My Kitchen Rules #MKR can the big-noters walk the walk???

I’m sorry, but this couple from New South Wales have been big-noting themselves since they sat down in Toowoomba, so let’s hope unlike Gina and Anna from round 1 they can actually walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Oh look, an action plan…well at least they’re planed, but all good plans can go astray on this show.  Now the hunt for dried scallops, good thing they’re athletic with all their running around the Asian shops.

Their restaurant is called 40:love because they’re 40ish, they’re in love and of course he’s Mr Tennis, so naturally his tennis trophies are on display…seriously???  Poop chutes out of the prawns, it’s on to cooking the sedated lobsters that have been put to sleep in the freezer first.

God love that they think they’re quietly confident because they’re anything but quiet, they keep going on about how great they’re going.  Mind you it is all going well so far, both cheesecakes are already cooked and the XO sauce is well on the way.

Everyone arrived and so far so good, but…that was how it was for Gina and Anna…I wouldn’t get too excited so far.   Pete and Manu arrive and it’s still all going well, but instead of entrée, main and dessert the menu says 1st set, 2nd set and 3rd set…oh for goodness sake, that’s taking it a bit far I think.  Oh dear…Carol just realised that she forgot to put raspberries in the cheesecake…no good given they’re both cooked and they’re plain cheesecakes…oh well I hope there’s a backup plan.  They take the approach of finish entrée and deal with it later.

Entrée – lobster rice paper rolls with sesame lime sauce.  Pete didn’t get the wow that he was expected and the lobster was lost because there was too much rice paper compared to filling.  Manu on the other hand had a lot of lobster, but all the flavour was in the salad under the roll.

Adam races off to the shops to buy extra ingredients to make another cheesecake…as you do!!  Adam’s back and stressing because Carol’s taking her time with the cheesecake…sorry mate, but you can’t mix up solid cream cheese, deal with it.  Now there’s only enough time to make 1 more cheesecake and Adam’s getting stressy and jokey at the same time and the mixture is slightly lumpy as it goes into the oven.

Main – stir-fried prawns in XO sauce.  Oh dear…issues with number of prawns, so Vicky and Celine get 1 prawn less than everyone else because Adam and Carol think the food will be less liked by their flavour palate…what the???  Good thing they notice rather quickly.  Pete thinks it is delicious, even though it is not perfect.  Manu loved the smell and thought there wasn’t enough oil in the sauce and was happy overall, but could have been happier.

Dessert – baked raspberry ripple cheesecake.  Pete wanted deliciousness and the cheesecake looked elegant and was one of the best he ever had.  Manu was a bit disappointed with the base, but loved the cheesecake.  Vicky’s not a cheesecake person but liked it and everyone loves it, except Josh, who would prefer his mum’s cheesecake.


Rose and Josh – 7

Sheri and Emilie – 7

Rob and Matt – 8

Eva and Debra – 7

Celine and Vicky – 7…yep mummy dearest was over-ruled by darling daughter once again.

Entrée – Manu 6, Pete 4

Main – Manu 7, Pete 7

Dessert – Manu 8, Pete 9

Total score 77/110 putting them on top of the leader board.

Next we’re off to Victoria for Matt and Rob to cook.


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