Masterchef…grand finale!!!

Oh for the love of God…the show starts with a montage of Laura and Brent strolling the streets of Melbourne talking about how much they love cooking in a voiceover…I’m sorry but we know how much you love it…just start bloody cooking already.

Gee the winner gets a bit…a car, a book deal, $250,000 and the trophy…given that Laura’s the whole of 19 that’s a huge amount of stuff, then again Brent’s only 24.

So they enter the kitchen at night to applause from the eliminated and the judges.  Matt’s gone the three piece suit with the cravat, Georgie Boy’s gone the suit and red bow tie and Gary’s gone the suit, with the top button undone and red pocket cloth…gee they’re all out there with their outfits tonight.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but since all the eliminated contestants have been back I don’t think I’ve noticed Tash…ummmmm, I know she had a sooky moment when she was eliminated, but that’s no excuse for not turning up.

Anyway there are 3 rounds to be scored by the judges, overall there are a maximum of 100 points, highest score wins…simple really.

Round 1 is worth 30 points…and apparently an old friend is back again.  Oh look, a mystery box!!  Um the mystery box has nothing in it.  Oh, they get to choose from a selection of ingredients behind the judges.  They take it in turns to pick an ingredient that they will each have, there will be 8 ingredients and they’ll have an hour and the staples, flour, eggs, butter and sugar.  Brent plays gentleman and lets Laura goes first.  She chooses scampi.  He chooses garlic.  She chooses anchovies.  He chooses red cabbage.  She chooses pearl barley.  He chooses fennel seeds.  She chooses chervil.  He chooses sherry.  Righty-o…time to cook.  Mind you Georgie Boy’s already called Brent “big boy” and said “boom, boom, shake the room” in the way only he can…it’s not bomm bomm…seriously get it right for next year please.

They’re both doing multiple elements for their dishes, which sounds all exciting so far.  Well until Laura goes to make her garlic cream and then goes to grab the frypan and forgets it is boiling hot and just come out of the oven, drops it on the floor and burns her hand…poor darling.  Into the pan goes another lot of garlic with 30 minutes to go.

Brent puts garlic and anchovy into a pan to cook for his sauce, goes over to the shelf to get something and everyone’s telling him to race back and he gets back to a burnt bitter mix…oh well, onto pan two for the sauce mix.

10 minutes to go and Laura’s got the scampi cooking in anchovy butter and Brent’s putting scampi head into his sauce mix with is rather purple in colour because of the red cabbage.

Time is up…hug, hug, kiss, kiss…okay get on with it, both plates look very pretty.

Laura’s is tasted first.  She made grilled scampi with anchovy butter and roasted garlic cream.  Well George is licking his fingers which is normally a very good sign.  Matt on the other hand uses a fork to attack the scampi.  George says he loves that she always stays true to herself with her cooking and if that’s the dish that will be on the menu at her Italian restaurant he’ll be there with all his mates.  Gary goes for a finger of sauce.  Matt says it is a beautiful dish and the taste of it has transported him to a dock in Italy, but he’s looking for a little bit more zing.  Then Gary and Matt go back for another finger of sauce…hug, hug, kiss, kiss again between Laura and Brent.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Time for Brent.  He made textures of pearl barley with poached scampi and pickled cabbage.  Strangely enough Gary goes back for a spoonful of sauce…he is channeling Manu and the need for sauce and he thinks the sauce underpins the whole dish.  George thinks the scampi is delicious.  Matt thinks the sauce is perfect and new and something that hasn’t been seen before and it excites him and inspires him and the dish looked unbelievably beautiful.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Scoring time…Laura first…George gave her 9/10, Gary gave her 8/10 and Matt gave her 8/10 giving her 25/30.  Brent’s turn…Matt gave him 9/10, George gave him 9/10 and Gary gave him 9/10 giving him 27/30 and a 2 point lead.

Round 2…

The cook stations have been moved and now they each have a chef’s table in front of them, facing where they will cook and they have to take charge of the chef’s table.  They’ll be cooking for the three judges as well as three extremely important people and their families come in and Laura’s dad runs to her and she screams and runs to him and Brent skips…yes skips to his family.  Laura’s got her mum, dad and nonna.  Brent’s got his mum, dad and his girlfriend.

They have to create one savoury dish that shows their family and the judges how far they’ve come, they’ve got 90 minutes to make the six plates of food and there’s 30 points up for grabs.

Brent’s doing lamb so that his mum doesn’t crack it with him…god love him, he’s doing a new taste on a Lancashire hotpot.  When his mother tells him to hurry up he’s all “yes mother”…oh just a tad too cute!!  He’s made the potato galette look all a little fancy and it’s in the oven.  Brent’s mum likes the lamb done medium, so he says the lamb will be slightly more cooked than the judges will like, but it’s for his mumma.  Oh dear the potato has burnt…take two for the potatoes…oh hel, batch two hasn’t worked and there’s five minutes to go and he races to the pantry…now the parsnip puree is starting to burn around the edges and the sauce is slightly over-reduced.  Now the lamb might be more than medium…the poor bugger feels like he’s lost the plot completely.  He’s doing chips now with the potato, he’s got no other choice…holy fark, the chips haven’t worked, oh well…shite happens.  At least the lamb is cooked well.

Laura’s going Sicilian and is worried as her family is quite fussy and is doing scallops and lobster and strangely enough chestnuts are making an appearance again tonight.  Gary’s telling her to think about how to fuse the flavours together and how they will make sense and she’s starting to stress, and poor nonna looks stressed as well and her dad tells her not to worry about the clock and she shushes him…oh god love it!!  Gary asks who she most wants to impress and she says her dad, and love it that they’re talking rather quietly about it.  Laura’s mum and dad are starting to stress and George says “we’ll feed them and get them out of here” and I reckon she’ll half take that.  She poached the lobster and has put it in the pan with a herb butter and her dad is asked Matt questions about what Laura did, well that’s kind of cute.  Less than two minutes to go and it’s undercooked, so it’s back in the pan and her dad can’t look and has his head in his hands.

Time is up and everyone’s clapping…mind you there’s no kiss, kiss, hug, hug this time and poor Brent is stressing big time.

Tasting time for Laura’s dish and her dad says it is beautiful and faultless and her nonna says it is beautiful and delicious and delicate and she ate the whole lot.  George says it is beautiful, intelligent and cooking with heart and soul and Gary loves the scallops and lobster.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Tasting time for Brent’s dish and straight off Gary says there’s something missing…yes we know, we’ve been in the kitchen as well you know, well at least from the couch.  Brent’s dad says it is sensational and hasn’t had anything like it before.  Matt says it looks beautiful and the flavours work well together and it is refined cooking, but it needed the crunchy potatoes.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Scoring time…Laura’s up first.  Gary gave her 8/10, George gave her 8/10 and Matt gave her 8/10 giving her 24/30 and she’s now on 49/60.  Brent’s scores are…7/10 from Matt, 7/10 from George and 7/10 from Gary giving him 21/30 and he’s now on 48/60.  So Laura’s taken the lead by one measly point with one round to go.

Round 3

This round is a pressure test…Matt lists some of the pressure tests in the past and scares them to death almost…then Peter Gilmour, who made the snow egg comes in and says this dessert is the combination of two of his current desserts and is at least twice as hard as the snow egg.  It’s called ‘chocolate ethereal’ and Brent thinks “how the hell am I going to make that?” and I agree with him, it looks seriously amazing.  It has a milk skin sheet, two types of pulled caramel sheets, a tempered chocolate sheet and a sugar starch sheet.  Then it has a salted sherry caramel, a whipped caramel cream, nougat and they have to make their own, almond praline, chocolate ganache…oh my god I wouldn’t want to make it, but I damn well want to try it!!!

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

They have 3 hours to cook and 20 minutes to assembly four of the desserts, one for each judge and one for Peter and they’ll all be scoring, so 40 points are up for grabs.

Mind you when they showed the trophy it just dawned on me it’s gone girl, boy, girl, boy, girl…mmm just think about that for a millisecond.

Oh and the recipe is five pages long.

Laura starts with the milk skin and it looks okay, weird but okay.  Same with Brent and they’re in the oven.  Now onto the nougat…ummm Laura’s jumped ahead accidently with the nougat and has the sugar in the same pot as the honey as she hasn’t read it properly…oh darling slow down and she hasn’t noticed her mistake.  They’re questioning her and she’s confuse and they’re asking her if she read it carefully and she’s still got no idea, poor love.  The judges keep getting on her about the nougat recipe, Gary asks her to read it to him and finally it dawns on her…she missed the comma and Peter tells her to do it again and the poor love is tearing up and Gary keeps telling her she can do it.  Even Peter tells her she’s got heaps of time and Brent’s telling her to keep going…god love him.  Then her dad’s telling her to keep going.  Brent’s is onto the sugar starch sheets and they appear fairly interesting.

Brent manages to break the handle of a spatula while smoothing praline…well I’m sure that wasn’t meant to happen.  They’re on to mixing the nuts into the nougat mix and Brent’s struggling and poor Laura’s using every muscle she has.  The ollo rosso whip has been done and they’re onto the tempered chocolate.  Laura’s chocolate starts to seize when it’s hit 50 degrees and she adds the extra chocolate into it…oh honey, it’s not looking good, take a deep breath and get back to it.  The poor love is starting to crack under the pressure and feels like giving up and is starting to have a teary…oh bless, someone give her a hug already and she asks for everyone not to yell at her and her dad’s starting to struggle as well watching his daughter struggle.  George goes over and gives her some advice and she pulls herself together.  Thankfully it works the second time around.  There’s 15 minutes to go and Brent’s stirring multiple pots and burning himself all over the joint, poor thing.

5 minutes to go and they’re both walking piles of chocolate…literally, they’re not wearing white aprons, they’re wearing chocolate covered aprons.  Oh dear, one minute to go and Brent realises he’s missing an element.  10 seconds to go and Laura’s pulling caramel that’s burning hot…holy shite!!!

Thank god time is up…and we’re back to hug, hug, kiss, kiss…this time it is well deserved and they’re both grinning up like Cheshire cats.

Brent is up first with 20 minutes to plate the dish and it looks pretty damn awesome as he takes it in and Laura says “good luck Brent” as he goes in…god they’re both so sweet tonight.  Peter says he’s impressed with how it looks and that he’s impressed with how well Brent stayed calm and didn’t show the pressure he was under, and he notices the missing sheet, but he doesn’t overly mind.  They are full of flowing adjectives and it is so great to hear their compliments.

Laura is up next with her 20 minutes to plate…and she puts a big log of chocolate covered nougat on the plate instead of chopped up bits…gee I hope that doesn’t bite her in the bum.  Peter says that with 15 minutes to go he didn’t think she would have a dish up, she says she thought the same.  George is in awe about how shiny the chocolate is and they comment that it’s all a bit chunkier than Brent’s and they notice the big lump of nougat, but Peter says they need to see how it tastes…except he can’t exactly break it.  Then they’re full of flowery adjectives for her, which is lovely.  Poor George is stressing now and he’s not sure how to score.

Finally it is time to get the scores…and we’re outside now with all the previous winners and a lot of the chefs that have been on the show and Laura and Brent come outside looking very very chocolately and very very happy.  Laura is scored first.  Gary gives her 8/10, George gives her 8/10, Matt gives her 8/10 and Peter gives her 7/10, putting her final score at 80/100, which is damn impressive.

Time for Brent’s scores.  He needs 33 points to take out the title…get on with it for him and his mother who looks like she’s going to pass out.  Gary gives him 8/10…he’s now on 56.  George gives him 9/10…he’s now on 65.  Matt gives him 9/10..he’s now on 74…he needs 7 or more to win.  Peter gives him…9/10!!!!  He’s on 83 and is the winner of Masterchef!!!!

image from

Oh look, hug, hug, kiss, kiss is back again!!!

He’s won $250,000, a car, a book deal and the poor bugger is in complete shock and is shaking his head.  He thanks the judges, the other contestants and Laura…oh bless…he compliments her so much…hug, hug, kiss, kiss time again.

Laura gets given $20,000 and she’s all happy and teary, god bless, she’s a tad cute.

Now they give Emilia $10,000…gee she was offered a position by George now she gets money, bloody hell.

Shite…13 weeks of Masterchef and all I can say is tonight has been a long 2,500 words while watching it!!


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