My Kitchen Rules… #MKR time for Thor to cook

So tonight we’re off to Victoria for Matt and Rob’s instant restaurant.  They’re oyster farmers, but because it is out of season they’re getting Sydney oysters, but they’re not happy with the oysters that they first see…well that’s a good thing, so they change to Pacific oysters.  They’re doing quail for main…but they’ve never cooked quail before in their life…ohhhhhh this could be fun.  Then they ask the butcher if they can be deboned…no good given that they’re still frozen, never mind they leave them with the butcher.  So they get home, set up the instant restaurant, Matt’s busy shucking oysters while Rob goes back to get the quail, poor Matt’s struggling in a kitchen on his own…ohhhh poor bugger.

Finally a doorbell ringing without one of the contestants screaming…a minor miracle I think!!!  The others are amazingly impressed with how great the instant restaurant looks.  Then the serve a bloody Mary oyster shot as a starter and do a non-alcoholic one for Rose…oh bless they are just a tad too sweet.

Yet another non-screaming doorbell moment…can we have a few more of these???  Just a small request.  Mind you the other contestants are having a bit of beer bottle karaoke whilst waiting for entrée, leaving everyone to wonder what was going on with the oyster shots they all had.  Food needed now!!!

Entrée – oysters three ways.  They’re doing some with a balsamic reduction and pancetta, some with a hazelnut crumb and some with a red wine vinaigrette.  Well I have to say the oysters are served beautifully.  So Manu starts by saying how much he really loves oysters, but then says that the boys have ruined a jewel of the sea…and of course we go to an ad break, um hello???  Can he keep talking please???  Oh amazingly I was right, it was because they washed them under fresh water.  Pete wasn’t overly impressed with the three toppings, but thinks the oyster shot was the best, except that it doesn’t count and says they love them and now they need to learn how to serve them…oh poor things.

Main – prosciutto wrapped quail with kale, orange and walnut salad.  Now they’ve got the saga of how to stuff and wrap the quail, it doesn’t seem too bad, but they’ve never cooked it before…so I’m worried.  Oh dear, the others have now named Adam…The Hoff…oh dear, that’s a scary thought, but I can see the resemblance.  They get the quail out, it’s done on the outside…as for the inside only God knows as they don’t have a spare to test…rule number one boys, always taste the food, followed by rule number two…have sauce.  Thankfully they have a thermometer to check…I’m still not confident though.  Oh dear…Pete doesn’t know if he can save the boys, it’s not well thought out in his opinion…the salad’s a tad dry and not dressed in his view, but he does applaud them for taking a risk.  Manu would have rathered for them to do simple well than complex not great.

Dessert – home-made brownie with strawberries and cream.  Thankfully they’re not adding nuts or anything else to the brownies and they’re keeping them rather simple.  Pete puts an appearance in the kitchen and the boys manage to make him laugh with a fishing and water analogy…god bless them.  The brownie looks a tad under cooked when they go to cut it, but they don’t have enough chocolate to re-cook it…oh dear!!!  After the ad break they go with the thinking that it is gooey in the middle and not under-cooked…god I hope so.  As they are placed on the tables other teams notice the inconsistencies between the brownies.  Manu didn’t mind it but there were a few issues with it, the cream is over-whipped and he wanted nuts in it…gee just a tad fussy.  Pete likes the flavour combinations but he noticed the inconsistencies around the table as well.


Rose and Josh – 6

Celine and Vicky – 6

Cheri and Emilie – 5

Carol and Adam – 5

Eva and Debra – 4

Entrée – Manu 3, Pete 3

Main – Pete 2…geeeee!!!  Manu 2….double geeeeee!!

Dessert – Pete 4, Manu 5

Total score 45/110…leaving them on the bottom of the leader board, 1 point below Eva and Debra.

Next we’re off to another part of Victoria to see mother and son pair Rose and Josh cook.


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