Masterchef…road trip time.

So last night Tracy won the immunity pin to go along with her power apron that she’s wearing this week and tonight we’re off on a road trip down the Great Ocean Road for a team challenge.

We start and Lorne then continue to Aireys Inlet after seeing the girls sitting around the hotel chatting…and no we didn’t need to see that.

Anyway, they’re cooking for 20 of the best producers in the area banquet style.

Firstly Tracy gets to use the power apron to choose her team, surprise surprise…like we didn’t see that one coming.  She goes with strategy and chooses Emilia, Sarah, Jamie and Ben.  She also ends up being captain of the team.

The other team is Laura, Brent, Amy, Colin and Renae and the captain is Laura as she’s never been captain before.

Oh look here comes the food on small trucks, tractors and four wheelers.  There’s a variety of vegetables, duck, lamb, seafood and they get five hours to cook.  But they have to buy their produce with their time.  Each team has to buy three proteins and when a protein is bought the other team can’t use it, vegetables on the other hand are available for both teams. The judges have the final say, but they’ll take into consideration what the guests have to say.

Naturally Tracy gets first pick as it is her week as Matt reminds us…actually she also gets to pick the second protein.  She chooses pork for 45 minutes and shellfish for 30 minutes.  Laura picks lamb for 60 minutes and snapper for 60 minutes.  Tracy then chooses crayfish for 45 minutes.  Laura gets the duck for 45 minutes.  Laura chooses greens for 15 minutes.  Tracy chooses greens and pumpkin.  Laura also takes potatoes.

So Laura’s blue team has 1 hour and 40 minutes to cook and Tracy’s red team has 2 hours and 15 minutes to cook and off we go to the local farmhouse to cook.  Naturally it is really windy and the gas isn’t wanting to stay on for the burners and the ovens are all over the place temperature wise.  They get the crackling out to test and just as they do Gary happens to turn up…no surprises there.  Oh dear there’s trouble with the heat and the mussels cooking…strange about that…it is rather windy there.  10 seconds to go and they’re reminded about the oysters, which are still in the fridge…gee cutting it a tad fine there if you ask me.

You have to love that the blue team can’t even unpack the car before their time starts…nope they’re stuck sitting in the car having a rest.  Poor Laura’s having the dilemma of whether to bone the snapper before it is cooked in the oven or after as Gary suggests, but she’s worried she’ll forget to do it after it comes out of the oven and poor Brent is struggling with the lamb on the grill as the wind means the grill isn’t staying on or staying hot, time to change plans.  Poor Laura’s struggling with the bones on the second fillet and then Brent tries to help her and he’s not doing any better than she was doing…they’re in struggle town right now.  Now she gets Colin to help her…and he can’t get them out as they’re so huge.  Now the fish won’t fit in the pans that they have…yes darling that is a first world problem.  Oh dear now Brent has decided to try smoking with hay to give his lamb some smokiness as it won’t have the charred flavour that he wants…now it’s a little bit overcooked…gee he can’t win today.

Time is up…the red team take their dishes down.  There’s bread, mussels, pork, crackling, pickles, pumpkin, corn, carrots, oysters, crayfish and leek.  The judges love the pork and the crackling and the roast vegies and they say that they’ve respected the produce and all the producers of the food that they’ve got are happy with how their food was prepared.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Down come the blue team with their food…there’s potato salad, duck fat roasted potatoes, roasted smoked lamb, snapper, leek tarts and duck.  Gary loves the snapper and George loves the tart and they all enjoy the purple potato salad and Matt likes that they made some effort to do some different things instead of just putting it in the oven and taking it out and putting some seasoning on it.  The lamb producer loves that they smoked it in hay.  The snapper lady loved the snapper and thought it was fantastic.  The duck lady thought they treated the duck really well, but thought they were slightly overcooked.

Right…decision time.

Matt talks about the blue team first and mentions the colour in the potato salad and how great the tart was and that the best dish was the snapper and Laura’s a tad excited…as well she should be.  The less positive things were the duck and the sauce on it and the lamb was overcooked.

George talks about the positives for the red team.  The pork and the scratchings, the perfectly cooked mussels and the bread, the crayfish and the vegetables.  Then the negatives…oh after a big pause there are none…so they win.

Next up is elimination for the blue team…Laura, Brent, Amy, Colin and Renae…and in the preview we get to find out that Tracy can save one person…we know it is either Colin or Laura and Laura’s comment in the preview is that the captain should go down with the ship…mmmm.


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