My Kitchen Rules…new teams… #MKR

I feel a bit out of whack as Monday and Tuesday night I was actually out when MKR was on…never mind I recorded it and I only saw the last few minutes of each episode, so I know the scores.  But I’m still going to catch up with watching it…which could have happened if I wasn’t at work for over 12 hours on Tuesday and then had the swimming carnival today along with a meeting….but I will write about them when I watch them.

Anyhow…tonight we have new couples, new toys to play with essentially, so bring it on I say.

The first pair cooking in this round are Sheri and Emilie in Toowoomba, Queensland, childhood friends who claim to be creative and fun…oh dear, we’ve had issues with fun before.

They shop quickly but I’m concerned that the doughnuts are baked (nothing wrong with that…they’re quite nice) but no good saying they’re what your two year old loves…that’s the concerning part.

Actually I’m more concerned hearing that if you cut the onions harshly you hurt the onion’s feelings and it makes you cry…are you kidding me???

As for deciding to get changed with 20 minutes to go…well that turned into 4 minutes to go…they manage to change in three minutes…impressive.

God love that one of the teams expected a country style theme because they’re in Toowoomba…hate to say it, Toowoomba isn’t all that country…there’s a lot more country out there, like Country Town 2.0 maybe.

So the other teams…Adam and Carol from NSW who look like they’re rather fit and he brags about his tennis skills straight off as he got to 294 in the world and beat Agassi and Courier…oh and he coached Russell Crowe in tennis…moving right along.

From WA are colleagues Eva and Debra who seem to spend all their time together, at work, at dancing…have fun girls, I couldn’t do it.

Celine and her “mummy” Vicky are from South Australia…and they’re apparently a big deal or “celebrities” in Adelaide…sounds like a bit of big noting going on.  Oh and Celine has a tattoo of Rihanna’s signature on her, ummmmm I met Rihanna…can’t say I thought of that at all.

Rose and Josh are mother and son from Victoria with Rose being from Uraguay.

Rob and Matt are also from Victoria and Rob jumps up to serve everyone drinks…oh bless him.  They’re oyster farmers and Rob happens to be a cousin to Chris and Liam Hemsworth…mind you it takes a while for the others to work out the connection from the jawline and the hair.

Entrée – fish tortillas.  The girls are almost set and want to test taste one…no good, they drop a tortilla on the floor, oh well no test tasting and it looks rather odd…as Sheri says “they don’t look like a match made in heaven, most couples don’t”.  Manu’s confused, it looks good, but he wasn’t taken to Mexico with the flavours.  Pete says they’re playing it safe and pulls them up for not trying it.  Well the others weren’t overly excited, other than Josh.

Main – pork belly with horseradish mash and mum’s essential greens.  Oh look, a saga with lumpy mash and naturally enough the meat isn’t ready as the trays haven’t been moved around…could be a long night.  But we find out that Vicki doesn’t like pork which is half accepted, poor Josh however doesn’t like crackle and the others want to kill him…I’m with him, keep your crackle…then again it’s not ready but the meat is and it’s been 1½ hours since entrée and poor Rose is hungry and struggling.  There goes the smoke alarm, which gets the table laughing as they now know the crackling is cooking…just turn off the damn alarm girls.  Poor Sheri’s starting to flip out, oh honey it’s still early days.  Where’s our cowboy Robert with a story when we need one.  Well I’m not overly impressed with how it looks…4 brussel sprout leaves, 1 asparagus spear and 1 broccolini spear.  At least the crackling crunches.  Manu says it is cooked well and is rather eloquent in his description of the crackling.  Pete pulls them up on the greens though.  Holy hell Josh might have liked the crackle and Vicki tried the pork…”mummy ate more pork than me” says darling daughter Celine.

Dessert – dunking doughnuts.  So there’s three sauces, chilli chocolate, rhubarb or salted caramel.  But disaster strikes again, they’re now muffins not doughnuts as they won’t stop rising…oh dear, they’re going to serve doughnut/muffins…are they duffins or muffnuts???  Plus they only get one, gee that’s not enough for a dessert.  Oh dear they’re dry and bready says Manu, thank god for the sauce.  Pete says it’s not remarkable…but he does applaud them for trying the healthy route.  Poor Emilie cries and Pete responds with “are you okay sweetheart?”……..ohhhhhhhh my heart melts a tad.  The table is divided.


Rose and Josh 6

Rob and Matt 6

Eva and Debra 5

Celine and Vicky 5…and yes Celine overpowered her “mummy” as she wanted to give her 6

Adam and Carol 5

Entrée – Pete 5, Manu 5

Main – Pete 7, Manu 8

Dessert – Manu 5, Pete 6

Total score…63/110

Next we’re off to Eva and Debra’s in WA where we’ll be smashed with spice.


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