Masterchef…Heston week…beetroot risotto

Yes I know I normally would have put this up in the morning…but there was same rain this morning so I woke up hearing it just after 5:30am and was in the car by 6:02am for the trip into Country Town 2.0 and was in at work by 6:33am…yes that’s right…a teacher at work by 6:33am!!

Anyway…back to Masterchef…

So the poor contestants have been told they’re cooking along with Heston, at his speed without a recipe to make a beetroot risotto…holy heck, he just said about a dozen different elements for it, including ice-cream…shite!!!  Oh actually the advantage from last night for Brent was being able to see the recipe prior to the challenge and there’s only 44 steps involved…yep I’m scared for them.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

There’s no clock…but they have to keep up with Heston and they have to plate up the ice-cream right before serving.  The worst dish maker joins Tracy in the end of week elimination.  The best dish gets the advantage before the next challenge.

So first up is lining the tray for the heat resistant wine gel…and Ben’s already struggling with gladwrap…heck mate, you’re going to struggle.

Next is the ice-cream portion and Laura’s struggling and is getting lost in the first couple of steps, poor love.  Now the poor thing has milk all over the floor from the pot.

Then he finely slices onions and I’m spinning out just watching…holy mother of god, I’d cut off a hand doing that anywhere near as fast.

Brent’s just realised he’s measured everything wrong as his scales were on the wrong measurement setting…there goes his advantage.

I’m already confused now with the beetroot juice and Amy’s got it pouring all over the stove when it was boiling, but there’s some in a bowl, the rest in the pot to boil, then part set aside and then the last part to a syrup…heck, thank god I’m on the couch under a blanket watching this.

Heck, now there’s a 4 grams of gellinin…yes a whole 4 grams and yes we’re being all precise and exact today…which you expect with Heston.  Oh and we’re measuring the wine in grams…as you do.

They’re all calling out to him and bless him he’s not getting flustered by that at all…yes I’m seriously loving Heston!!

Oh shite, shite, shite…Amy strained the stock into the beetroot syrup…thankfully Heston rescues her from her princess moment.

Mind you it is funny seeing the judges standing upstairs watching and it’s good to hear Ben compare them to the two old blokes on The Muppets that sit in the balcony…I can see the resemblance.

Laura’s scrambled her ice-cream mix…as have a couple of the others…actually most of the others.  Thankfully Gary tells Heston to check out the anglaise from everyone as they’re rather foaming so he stops to check them all.   I think Heston actually got flustered when poor Laura gets confused with numbers…he repeats 110 over and over and over and over and over and over and over…you should get the idea!!

Then there’s the white wine jelly mix with 0.9 grams of one gellin and 0.1 grams of another…holy shite!!!

Finally we’re onto the actual risotto…Ben stuffs up straight away by making the rice crispy and brown as opposed to it being toasted…now there’s some freestyling on with the amount of the liquids being used in the risotto.

Now the gel is turning into a fluid gel…or a puree…what the???  Oh apparently it is a smooth substance with a lot of flavour.  Then the beetroot juice and beetroot gel go into the risotto mix and Brent jumps ahead and puts in all the gel when it needs to be done to taste.  Ben puts in all the butter and now his looks soupy as opposed to risotto like…and now has to pray that the rice doesn’t overcook while he is trying to reduce the liquid.

image from

Then there’s some radish slicing and Jamie asks a million questions about it to the stage where Heston asks if he wants him to come over and cut it for him…poor Laura is still making a huge mess.

Now we’re up to the ice-cream…oh yes, now we’re going real Heston style with liquid nitrogen and he reminds Laura to be extra careful as she’s been rather clutzy.  Then they put some of the syrup into the ice-cream…and it should be a ripple, but Jamie has Barbie pink bubble gum looking ice-cream.

image from

Ben’s mixer is making grinding noises with the ice-cream and Heston’s getting a tad worried…with good reason I think.  Ben thinks he saved it and that it tastes good.

Right…plating time and Heston says anything they’re not ready with it is too late and Amy’s close to passing out.  First risotto, then the disk of jelly which Laura tears in half and Ben realises there’s too much risotto on the plate and is trying to get some off.  Then the radishes and that’s a saga for them, especially Emilia who has thicker radish.  Then some seeds and micro herbs are on the dish.

Heston puts his ice-cream on and some chocolate…the others don’t have to put the ice-cream on yet, they get 30 seconds prior to serving.  Now I get how the ice-cream is staying cold…the white wine jelly is heat resistant so it keeps a distance between the hot rice and the cold ice-cream.

Jamie is up first…30 seconds to put on the ice-cream and chocolate.  Matt loves how the chocolate impacts on the dish.  Heston likes the gel and the chocolate and likes it all except the radish.

Ben is next…and he’s shaking while he’s doing the ice-cream, it’s gone rather bizarre on him.  Heston has a weird look on his face about the ice-cream…it’s rather odd and of course there’s an ad break right as he turns around…somehow he got some crystallised fat in the ice-cream and yes the rice is overcooked and cakey or stiff, even though it is plated up nicely.

Now for Amy…Heston likes the ice-cream and Gary liked the ripple in it.  She’s getting all compliments except for slightly too much chocolate and it’s the first one that Gary can taste the smokiness in.

Next is Emilia…Heston notices the radishes first, but he says it is pretty good…even though he can nit pick it.

Laura is next…and the poor love is not happy.  Heston says there is a good texture to the risotto and there’s no ripple in the ice-cream and it’s not perfect presentation but there is a lot that she should be happy with.

Last is Brent…he’s having ice-cream struggles and gets it on with 1 second to go.  Heston says the ice-cream is good, but he finds the risotto rather odd and not acidic or rich enough.

Decision time…Heston’s impressed that they all finished the 44 steps that required 8 saucepans with only 4 burners to cook on as it would have tested anyone.  The two top dishes had the correct balance between sweet and savoury and they were the dishes by Amy and Jamie and they’re both in complete shock.  The winner was Amy because of the ripple in her ice-cream…good thing she didn’t have a heart attack mid cook.

The bottom two are Ben and Brent.  Ben’s through to elimination as he had bad ice-cream as well as not great risotto…all because of crystallised fat in ice-cream…sorry mate no more cooking until the elimination challenge.


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