My Kitchen Rules… #MKR first mother and son pairing ever

I have to say I’m a tad excited about this pairing.  It’s the first time there has been a mother and son pairing on the show…which in a way is as exciting as it is sad.

Thank goodness they’re sticking to their heritage and cooking a Spanish themed meal, I’m liking that idea.  God love that Rose is off searching for the proper rice, she’s just a tad too sweet, can’t be putting just any old rice in an authentic paella.  Oh dear, nothing like remembering the chilli at the last second when making the stuffing…poor love.

Everyone arrives and they give flowers to all the others…oh bless that is seriously sweet.

Pete and Manu arrive and Sheri and Emilie think it feels like they’re on a date as Pete and Manu are sitting opposite them…oh honey you’re a tad too cute!!

Oh dear…Rose is getting stressed about wanting things to be perfect, honey, honey, honey, take a deep breath as it’s only the start of the night.

Entrée – chorizo stuffed calamari with tomato and garlic sauce.  Well Rose thinks it doesn’t look great, but I would eat it no hassles, especially as they didn’t have to wait forever for it to be served.  Oh dear, Pete couldn’t taste the calamari, Manu doesn’t care about the clumsy presentation but says it is an amazing start.  They all love the calamari, but most aren’t over excited by the chorizo and of course Celine thinks her tomato sauce would be better…well honey let’s wait until you cook.

Main – paella.  Oh no, Rose cooks the prawns for the top and accidently pours out the prawn water.  Then Manu turns up in the kitchen and is concerned that it doesn’t look like a traditional paella but Rose says it’s because they’re cooking for 12 and the pan isn’t big enough…oh honey I hope it works.  Josh measures rice, but I think that his measuring wasn’t great then they realise they’ve done different measurements and have too much stock…solve the problem, put in more rice, it’s not that hard.  Okay now they’re getting a bit too gushy, she’s saying how great he is having stepped up and he says it’s because he’s got such a great mother…focus on the paella guys, concentrate for a minute or two.  Now Rose decides to take out stock and oil and god only knows what else…put in more damn rice already!!!  I think it looks okay, but not quite like the other paella that I’ve eaten in the past and there’s only one mussel and one prawn on the top.  I’m not hopeful for the darling pair.  Manu was missing the crust and the mixture of the flavours being cooked in the one pan and it’s not singing Ole to him.  Pete automatically tells it’s not how they normally serve it, he can’t find the love in the dish…oh poor loves.  The others aren’t keen either as it’s not Spanish enough for them.

Somehow they manage time for a dance and music lesson between serving main and dessert…oh bless them, that’s a tad cute…until Josh says there’s a prize, that gets Adam involved, not half cocky or anything.  But the boys pull it off with their dancing, at least it wasn’t bum-dancing like old mate Adam does.

Dessert – apple and cinnamon empanada with chocolate sauce.  Dessert looks great, but I’m concerned by the lack of chocolate sauce on the plate, it looks like a dribble…I would want a heap of chocolate sauce that I can dip the empanada in.  Pete straight out asks if he should use his hands or cutlery, god bless him, the others all think it is a huge serving.  Manu loves the filling, but wants the sauce!!!  Thankfully he’s thinking what I’m thinking!!!  Pete thinks they’re not cooked enough…oh dear, sounds like a soggy bottom.


Sheri and Emilie – 5

Celine and Vicky – 6…heck Celina let mummy dearest decide on the score!!!

Matt and Rob – 7

Eva and Debra – 7

Carol and Adam – 7

Entrée – Pete 9, Manu 8

Main – Manu 5, Pete 4

Dessert – Manu 4, Pete 4

Total score of 66/110 and they’re in second place.

Next up is mummy and daughter Celine and Vicky before the next elimination…it is either them or Matt and Rob going home.  Then we find out about the secret twist…just get on with it!!!


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