Masterchef…Heston week…pub challenge

Well we’re off to a pub…and the team challenge is to pimp up the pub meals, they each have to do one dish to reinvent…fish of the day, roast of the day, pasta of the day, surf and turf or parma.  Amy gets to pick first as her advantage and chooses surf and turf.  Brent chooses the parma and does it quick smart.    Laura does pasta, Emilia wants roast leaving fish for Jamie.

Oh heck the kitchen is tiny with only one oven…

Poor Heston is getting rather confused…Jamie is doing a fish pie that won’t be served as a pie and is cooking to order and Amy’s doing a pork belly thing for surf and turf…Heston’s not overly impressed to much as he thinks people will be rather alienated.

Heston’s getting more freaked out by how messy the kitchen is…they have to clean up before the end of prep time…and he’s worried that people won’t be ready and Laura’s stressing out making the amount of pasta that she needs.  He’s getting more concerned as there’s three minutes to service and he hasn’t seen a single finished dish…then there goes Brent’s entire salad onto the floor…poor bugger.

Service starts and Heston has said that if they have trouble they need to let him know or they will push him over the edge completely…ohhhhhh…

Amy’s made pork belly with seared scallops and Matt loves the originality of pork and scallops instead of steak and prawns and Gary’s just excited by the pork crackling.  George says it is the complete meal.  Matt thinks the pork is the hero.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Jamie’s struggling as he’s taking forever getting everything up and Heston’s getting more worried as Jamie’s not talking to him.

Brent’s made chicken parma with smoked cheese and beer and tomato reduction and a fennel salad and the judges aren’t impressed with the size inconsistencies of the chicken as Matt got a good sized piece, but poor George didn’t.  Gary doesn’t think his update of the dish made it better and Matt isn’t overly impressed with the salad and thankfully Brent knows it’s not a great dish and that it’s average.

Now Laura’s struggling to cope…and she’s worried that she’ll run out of pasta as she didn’t measure how much she would need for each plate and she realises it is an entrée sized dish.  Gary comments that it’s not even an entrée…it is pappardrelle with mushroom ragu.  George says it is like it’s three pieces of pasta…seriously ridiculous if you ask me.  Matt puts his head in his hands…well that’s not a great reaction at all and he says it is missing salt and acidity.

Emilia getting peeved with Jamie as he’s not telling her how long it will take his dish to be ready so her dish is getting cold before it is being served which annoys Heston and Laura feels bad…honey feeling bad won’t help her, kick your ass into gear love.

Finally Emilia realises that the challenge is not about speed, but it is about working together as a team and serving good food and communicating…hallelujah the lights went on!!!

Emilia’s roast is roasted spatchcock with roasted potatoes, lentils and Madeira jus.  Matt loves the look of it, as does Gary.  Gary says that it is only just cooked and George says it is hearty, wholesome, warm and delicious which is what a pub is all about.

image from – click on image to go to the recipe

Jamie’s fish of the day is a fish pie, served on a plate and not as a pie…yes I’m confused about it and he puts a crunchy top on it and he thinks he’s met the brief as he thinks you can imagine it as being a fish pie.  Matt says it smells delicious and he’s worried it’s not what he’s expecting if he ordered a fish pie.  George loves the sauce and Gary says it is delicious and thinks the presentation is awful.  Matt’s got three words for the dish and gets up and changes the blackboard from fish pie to NOT fish pie, but delicious.

Service is over…thank God for that!!

Decision time and Brent thinks it’s between him and Laura for the spot in elimination.  Heston says that during prep time he didn’t think there would be any food to serve and was amazed that they made it through and he now feels 80 years old.

Amy and Emilia are told they made the two best dishes…and the win and the advantage goes to Amy….for the second challenge in a row!!

Jamie’s told he’s safe, not because it was fish pie, but because the sauce was amazing.

Brent and Laura are the bottom two…and Laura is saved because her pasta skills saved her even though there wasn’t enough of it, so Brent is through to elimination.


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