Masterchef…head to head battles

It is the final four and there is no elimination and they have a range of head to head battles.

Laura has the advantages after being the best dish last night…she picks her opponent…and choses Brent.  Then she gets to choose the cuisine and the protein.  The choice of cuisines are Greek, Lebanese, Indian, American, Malaysian, French and Italian, but the cuisine won’t be available for any other round once it is chosen  Naturally she chooses Italian as that’s what she wants…Matt almost doesn’t have to ask her, strange about that.  For the protein she chooses fish and they have only 30 minutes to cook.  She decides to make a tuna dish.  Brent’s chosen snapper.  Oh dear…15 minutes almost gone and Brent finally starts filleting the snapper and is doing a rather dodgy job and he’s struggling to pin bone it…poor bugger.  Even George isn’t happy with the snapper fillet and suggests Brent goes and gets something else as it looks rather dodgy.  5 minutes to go and he goes and grabs some fresh tuna…shite then he cuts his finger and he’s cooking while getting bandaged up.

They taste Brent’s dish first.  He’s made pan-seared tuna with fennel and caper salad.  Matt says that he only used a few minutes of the 30 so he hasn’t got a spectacular dish.

Next up is Laura with seared tuna with shallot, anchovy and tomato vinaigrette.  Gary sounds all rather negative saying that she’s put too many ingredients…then asks if it has paid off and says “hell yeah”…gee stress the poor girl out.  Oh well Brent’s out of the running for the spot in the semi final.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Next up is Jamie and Emilia and the winner will face Laura in round 3.  They toss the coin to see who picks what.  Jamie gets to go first and he picks the cuisine and chooses Indian.  Emilia gets to choose the protein and chooses shellfish.  Jamie’s making a dish using mussels and Emilia’s doing a curry base with soft shell crab on top…oh and she’s never cooked soft shell crab before.  Jamie has the wok on for about 5 minutes getting it smoking hot before putting the mussels in and there’s flames all over the joint which shocks Emilia a tad.

Tasting time and Emilia is first with soft-shell crab with roasted tomato curry sauce.  Matt says the spiciness is well-balanced and George thinks she prepared the crab perfectly and Gary loves the crunch of the crab.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Next is Jamie with mussels with south Indian curry sauce and George is working up a sweat but they all think it is a very tasty dish and that it will be a close decision.  George loves the crab, Matt loves Jamie’s dish, so it is up to Gary…and we’re off to a damn ad break.  Finally the winner is Emilia.

Now it’s Laura against Emilia.  Back to the coin toss.  Emilia wins and chooses the protein and chooses kangaroo…well that’s thrown Laura for a spin as she’s never cooked kangaroo and only eaten it once and Emilia has cooked with it before.  Laura chooses Lebanese as the cuisine.  Oh dear…sounds like they’re doing the same dish…they’re both doing seared kangaroo fillet, they’re both doing baba ganoush and they’re both doing a salad part.  Oh dear…Laura’s doing the cous cous by eye and Gary’s concerned as it should be equal quantities of liquid and cous cous…and surprise surprise it looks very wet, off she runs to do it again.

Emilia’s cooked spiced kangaroo fillet with eggplant puree and roasted tomatoes.  There’s great flavours, but the kangaroo is chewy and George doesn’t like the eggplant puree.

Laura is next with spiced kangaroo fillet with baba ganoush and tabouli and they say the kangaroo is certainly rare.  Matt loves good kangaroo cooked like that and Gary likes the baba ganoush, George isn’t overly impressed with the tabouli.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Laura won as her kangaroo was more tender…gee it was as close as that and she’s now through to the semi final and she’s in shock.

Ohhhh the next episode is at Vue De Monde with Shannon Bennett….ohhh I can’t wait for that with 60 VIP guests.



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