Masterchef…Heston elimination challenge

Tonight is the end of Heston week with the elimination challenge then a Heston master class.

Up for elimination is Brent, Ben, Amy and Tracy.  They are doing a dish that involves culinary deception, where the taste and flavour do not match up with what the eye is seeing on the plate.  They have 30 minutes of planning with Heston and then 90 minutes to cook and they have to create 4 plates, one for each judge.

Amy’s thinking of a blue cheese cheesecake that looks like a cherry encased in a gel…sounds interesting.

Tracy is thinking about disguising a savoury item as a sweet item and doing something with lamb.

Brent is thinking of a dish that will show his dad how proud of him he his…a dish that is almost black but then is rather colourful at the end of the dish…however Heston thinks his ideas don’t fit the brief of the challenge, but Brent’s going with it regardless.

Ben’s thinking of something that resembles a fire with charring and squid ink involved and Heston thinks it sounds good, but will take a lot of time.

Cooking starts and Brent’s still in a tizz and isn’t sure what to do and thankfully George comes to rescue him but he keeps saying “I don’t want to get upset” and George tells him “you’ve got less than an hour and a half to get your crap together”…oh how I love Georgie Boy.  Off he runs with the whole basket back into the pantry.  He’s now doing something about digging in the dirt that’s got to do with him driving a bobcat.    He mentioned popping candy…yep that’s going down the Heston road…I like it.

Amy’s done the gel and has turned large pears into mini pears and is now making her cheesecake moulds so they can be stuck together as spheres…but George says that they’re rather large for cherries, so they’re now plums.

Ben’s cooked his potatoes and covered them in squid ink to make them look like charcoal, but they’re very salty and he’s worried.

Tracy thinks she’s not confused and she’s explaining her dish to George who’s just as confused and finally he gets the idea a bit and that’s making her rather rattled and sends her running around again.

Heston’s talking with George and Gary and he says that Tracy is his biggest concern…I have to agree with him, even I’m confused by it all.  Thankfully they get the idea of the hollandaise that looks like a custard to them.

Amy’s got the liquid nitrogen out for when she’s putting the gel over the cheesecake spheres…but the gel is rather wet and runny and she’s getting all worried.

Five minutes to go and it’s mad hollandaise making time for Tracy…oh dear lord love, you’re pushing it there.

Brent’s made the plates look amazingly beautiful…then covers them with the dirt.

Amy’s trying to get the spheres off the skewers to plate them and they’re starting to fall apart…heck they’re all having some difficulties here.

90 seconds to go and Ben doesn’t have the steak covered in the ash…yep, chaos is reigning supreme…but when he gets it on the plate it looks rather good.

Time for tasting…first up is Ben with his dish “campfire” and he gets the smoking machine out and puts some smoke under a dome on each plate…rather speccy!!    Matt says it is absolutely smashing.  Heston says there is no bitterness coming from the ash and the sauce keeps dragging him back into the fire.  Gary is floored by how amazing it is.  Heston says he didn’t expect to be seeing something like that dish when setting the challenge and it is brilliant.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Brent is next with “pile of soil”.  There’s lots of sound effects coming from the judges while they’re discovering what is under the pile of soil and Heston has been taken back to his childhood and Matt loves it because it looks like a mad swanky restaurant dish, but normal everyday people would love it because it is chocolate.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Next is Amy with “magic fruit salad”.  Matt doesn’t like how the plum looks in the bowl.  Heston said she was a bit unlucky as she’s followed two knock out dishes.  Gary says it doesn’t work as it’s a clever idea that she’s had difficulty doing.

Last up is Tracy and she’s already in tears and can hardly put two words together to the judges.  She’s made “crumble with custard”.  George says it definitely looks like one thing and smells like another.  Gary thinks it is a tasty dish, but it’s not deceptive enough for him.  Heston agrees with him.

It appears that either Amy or Tracy will be eliminated and there are mixed feelings between the judges.

Decision time…the first of the four through to finals week is the master of deception…Ben…and the judges agree it is one of the best dishes they’ve ever had in Masterchef!!!  Next through to finals week is Brent with his dish that was worthy of sitting on a good restaurant menu and he’s flabbergasted.

The person eliminated is Amy and the decision was not unanimous.  Tracy is shocked that she is through to finals week and it’s because of the golden crumbs and the hollandaise custard.

I have to say that I’ll quite miss Amy, I have quite liked her the whole way through the competition.  Her update is that she’s doing work experience at Restaurant Amuse in Perth.

Now it’s Heston master class time…and I feel the need to sit back and enjoy this moment.

I have to say that whilst Nigella is all about food porn with her sexiness, right now she has nothing on Heston talking about foaming and smoothness and creaminess…oh dear lord I could watch him cook all day and all night and not get tired from it.

Heston made all manner of delicious looking things…such as The BFG Hot Chocolate..

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Gin and Tonic Nitro

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

and fish and chips…

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Plus our old mate George made pavlova…the one he serves at Gazi restaurant and I can say from experience it is damn delicious.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe


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