Masterchef…pressure test elimination challenge.

I’ll start by saying I’m not sure who I would be happy to be eliminated tonight.  I’ve liked Brent the whole way through and Jamie is an interesting character, Emilia however I’m a bit up and down on her, I have been through the whole show.

Well Emilia starts off by saying she’s had her sook after last night’s Vue de Monde challenge and Jamie is worried and they arrive and Brent’s waiting there for them after having the night to prepare and he says there were 2 elements he really wanted to practice.

The dish was created by Martin Benn the executive chef and owner of Sepia restaurant in Sydney and he’s according to himself best known for his desserts.

The dish was invented in 2010 and has evolved over the years…it has 14 or 15 elements and 40 steps and Martin himself is scared…holy shite!!!  It’s his signature dessert dish…Sepia chocolate forest floor with a lavender cream, chocolate ganache cream, almond praline cream, cookie dough soil, green tea moss, cherry brandy jellies and a sour cherry sorbet…amongst other things and it looks seriously amazing!!!

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

They get three hours to make it and then put the sorbet on the dish in front of the judges.

Half an hour down and all is going well so far…except now Jamie is starting to fall behind the other two.

Oh no…now Jamie’s got his first problem, the lavender cream wasn’t set hard so he’s got to put it back in the fridge to see if it works out.

Brent’s onto tempering his chocolate…turns out Emilia taught both him and Jamie how to temper chocolate and she’s hoping it doesn’t bite her in the arse.  Jamie starts his but he’s never tempered ½kg of chocolate before or used a metal bowl to do it and Gary’s freaking out as the temperature is going up not down.  Apparently you get it to 57 degrees, then down to 29, then up to 33…yeah not likely for me any time soon.  Finally his chocolate cools down…only half an hour or so later.

Emilia seems to be going well.  Brent put his jelly into the freezer to get it to set quicker and it’s over set on the top, and under set on the bottom and it doesn’t look clear…oh dear, especially as Emilia’s is very clear and George doesn’t know what he’s done.

Heck there’s only 10 minutes to go…it’s all gone rather fast.

Emilia’s now having problems with her praline cream and the colour it rather light and Gary tells her to think about how to fix it and she should know how to do it…and she adds hot gelatine into it, but she should have put it into a portion of it, but he thinks she should be clever enough to fix it.

Now Jamie’s got cream issues like Emilia as it’s not getting quicker.  Actually they’ve all got cream issues, but each with a different cream…which is damn funny if you ask me and there’s less than 5 minutes to go.  Jamie hasn’t got time to fix the cream and has to go with it.  Emilia says her cream is fixed.

2 minutes to go and Brent has nothing on the plate…geeze mate get a move on already…don’t throw is on though.

Time is up…holy heck…well Jamie has left the finger lime off the plate, the one thing that he didn’t have to make.

Tasting time.  Emilia’s up first and she’s apparently realised that she wants to do pastry with her life and funnily enough George asks her what she wants to do after Masterchef and then she gets teary…oh honey, smile, take a deep breath and continue on.  She’s asked how her compares to the boys and she thinks she’s done a better job.  There’s lots of positives, but then there’s the sorbet, which isn’t the best and is rather fluffy.

Now Masterchef you need to get through this tasting fast as I’ve got a former student swimming in the Commonwealth Games in 13 minutes and I seriously need to watch it!!!  Yes proud teacher moment here…so excited that I have actually have three kids that I taught swimming in Scotland, two are 17 and 1 is 14…I mean honestly a 14 year old swimming at the Commonwealth Games is seriously exciting, more so when you consider she’s in 7 events.

Back to Masterchef…next up is Jamie who thinks the judges will like the dice of the jelly best.  Oh dear, one of the creams looks split.  George loves the sorbet as does Matt.  Oh look, they finally mentioned the lack of finger limes and the chocolate disc didn’t have a lot of snap in it so it wasn’t properly tempered.

On to Brent…he says he felt on top of things most of the time, until the last 15 minutes.  Matt says that the dish lacks finesse…I’m thinking it might be down to the two boys as to which one is through and which one is going home.  The disc has a great crack, but the soil is very clumpy and lumpy.  Gary loves the sorbet and the chocolate mousse.  George says the problem is the jelly.

Gee Masterchef…the race I want to watch is in 3 minutes time…get on with the damn decision already.  The first person through to the semi-final to join Laura is Emilia and Matt says she’s one of the best pastry chefs they have ever seen on Masterchef.  Now for who is going home…and Gary says the decision is weighing heavily on their hearts…shite it’s awfully close.  The difference was the sorbet, the mousse and the tempered chocolate…which means that Brent is safe and Jamie is going home and poor Brent is saying sorry to Jamie…oh damn he’s too sweet as he thought he was going home.

Now that he’s left Masterchef he’s going to be a head chef at a new Sydney venue…ummmmm wow!!!

So the semi-final is Laura vs Emilia vs Brent and they will have 20 guests at the Masterchef kitchen and they’ll have to serve a main and a dessert to their guests.



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