My Kitchen Rules… #MKR catch up from Adelaide

Well time to finally catch up on the MKR episodes that I missed…on Monday I was line-dancing in 43 degree heat at the RSL club…yes it was sweaty and disgusting, but I followed it up with pizza, which was actually quite exciting as Country Town 2.0 has only had pizza available for the last month at the local café six nights a week, plus it’s the first time I’ve had it here.

Anyhow tonight is Annie and Lloyd…and just putting it out there her voice is starting to do my head in.

Oh dear lord they hit Coles and she’s excited by seeing baby clothes…focus darling, it’s my kitchen rules, not my bedroom rules.

Then the fish at Coles is too huge for one fish per person, oh heaven forbid you should serve fillets instead of a whole fish…no worries just ring the fish place while you’re standing in Coles in front of the fish section.  Pete comments that fillets would be easier for guests to deal with…personally I’d be freaking out getting a whole fish on a plate with eyes and the head…just putting it out there again.

Hell she thinks everyone loves rosewater and it’s pink…hate to disappoint you darling I don’t love it and it wasn’t pink in that bottle you grabbed.

The give everyone their mystery potion to drink…well let’s say it was rather strong…and very rum tasting.

Then there’s the pressure cooker issue as the curry is too watery….um hello???  The pressure cooker doesn’t remove the liquid, it just cooks faster and I’m guess he hasn’t used it all that often by the shock on his face when he opens it.

Entrée – beef madras coconut buns with yoghurt dipping sauce.  The others are intrigued by what the entrée will be like, have to say I’m thinking soggy buns right now as it’s really liquidy and now they’ve noticed the flavour’s not very strong and Lloyd thinks it looks like a cow pat when he puts it on a tray…yep so what I don’t want to think about right now.  So they get filled, steamed and then baked and I have to say they don’t like overly pretty and three on a plate looks rather huge.  Pete was excited…until he ate it, it was hard to swallow, chew, eat…oh poor bugger.  Manu liked the beef, but was teased by the lack of spices.  Poor Anna hit a full cardamom pod…oh poor love.

Main – sea bream baked in parchment with saffron rice.  Well it looks like Lloyd’s doing minor surgery on the fish cutting fins and things, then he decides to put lemon over the head and eye and Annie suggests putting a hat on it to disguise it.  God love Shaz, she doesn’t like whole fish as it is more fishy than a fillet, oh bless her, she’s great value.  Now Annie thinks the fish looks a little naked without it’s tail fin…oh seriously darling I’m concerned.  They just need to get the damn fish in the oven already instead of carrying on about it, at this rate it will never be served.  1½ have passed since entrée and the fish is only just going into the oven…damn that, no wonder everyone is doing impersonations at the table.  They check the fish…nope still raw in the middle.  It’s now been 2 hours since entrée and Kat’s getting a tad excited that it’s taking so long…nasty pasty is coming out again tonight.  The tester isn’t 100% done, but they figure it will be fine by the time they get to the table…ummmmm you’d want to hope so!!!  Oh hell Manu’s struggling as the top is bland because all the flavours are at the bottom and it’s not all cooked and isn’t enjoyable.  Pete’s was bland as well and the rice had no favour and the salad was uninspired…oh dear.  Raw and flavourless sums up the view around the table.

Dessert – rosewater mousse with almond tuile and crystallised petals.  I’m scared about this as Annie kept referring to it before as a diva…and guess what it’s a little bit runny, oh well too late now.  Robert says for them to stay in the competition “they need the dessert to be so good your tongue slaps your brain out”…yep the American Alf Stewart.  Then of course they screw up the flowers while they are trying to crystallise them, they’re too eggy…honestly for one miniscule petal I wouldn’t bother darling, listen to Lloyd and put a non-soggy flower on there.  They’re devastated and they haven’t even taken the dessert out yet…poor things.  Manu thinks the tuile is perfect, one bonus at least given their night.  Pete enjoys the mousse flavour even though he’s not a rosewater fan…oh look darling, not everyone loves rosewater.


Robert and Lynzey – 4

Ash and Camilla – 4

Jac and Shaz – 6

Gina and Anna – 3

Kat and Andre – 2

Entrée – Manu 3, Pete 3

Main – Pete 3, Manu 2

Dessert – Pete 7, Manu 8

Total score 45/110 which puts them on the bottom, so it’s either them or Gina and Anna going home tomorrow night.


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