My Kitchen Rules… #MKR is back and goes to Mt Isa

We’re back for another season and ohhhhhhh already they’re telling me about a secret twist…yes please.

So straight up there’s a lot of pairs standing in Kitchen HQ waiting for Pete and Manu.  But up first we’re off to Mt Isa for cousins Jac and Shaz…now being a country bumpkin I’m hoping these girls go really well!!!

Oh honey…now you’ve told me it’s a little town…it’s not little in terms of country towns…just saying!!

Shaz works at the courts and is a thermomix salesperson.  Jac owns a high end boutique…see not exactly small country town going on.

Plus there’s a Coles…um my nearest Coles is a mere 360km away…they’re living in luxury in Mt Isa when compared to Country Town 2.0.  Then off to a rather large butcher…well in Country Town 2.0 the supermarket ran out of meat sometime on Friday and the butchers is rather small…and gorgonzola…hell none of that here in Country Town 2.0.

Hell they’re proper Queenslanders…hey?  Honestly people saying hey at the end of a sentence does my head in.

They’re going mining style for their decorating, with a lovely red dirt colouring, which is appropriate given their location.

Cooking time…the pear wafers are in the oven quick smart.  Gee Shaz does most of the talking so far, poor Jac can’t get a word in, let alone a letter or sound.  Well we’re already at only 30 minutes left before their three hours is up, I was wondering why they were already doing the spuds and lamb.

They go off to get dressed and the others are strolling down the road.

The snobby Melbourne girls state “certainly wouldn’t live here, but I’m happy visiting here” and that it’s “cute”…bless them, they’ve been in more than enough ads for the show that I’m waiting to see how they are portrayed.

Oh goodness gracious me the doorbell hasn’t changed since last season or the one before or the one before that…strange about that.

The others seem to appreciate the look of the restaurant and think it makes the most of the environment they’re in.

So the other couples are…Ash and Camilla – Melbourne socialites…

oh lord I would love them to come to Country Town 2.0, they wouldn’t last five seconds…and they’re more than happy to give a zero if the food deserves it.  Thankfully Camilla has actually had a year in France, small bonus there, but I’m not sure how much it will actually help them.

Robert and Lynzey – NSW Texan dad and daughter…amazingly he’s been in Australia for 22 years, wouldn’t have guessed that…and he’s a teacher.  But lovely Ash wasn’t to learn how to crack a whip.

Kat and Andre – WA feisty foodies…they’re engaged, he’s a car salesman and she’s had a thousand jobs over the years and has the attention span of a goldfish…oh heck she’ll be fun…I’ll be blowed, now she tells me she loves having fun…heck I’m psychic!!

Annie and Lloyd – SA high school sweethearts…he’s in med school and she’s a fashion sales assistant who has a lot of adjectives to describe herself and they’re all variations of quirky…and they love a themed dinner party…seriously such people exist…and pink is a hobby for her.

Lastly is Gina and Anna – ACT competitive Canberrians…mother and daughter who own a school uniform business and Anna’s into martial arts…shite she’s a tad full on.

So the lamb’s been turned off, they’re worried it will be overcooked and now the rosti mix is swimming in moisture because they’ve over-prepped…time to add a bit more of everything.

Finally Pete and Manu rock up in a car…no strolling down the outback road for them…and suddenly Shaz stops talking, she’s too scared to open the damn door for them.

Well I’ve worked out Ash loves the word divine….pronounced as deeeeevine…oh honey I think I’m going to enjoy you, you’re so different to me.

A lot of the other teams think the menu is rather safe and simple…give the poor things a chance…and of course our snobby socialites claim they would smoke their own salmon…FFS seriously???

Entrée – zucchini and potato rosti stack with smoked salmon and crème fraiche

Food is up.  Well the rosti is definitely crunchy, that’s a start.  Pete says the pressure that they’ve faced being up first didn’t show in the dish and asks if they think it is too simple…and he loved it, even though it is simple.  Manu thinks it looked beautiful and amazing even though stacks are dated and of course he wanted salt, pepper and lemon with the roshti (as he pronounces it).  Robert says the best thing was that everyone sounded like a bunch of horses eating oats…and of course Ash pronounces it as roshti as well and of course for her it was easy and edible and she wouldn’t order it at a restaurant…oh honey you’re leaving an impression.

Main – rack of lamb with crushed potato and lemon green beans.

The lamb is done, but the vegies need some more cooking, strange about that when you turn the oven off ages ago.  Oh but now they have to warm the lamb because it’s rested way way way way too long.  Oh dear they’re asking the others how they like the lamb cooked and poor Gina is almost crucified for liking it cooked medium-well, darling I’m hearing you loud and clear.  Jac is doing the sauce and of course she says “must have sauce Manu’s out there” and it’s some random mix of things.

Robert starts talking about a bull in the brush and nobody can make a sound, they’re all mystified…including Pete and Manu.  Back to the lamb…the girls think they’ve nailed it…except it is “a feed and a half” with Hulk-sized giant lamb.  But then there’s an issue with the sauce…into jugs it goes.  They’re thinking the dish is “too Sunday roast”.  Manu comments it is a big portion, but he’s not complaining about that of course…but he’s quite disappointed and there’s big pieces of un-rendered fat and there’s raw garlic, the spuds are undercooked and not crushed…oh girls.  Pete is struggling to work out what’s in the sauce, it works, but it’s not great, but the lamb is the saving grace once he got through the fat.

Ash reckons the lamb is like GI Jor for her…okay I’m confused, but poor love her fingers were going to snap off and poor Gina couldn’t cope with the lamb.  Kat on the other hand loved it, “slap me sideways and call me silly” she says…oh dear lord save me from these lines now!!!

Dessert – pear and walnut crumble with pear wafers.

I’m not sure why they need to do blue cheese…and Manu enters the kitchen to check out what’s going on.  Next thing you know they put the blue cheese on top of the crumble and pretty up the board to serve it.  The others find the smell of the cheese overwhelming.  Manu thinks the combination is heaven on a cheese platter, but not for a hot dish and he thought he wouldn’t do it.  Pete says they shouldn’t try to be too inventive in their dishes.  The others think it is a blue cheese crumble now as opposed to a pear crumble.

Scores…ohhhh and you can score them yourselves online…yes please!!

Kat and Andre – 6

Annie and Lloyd – 5

Robert and Lynzey – 6

Gina and Anna – 6

Ash and Camilla – 5

Entrée – Pete 8, Manu 8

Main – Pete 5, Manu 4

Dessert – Manu 3, Pete 3

Total score… 59/110

Next we’re off to…Perth for Kat and Andre to cook.


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