My Kitchen Rules…. #MKR secret round teams

So now we’re up to Colin’s teams and their instant restaurants.  We’re off to WA to Drasko and Bianca who are engaged, he’s given up his career to take up his food passion…as you do.

They’ve travelled an hour and a half to get Marron…as you do…now the hunt for green mango…three hours gone and they have mango and marron…no rush then.  It’s now three hours to go and they’ve only hit Coles.  They finally get home with 1 hour 50 minutes to go and haven’t got the food inside or the restaurant set up.  1 hour 17 until the guests arrive and they finally put on their aprons.  Oh lord Drasko compares Bianca with a green mango, she smells nice and is great, she adds that she’s hard to find as well.  Now the eggwhites are over-whipped for the marshmellows, take two…and they’re over-whipped again…take three and all the while there’s Drasko sounding like a motivational speaker…I hate to say I’m over him already.

So the other new teams have arrived and they’re impressed with how the instant restaurant looks, except Katie and Nikki don’t like that there is another all girl group because there’s a hot guy at the table…ummm do they realise they’re cooking???

So the teams are Rob and Dave who are mates from Queensland and it’s Dave’s birthday, at least I think it is Dave, I’m not sure at this stage, anyhow it’s the one in a flamingo shirt.

Then there’s Will and Steve who are from England and have been in Australia for 7 years, they met as investment bankers but poor old Lynn thought they were father and son, she thought Will was the father, but turns out that Steve is older.

Jane and Emma are flatmates from Melbourne who met in high school and they’re the same but different, Emma is rather neat and tidy and Jane is all Mary Poppins like, Jane’s a lawyer and Emma is in advertising and yet again they have a passion for food.

Lynn and Tony have been married for 27 years and are from Queensland and are cleaners and are from South Africa.

Katie and Nikki both work in the butchers which shocked Lynn…poor thing can’t cope with the pretty blonde girl having a cleaver in a butcher’s shop, they both do promo work and a bit of modelling work and they go to uni as well…busy girls.

Bianca somehow manages to get the parfait in the freezer…about bloody time.

Then along comes Colin…god bless, I can’t wait to see and hear what he’s like…if only they would open the door for him!!!  I love that he does a toast with them before they get to see the menu, that’s a nice start.  But the blondes don’t know what marron is…oh girls I’m loving you.  Dave isn’t keen on the idea of marron with the salad.  Oh dear…our darling blondes have a thing for Steve, I can see why, but cockiness doesn’t look good, especially on girls.

Entrée – barbecued marron with Thai green mango salad.  The dish looks great, I’ll give them that and the other teams think it looks amazing.  Nikki thinks it looks almost as good as her, well she is wearing red!!  Colin says he had high expectations, visually it was stunning, the marron was cooked perfectly, but he could taste more of the salad than the marron…oh dear, and he didn’t get a hit of salt.  The others were mixed and Colin asks Dave if he could do better after he comments and bless him Dave says yes…oh honey wait until you’re in the kitchen.

Back at the table they decide Will reminds everyone of Austin Powers…can’t say I’ve seen an Austin Powers movie, so I’m not really getting in.  Anyhow…Colin decides to turn up in the kitchen and Drasko mentions he’s added salt for him main and Colin’s impressed that he’s listened and then says make sure it is cooked medium rare and not over.  I’m liking the hints and feedback that Colin in giving them.

We’re up to 1 hour 50 minutes since entrée…any time guys, just get the food out there!!!  Colin asks if Will would cook it to everyone’s liking…I’m thinking silly boy as he says he would.  Poor Bianca is getting over stressed because Drasko can’t stay focused on the meat…I’m hearing her, I wish he would though.  Then there’s a damn smear of celeriac puree, seriously a smear!!!   Then he pours the sauce on the meat and it starts to go through the smear…see no point in doing a smear!!!

Main – venison with celeriac puree and witlof salad.  Colin thinks the presentation takes him back in time…old school and poor Drasko is shattered to hear that.  Then the poor sauce is too wishy-washy, thankfully the venison was cooked perfectly…Colin in redeemed in Drasko’s eyes.  The blondes love it, and thankfully our dear mate Colin asks what they like, thank you dear lord for that…don’t just tell me that you liked it.  Then Colin asks Steve if he liked the dish because it was good or because he was hungry…god love those questions!!

Oh dear…poor Drasko is struggling with concentration again…peanut shards take two.  I can’t wait for Will to meet Cowboy Robert, I think they’ll make great conversation.  Oh dear, peanut saga is still going on…now there’s an icing sugar and marshmallow saga as dear old Drasko isn’t listening yet again.

Dessert – sour apple parfait with apple marshmallows and salted peanut shards.  Colin tries each bit while we have to listen to a musical interlude.  Bianca says she’s not happy with the marshmallow and Colin agrees it’s too sweet, he’s not happy with the shards, but he actually really liked the parfait and he thought the crumbs lifted the dish and he’s not keen on the presentation.  Oh dear, Will can’t taste apple in his parfait and Jane and Emma aren’t overly keen on the dish.  Nikki was too scared to try the shard, she didn’t want to break her teeth and Katie believes her parents will have to pay the dental bill as there will be a filling required.  Colin states that Steve’s a picky man as he had a few comments and bless Steve that responds that he’s not saying he can cook better…clever man!!


Lynn and Tony – 6

Jane and Emma – 7

Rob and Dave – 7

Katie and Nikki – 7

Will and Steve – 5

Colin’s scores get to be doubled as he’s the only judge, that’s a good thing I think, at least it will make them even with the others.

Entrée – 5…so they get 10 points

Main – 7…so they get 14 points

Dessert – 7…so they get 14 points

Total score 70/110, next we’re off to Queensland for Rob and Dave to cook.


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