My Kitchen Rules… #MKR catch up…first elimination time.

Nothing like starting the morning in your garage/home gym boxing and saying that it makes you want to smash your opponents…let’s just wait and see if you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk, because God knows you can definitely talk the talk.

Well everything appears to be going well in the prep time…even with Gina adding a ridiculous amount of sugar to the prunes.  Everyone arrives and it still looks like it is going perfectly.

They decide to keep the fish warm in the oven because they can only cook so many at a time…but then our dear Anna realises that the potatoes are still in the oven supposedly cooling, even though the oven has been turned off…ummm last time I checked ovens retain heat for a while.

Entrée – salt and pepper flathead fillets with lime aioli.  They take it out and even though there is aioli in a little dish, they drizzle some over the top of the fish…ummm I’m not sure about that idea.  Oh dear, Pete’s fish is overcooked and has no salt and pepper flavour.  Manu doesn’t enjoy the soggy and slimy salad.

Main – rotolo of gnocchi and duck ragu with crispy sage.  Oh dear…the potatoes have had a moment because they had too long in the oven so they’re not going through the sieve properly, Anna says it is grainy, disgusting and unedible and chucks it all in the bun.  Gina decides to make some pasta to save the day so it’s not just ragu on a plate.  The ragu looks good, until Gina decides to add more flavour, cooks up some tomato paste and adds it and now doesn’t like the flavour…honey if it’s not broken don’t fix it…now she adds chicken stock.  Meanwhile it’s been 2 hours since entrée.  Now the pasta is getting sticky while waiting so they add water to it, which it soaks up.  They take it out and before the put it on the table they say there was an issue and there’s no gnocchi, but pasta instead.  Manu loves the ragu but the pasta is overcooked.  Pete says the pasta was really bland and not salted, while the ragu is over-salty, but Gina can’t be quiet while Pete’s talking…darling zip it and let him talk.

Dessert – crème patissiere tarts with prunes in port syrup.  Gina thinks the pastry looks good but needs a bit longer, Anna overrules and gets them out, the crème patissiere goes in and the entire top is covered with a huge pile of prunes and I mean a huge pile!!!    Oh dear, they can’t cut through the pastry…they almost need a sledge hammer.  Manu says the crème patissiere is undercooked and the pastry is whoa…no other words required.  Pete said it didn’t work for him, it was too rich and overpowering…and yes they interrupted yet again.


Ash and Camilla – 4

Kat and Andre – 4

Robert and Lynzey – 3

Annie and Lloyd – 4

Jac and Shaz – 3…and we’re off to a special location to receive the rest of the scores…and it doesn’t look like Kitchen HQ, I’m not actually sure where we are to tell you the truth.  But we get given a score recap before Pete and Manu score them.

Entrée – Manu 4, Pete 4

Main – Manu 5, Pete 3

Dessert – Manu 4, Pete 2

Total score 40/110…guess they didn’t walk the walk, so see you later Gina and Anna, time for you to head back home as you’ve been eliminated.


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