Masterchef…Gelato Messina

Yes this has been a while…sorry about that boys and girls.  First I had my internet have a hissy fit and die…then I went on holiday to the Big Smoke for a few days which meant a 900km drive each way and I got back yesterday afternoon…so back to an episode from last week before I went away.

Tonight we have an elimination challenge and the big question is will Tracy use her immunity pin and as a result throw Renae under the bus for want of a better term. Then again this close to the end she would be stupid not to use the pin. We also have Emilia and Sarah in the challenge and poor Tracy has been up since 3am deciding if she should use the pin or not and thankfully Renae’s been preparing herself for that to happen…gee strangely enough she uses the pin, like it was ever in doubt.

So we have Emilia vs Sarah vs Renae.

Nick Palumbo walks in from Gelato Messina…mmm this will be tasty. Oh look they’re making the Messina choc top…there is no way this is as simple as Renae would like to think that it is.
The layers are salted caramel…and it looks amazing…Italian meringue, ganache, crushed amoretti biscuits inside and on the outside and of course a sugar cone which is really hot when they go to make it and he warns them not to burn themselves as they have 15 seconds from taking it from the oven to it not working and they have to make four…as George says “well we’re not going to lick it and pass”. They have 2 hours to prepare the elements and then they have 15 minutes to assemble and serve.

image from – click on image to go to the recipe

Emilia looks a tad too relaxed and calm so far…as for the other two, not so much. Sarah blitzed the almonds too long and it has turned rather wet as the oils have been released…too bad, no almonds left to try again…now she’s seriously stressing as Gary and Nick have noticed it.

Just side-tracking for a moment…next week is Heston week!!!!!!!!! Thank God I come back from my holiday on Sunday…the world should know just how much I adore Heston.

Anyway back to the Gelato Messina challenge…Sarah roasts the wet almond meal in order to dry it out before re-blitzing it.

Emilia is still going well and started on her ice-cream. Renae’s stressing about the different ingredients that are in the ice-cream as it is soft serve ice-cream.

Emilia is up to making the caramel. Renae’s making her caramel and trying to make sure it is dark, but not burnt…and Amy’s is stressing out on the balcony. Emilia puts the caramel into the ice-cream and seems happy with it so far and puts it in the freezer to cool down. Sarah’s got her ice-cream mix into the freezer as well. Renae’s still doing the caramel and Amy is seriously stressing out watching…oh dear…then it starts smoking, oh the point of no return has gone past, or has it?? She adds the cream, but does it while it is still on the heat and it goes all over the joint. But Amy starts relaxing and saying it looks good.

Emilia’s got the biscuits into the oven and is on the hazelnut and chocolate ganache and then is doing the Italian meringue.

Sarah’s almond meal is seriously not going well, even after being in the oven to rescue it. Renae’s somehow caught up with Emilia.

Emilia is now up to the sugar cones. Sarah’s still doing the biscuits because of the almond meal saga and she’s seriously running out of time…but she doesn’t seem flustered about it, well not until George tells her that she is running behind. She makes the smaller as Tracy suggests as she might not get them cooked in time.

Emilia gets the first cone out of the oven…she gets told it is a great first attempt, and she realises she has to burn her fingers regardless to do it. Renae has her first one made as well. Emilia is going two pans for the cones and Renae is going to the chocolate dip while the cones are in the oven.

Nick from Gelato Messina is very worried about Sarah as there’s 20 minutes to go and she doesn’t have the first cone in the oven.

But gee Emilia and Renae are seriously fussy about their cones…at the rate they’re going they just need to get them made and Sarah has four cones in the oven at once with five minutes to go.

Now Renae has hit stress attack mode.

Sarah finally gets the first cone made…oh and she’s got no spares in the oven so she’s in a serious rush to get them done…she’s got 3 done with 2 minutes to go…geez girl get a move on…then she’s reminded about the biscuits that are in the oven.

Amazingly when time is up they all have at least four cones made…then Renae puts her hands into a bowl of ice.

Now for 15 minutes to assemble the choc tops and the judges walk out to the tasting room to wait for their ice-cream.

First up for tasting is…Renae. Gary says it looks pretty good. Nick says she nailed the salted caramel and he can’t fault the soft serve. Matt says she’s set a high benchmark.

Next up is…Sarah…apparently it is interesting and the ice-cream is a little different, but we get an ad break before we find out why. George says the major mistake is the salted caramel ice-cream as it hasn’t been taken far enough, it’s salty vanilla, or salty milk…oh poor thing.

Finally it is time for Emilia…well the cones are the most consistent of the three contestants. Gary says that the caramel isn’t bitter enough, it is like Sarah’s but a bit saltier.

George says that the one safe person has to be Renae as the ice-cream was so good and he wants to eat it again…so now they’re arguing over Sarah and Emilia and it wasn’t what they were predicting…good thing this is a competition and the result isn’t pre-meditated.

Decision time…Matt says one of them gave a choc top that was head and chocolate covered shoulder above the rest and that it was Renae…and she looks like she’s about to have a heart attack and keel over. Nick says if his eyes were closed when he tried it he would have had difficulty telling which was hers and which was his…holy heck!!

Gary says that Emilia didn’t take the caramel far enough and neither did Sarah and it was such a close call…the choc top that won the day from the two of them was the one with the extra pinch of salt in the caramel…so Emilia just scrapes through and Sarah is gone for the second time…and Sarah is teary again and saying she didn’t think she would cry.

She’s now working as a junior chef at Saint Crispin.

The next episode if the final chance at immunity for Ben, Laura and Amy.

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