Masterchef…no rules challenge

We’re at the final 5…and someone is going home again tonight, unfortunately, as the cooking is becoming absolutely amazing.

Gary starts by saying “what we really want to know is what do you want to cook today?” and none of them have an answer and they’re all confused…not that I blame them.  He then asks them all what they would like the challenge to be today.

Matt says that the challenge is all the things that they said…it is very simple, there are no rules…and they’re all still confused and poor Emilia doesn’t like it.  However no rules means no excuses and what is put up has to be perfect essentially and they need to focus under the pressure of the freedom.

They have to decide as a group how long they want to cook for…they decide 90 minutes…then they’re told one of them will go home.  But the contestant that makes the most impressive dish gets an advantage in the next challenge.

Is it wrong to say that the pantry has more food than the supermarket in Country Town 2.0 has ever seen???  Honestly, I went in there the other day and half the shelves were empty and there was a ridiculous amount of Black and Gold food, not that there is anything wrong with that and there was next to no meat, I know there is a butchers in town, but still and there was only one type of bread available, don’t get me started o the fruit and vegetables.

Laura’s making something with quail and artichokes…dear lord I’m 38 and never seen let alone tried artichoke…and I’ve never seen or tried quail.  Matt and Gary tell her it is great that she’s putting her nonna and her mum on a plate, but she has to make sure she puts herself on the plate as well.  Oh dear…the artichokes have turned brown…which has led the poor thing to swear…oh dear…she’s thinking there’s not enough time to do them again even though they’re not perfect…thankfully she decides to do them again, even though she doesn’t think she has time.  2 minutes to go and the second batch of artichokes come out of the oven and they’re perfect.

Jamie’s doing something about autumn on a plate with duck and vegies.  Matt reminds him that duck has been the most difficult protein on the show this year, now Jamie’s slightly worried as he hasn’t cooked duck on the show before now.

Brent’s doing the dish about his dad that he wanted to do in Heston week with seafood and squid ink and he’s worried about letting his dad down if he gets eliminated as a result of this dish.  Five minutes to go and he decides he needs a crunchy element and he deep fries the prawn heads.

Emilia’s making something for her mum, oh that’s a tad sweet and she’s making a version of baklava with chocolate sorbet.   Gee now she’s multi-tasking and next thing you know the sorbet has melted…well that wasn’t meant to happen.

Tracy’s doing lobster tails with two sauces, a rich one and an acidic one.  Matt concerned about the texture and the freshness and as usual she thinks he’s lost in her description…well honey you didn’t mention texture or freshness.

The judges are most worried about Laura and Tracy with about half an hour or so to go and George tells Tracy her bench is covered in crap and he wants to be filled with happiness today…gee no taking that the wrong way.  Holy heck, I think it was an understatement, there’s stuff all over the joint and poor George has a look of absolute shock on his face as there are bowls and pots everywhere and he asks “how many people are you cooking for?”  Finally she cleans the bench so that she can focus on plating nicely…about time love.

Time is up…Jamie thinks it is the best dish he’s done so far, Laura knows her plating isn’t perfect, Tracy isn’t happy with her plating, Emilia’s happy and Brent’s having a teary because of the meaning behind his dish…oh bless he’s a tad sweet.

Tasting time…

First is Jamie with Autumn Salad with smoked duck and it sounds rather amazing and look beautiful.  George says it looks spectacular…on a side note I’ve just noticed Matt’s not wearing a cravat…well I’ve been doing other things whilst watching and typing, including eating dinner…anyway Matt loves the dish as there is acidity, smokiness, sweetness and thinks it is very clever.  George loves that he worked like a chef as he was so tidy in the kitchen and meticulous…up Tracy needs to take note of that.

Up next is Emilia with her baklava parfait with chocolate sorbet…I do have to wonder why they wouldn’t taste Emilia’s first given that it has sorbet on the plate…ummmm just a minor first world problem.  George says it is exceptional!!!  Holy heck!!!  He says it is modern Hellenic food at its heart and it still has its soul and he think it is better than his mother’s…oh darling watch out when you see you mum next.

Laura is next with grilled quail with artichokes and mushroom panzanella.  George says it looks homely and wholesome but also looks sophisticated at the same time.  Gary says he is in heaven and it is gob-smackingly, deliciously good.  George says it is spectacular.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Brent is up next with “light at the end of the tunnel” and the poor bugger is holding back the tears while talking to the judges.  Matt says in regard to execution they would have liked to have seen the scallop pearl untouched by the squid ink…well that’s just being a tad fussy if you ask me.  He also says that Brent’s shown a lot of creativity.  George says it is a prototype that needs to be refined and says that Brent could have played the safe option and didn’t and he should be commended for that.

Last up is Tracy with lobster with citrus buerre blanc and bisque reduction.  Matt mentions about a dish being too wet as she’s got two different sauces.  Gary likes it but says the reality hasn’t quite delivered.  George says it is a good dish but it isn’t quite finished.

Decision time…Matt says three contestants put up amazing dishes…well duh…we know that…they’re Emilia, Laura and Jamie.  The top dish for the day belongs to…Laura…holy heck, honestly I don’t think I was expecting that, but it was a very impressive dish, I’ll give her that.

Now for elimination, we’re down to Brent and Tracy and personally I would like to see Brent stay…but honestly who knows.  Oh thank god he’s staying as he managed to show colour, creativity and inspired cooking.

So Tracy bows out at number five…and her update is that she’s doing work experience at Orana restaurant in Adelaide.


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