My Kitchen Rules…the “new” #MKR spice girls

Tonight we’re off to see workmates Eva and Debra cook in Perth…who start with a huge run to the car.  Seriously could you not have parked close to the house???  Then to have to stop for petrol…I mean really girls!!!

Oh and the big noting couple has the wife big noting already as her mum’s Japanese so she knows Asian flavours and is hard to impress…I’m not sure about these two…and guess what they’re not doing Japanese.

No good that the table and everything looks spectacular but there’s no chairs and we’re down to two hours and 35 minutes…so much for time management ladies.  Then they decide to put the crème brulee in the freezer so it will set faster…ummmmm there’s time management out the window again.

Time management is gone yet again when Pete and Manu have to ring the doorbell twice because they’re making the last wonton…not the best thing to do!!!

Entrée – pork and spinach wontons in ginger broth.  So they say that if you don’t like ginger you’re not real foodies…let’s say I’m not the world’s biggest ginger fan…so shoot me now.  Poor Manu starts spluttering and tearing up….and of course we’re off to a damn ad break.  Pete loves the idea of the menu…but……… great as it looked he didn’t like it at all.  Manu agrees to an extent, he loved the flavour, but the broth got him.  As for the size of the wontons…well that alone has everyone laughing as they try to fit them in their mouths.

Main – nasi lemak with fried chicken…if only the guests knew what the dish was, as none of them do from just reading the menu.  Poor Emilie struggles at the table with the conversation and then says she’s been “deaf, dumb and blonde all my life” and nobody laughs as they don’t know how to take it until she says they’re meant to laugh…oh dear.  Well the plate looks rather fancy…but….Celine is all set to vomit between the eggs and the anchovies…poor love.  Manu’s conflicted, he loves some bits, but the chicken is boring and he’s disappointed.  Pete thinks they’ve stepped up from entrée, but wasn’t overly impressed by the chicken or the greens.  A lot of the others left a lot on the plate.

Dessert – pandan crème brulee…no good that they only bought 12 ramekins so no room for error and now it’s all frozen and turned like ice-cream…oh dear!!!  Well the finishing off of the crème brulee seems to be turning into a saga and a half.  Well there’s a cracking sounds as they finally made the sugar caramelise on the top…but…they think it looks really runny and Manu reaches for the water…yep not a good sign…ad break again.  Well he loved the flavour of the pandan and nothing else and lifts his spoon and it’s runny and lumpy and bluh.  Pete loved the flavour combination, but said it was just like scrambled eggs…oh hell to the no.

Pete thought the menu was one of the most exciting ever on My Kitchen Rules, sorry Eva honey I wouldn’t be overly excited by that because the cooking was rather dodgy.


Celine and Vicky – 5

Rose and Josh – 4

Sheri and Emilie – 4

Adam and Carol – 4

Rob and Matt – 4….oh poor loves are slightly overdramatic claiming the score of 21 from the others is like a stab in the heart.

Entrée – Manu 6, Pete 3…holy shite

Main – Pete 6, Manu 5

Dessert – Pete 3, Manu 2…well that wasn’t really unexpected!!!

Total score of 46/110.

On Sunday we’re off to NSW for big noters Carol and Adam to cook.

On a side note…no good telling me about a secret round when there’s still four couples to cook in this round…I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!


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