My Kitchen Rules… #MKR who is next to go home???

Tonight we’re off to Greece in South Australia and let’s hope that mummy and darling daughter can walk the walk, as opposed to all the others that haven’t struggled with that.  Hopefully the Greek inspired dishes will work well, but anything is possible.

Shopping is done, restaurant is done and now they’re tenderising octopus with kiwi-fruit because it is apparently quicker than using milk…but they’ve never done it before…well nothing like trying something new for your instant restaurant.  Oh but darling daughter Celine isn’t sure if she should taste the dressing, thank god mummy dearest tells her to taste it as it is too bitter, she adds half a teaspoon of sugar, or so she says, damn big teaspoon if you ask me.

Everyone arrives and they’re given an ouzo shot to start with, oh dear…lots of the others don’t really want to do it.

Nothing like cooking the octopus on the barbecue, god bless Celine, poor thing being outside and talking to the octopus.  Then they decide to make it look pretty and not served as they would serve it to their family…haven’t they paid attention to others.

Entrée – chargrilled octopus with broad bean salad and red wine dressing.  Pete says it isn’t the prettiest, but it tastes great and the octopus needed a bit more char on it.  Manu would have preferred it as a fully mixed salad…gee strange about that!!! Most of the others enjoyed the meal.

Main – lahanodolmathes with avgolemono sauce.  Now Vicky is stressing yet again, gee she’s a worry wart and stresses over nothing.  Now Matt and Josh decide to do a zorba dance off while they’re waiting complete with tea-towels on their heads…where’s Adam when we need him???  Now the sauce isn’t working properly and they’re not sure if there’s enough lemon…oh dear, they ran out of lemon…I’m sorry I seriously want to laugh right now.  Now they add cornflour to thicken it and Celine is getting all stressed out…work those arm muscles whisking my darling girl.  Finally it looks good….oh wait they just said it is not a pretty dish, shit I’m confused now!  Manu mentions the sauce first and he can taste the cornflour straight up and asks the simple question of “WHY?”  But he loves the lahanodolmathes, as does Pete.  But he wasn’t liking the sauce.  No use being impatient and tired Vicky, there’s no excuse for not letting the cornflour cook out.  Oh look, Adam thinks the lemon sauce is a serious lemon sauce…funny about that, but Sheri thinks the meal was ah-mazing…good call thinking they think Adam’s pulling strategy.

Dessert – chocolate baklava cigars with salted caramel sauce.  So they go to cook and Vicky pulls up a chair in the kitchen and leaves the cooking to Celine, but is playing backseat driver ordering her around.  The sauce is a struggle yet again and they’re not happy with it…then don’t serve the damn sauce!!!  Well it looks good on the plate, but Pete and Manu are deathly silent whilst eating.  Oh dear it was sickly sweet for dear Pete and he was very disappointed, he would have gone traditional.  Manu loved the smell of it, but wanted more spices in the baklava and he could hardly find the chocolate…poor bugger.

Scores…um Vicky and Celine walk back out but we haven’t even heard the scores from the other teams before we go to the special location…well I’m not liking that one little bit!!!

Now I’m more confused as Pete starts talking about the entrée straight up….what the hell did they get off the other teams????

Entrée – Pete 7, Manu 7

Main – Pete 8, Manu 8

Dessert – Manu 4, Pete 3, well that’s made Adam smile.

Now we get the combined score from the guest teams and get told on the screen to go to the website for individual scores…well that’s a pain!!  Especially as they weren’t up last because of time differences.

Carol and Adam – 6

Rob and Matt – 8

Rose and Josh – 6

Sheri and Emilie – 9

Eva and Debra – 7

Total scores 73/110….putting them 2nd overall.  Goodbye…Matt and Rob.

Group one come back, then in walks our old mate Colin Fassnidge…yay!!!  He’s back!!!  Plus he’s going to throw the cat among the pigeons….oh I LOVE it!!!  He’s got his own group of cooks…his secret round!!!  Oh I love it!!!!

Another lot of instant restaurants and some of the newbies think everyone looks beatable…oh I seriously love this idea so much…so there’s an Austin Powers guy, Clark Kent guy, Mary Poppins girl and 2 blonde promo girls who work at a butcher’s shop…well they’ll be interesting.


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