My Kitchen Rules.. #MKR off to the heart of…NSW, via Texas

So we’re off to the Blue Mountains for former Texan Robert and his daughter Lynzey.  Thank goodness we see Robery showing the maturity level he’s shown in the first two episodes, racing the trolley around Coles.  In saying that at least they thought well enough to get more food than they needed, unlike others!!!  Hopefully there won’t be anyone getting hangry tonight.

Oh darling, Robert is happy for people to pack a doggy bag for later while he’s wrapping his prosciutto…or in his vernacular prescutto.

Oh deary me, poor Lynzey decided to multi-task just a tad too much and the second lot of ice-cream curdled…honey don’t do too much at once, but she puts it in the machine anyway…um righty-o.

Everyone arrives and there’s some interesting cowboy/cowgirl/country looks going on…scarier still is Ash saying “ready to rodeo y’all?” gee that’s the strangest posh French talk I’ve ever heard.  But Robert’s waiting downstairs with the whip and scares the bejesus out of most of them…oh except Shaz who apparently hears a whip a lot at home…too much information darling lady.

Lynzey tries to help deep fry quail legs and naturally she burns them…good thing they bought extra.  Manu tries out his Texan with a bit of “howdy partner” and “yee-ha” on arrival…yeah not doing it for me.  Robert says the entrée comes with a bit of a surprise and Annie hopes it comes served in a cowboy boot…WTF???

Entrée – quail legs with ranch dressing…with the added part of stuffed jalapenos wrapped in prosciutto.  They’re ready to serve as Robert says “it tastes so good you would eat it off your boot” as well as “stick a fork in us we’re done”…bless him nobody other than Alf Stewart could come out with those lines.  Plus Pete wants to eat with his fingers, no need to stop him, this is food porn after all…but poor Lynzey is worried it will be more like bar food, honey it is quail, relax!!  Manu is very happy and gushing and the sauce is bloody good.  Pete says it’s the type of food they love on the show and it is simple food done to perfection.  Anna thinks she could smash her face into a big bowl of it and Shaz loves anything fried…I’m hearing you darling.

Main – peppered beef with Texan green beans, barbecued corn and garlic butter.  Pete pops into the kitchen.  Oh shite…the steak will be rare…also known as “just wipe his rear and run him by here” and there’s a lot of pepper…I don’t know how much I would be enjoying that, between the pepper and rare meat.  Lynzey thinks it’s overcooked…doesn’t look that to me, but I don’t like it rare either…but they’re got back-ups to cook, if she survives the pepper storm she’s inhaling.  Oh such a shame that Jac and Shaz are deafening everyone…actually more Shaz than Jac, poor Ash is struggling.  But the second beef is done fine.  Great to see that they’ve tasted both courses, I haven’t seen the other teams do that this year.  Anna has a sook about getting the stingy plate, I’ve noticed she always offers an opinion, at every course.  Pete’s eating with his fingers again, but Manu wipes his face for him.  Oh dear, Pete’s meat was medium-rare/medium, such a shame, but he liked the other stuff.  Manu agrees with Pete.  God love Camilla, knife and fork to eat the corn on the cob…yep I’m there hon.

Dessert – bourbon bread pudding with vanilla bean ice-cream.  Well the curdled ice-cream mix somehow miraculously fixed itself in the freezer…a dessert miracle!!!  Oh look Camille wants it to be more refined, darling it’s bread and butter pudding essentially, suck it up and enjoy the food.  Manu says it’s his least favourite dish of the night with the soggy/hardness combination and it’s too sweet for him all up.  Pete wouldn’t normally go for this type of dessert…gee really???  But he thinks they hit the nail on the head.  It’s taken until now for our darling Ash to bring out “deeeeevine” and her mouth was having a hoe-down…darling, darling, darling.  Shaz is over her wet bread phobia as well after eating it.


Annie and Lloyd – 8

Ash and Camilla – 8

Jac and Shaz – 8

Kat and Andre – 8

Gina and Anna – 9

Entrée – Manu 10, Pete 10

Main – Manu 7, Pete 8

Dessert – Manu 5, Pete 9

Total score… 90/110…and everyone claps, oh except I didn’t notice our dear Anna clap.

Next we’re off to…Melbourne for our darling ladies Ash and Camilla…where they promise to bring the chic to match the shabby that was served in NSW…but we have to wait until Sunday and the preview says it will be unmissable…oh yes please!!


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