to go in the ravioli, however they realise there is zero margin for error.  I think 3 on a plate is a nice size for an entrée…except they realise they’ve miscalculated at the end when the last plate has only one ravioli in it…oops!!!

Entrée – mushroom ravioli in porcini broth.  The others think that the entrée looks very refined and elegant and I have to agree with them.  But they think Colin has on his x-ray vision when looking at the dish and the boys are “packing death”…yep boys will be boys.  Colin says they should be very happy as it’s a lesson in restraint and that they’re confident in their food, the pasta is faultless and perfectly shaped and he wasn’t expecting what he got with the broth…yep the boys are chuffed.  But poor Colin is worried that they’ve started so highly and they need to continue that high.  The others love the dish…well done boys.  Colin asks who is scared and they all admit they’re scared at the moment, depending on the rest of the dishes…oh except for Katie and Nikki and Colin says at least they’re honest.

Main – fennel and thyme stuffed porchetta with roasted vegetables.  Everyone’s chatting and we find out that Emma’s done some promo modelling in the past, well Katie and Nikki aren’t liking that one little bit…well that was to be expected.  Time to check the pork…they’re a tad worried given the temperature that the thermometer went up to…oh well, can’t do anything about it now.  Oh bless them Katie and Nikki wouldn’t bother with roast pork and vegies as it is something they’ve made so often.  Well darlings you wouldn’t get it served at my place, because I don’t do roast pork, and as for cracking, no chance in hell I’d be cooking that.  Then they go to get the dregs from the Webber to use in the sauce…oh dear that might be interesting.  But there’s an issue with the spuds because they’re not brown, but the meat is on the plate, they’re very white on the outside.  Oh look Dave races out to the car to get the induction cooker to brown up the spuds and then the lights start to go out in the instant restaurant…but then they start to burn when Dave turns away for a second…I’m sorry I admit I am laughing right now.  Colin goes straight the crackling and it’s very crackly and crunchy.  Colin starts with the good, the rolling and the technique but they sacrificed the meat for the crackling…oh dear.  The poor buggers could be knocked over with a feather.  Colin questions the spuds, because they weren’t boiled enough, oh and he couldn’t taste the stuffing…oh dear, but at least he liked the sauce.

Dessert – chocolate éclair with strawberries and cream.  The choux pastry is done and the éclairs are in the oven.  Everyone is hoping there is a spin on the dessert…I’m thinking it’s not going to happen.  Oh but there’s a tiny pop of strawberry sauce…yeah I’m not thinking it has a real spin to it.  Oh bless Colin, he picks up the éclair and it’s straight into his gob for a huge bite.  The pastry is spot on technically, he likes the strawberry gel but wants a lot more of it, but the dish didn’t wow him…I’m thinking but is his word of the night…with that delectable accent of his.


Lynn and Tony – 7

Jane and Emma – 6

Will and Steve – 6

Drasko and Bianca – 6

Katie and Nikki – 6

Entrée – oh dear Colin’s into territory that he’s never been in before…he scored them a 10…holy hell…his first ever 10 and it’s actually worth 20!!

Main – 4, which is actually an 8

Dessert – 6, which is actually a 12.

Total score 71/110 putting them on top of the leader board…a mere 1 point ahead of Drasko and Bianca.

Next we’re off to…Lynn and Tony in Queensland.


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