Masterchef…pureed brains anyone???

Now today is an immunity challenge, but we have no idea who is involved in the immunity challenge…seeing as nothing was mentioned on Sunday night.

So Tracy gets a go as she’s got the power apron…mmmm not sure how fair that is, but anyway.  Oh, hang on a second, she gets to pick the other two contestants that she’ll go up against in round one.  Gee she doesn’t even think about it…and says Laura and Colin.

Then there’s a bar…ummm I’m slightly confused.  But round 1 is all about beer, well I would be stuffed if I had to create a delicious bar snack using beer as they have to do.  George says it has to be able to be picked up to be eaten, there is 45 minutes and an open pantry.

Laura’s going for chicken skewers and polenta chips with a beer reduction and has grabbed a whole heap of beer as she’s not sure what tastes like what.  Matt and Kylie aren’t overly impressed with the sound of the dish and want creaminess and heat in the sauce.  In the mad dash at the end there’s a huge oil splat on the plate and Laura’s not happy.

Tracy is going popcorn chicken and beer candied bacon sliders….ummmm okay.  She seems to be going well in the challenge so far…actually the bacon isn’t getting crispy enough, so she puts it in a pan on a high heat.  Then she’s doing the popcorn chicken and the pan with the oil is rather small and almost overflowing and she’s turning into a mad woman with mayonnaise, buns, chicken and bacon all on the go at the same time.  Tracy’s not happy with her presentation either.

Colin’s grabbed the Guinness.  He’s going to make a slider too and he’s doing a squid ink battered capsicum for part of his dish…shite this is sounding a bit full on…and looks a bit out there if you ask me.  Colin is braising eye fillet which he doesn’t normally do, but he is braising it in Guinness tonight and has realised that it won’t work…time for plan B with only a few minutes to go.  Colin’s decided to deep fry some beef and use the beer braised liquid as a sticky sauce.

Tastting time…Tracy…beer candied bacon with popcorn chicken and coleslaw slider.  Kylie says it is delicious, as does George.  Gary loves it.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Colin is next…and all eyes go to the squid ink battered capsicum and no words are said before we go to an ad break…he’s made beef sliders and beer battered capsicum.  George asks if he’s tasted the beef individually and says it is really bitter and the capsicum needs something creamy for it to be dipped in.  Kylie said everything is the same mushy texture.

Lastly is Laura…polla alla birra skewers with polenta chips.  Matt loves the sauce with the polenta.  Kylie loves it.  Gary loves it but says there is an underlying bitterness.  She goes to take the plate back but George wants to keep it.

The person cooking for the pin is Tracy.

Oh and it’s not an normal immunity challenge…Tracy gets to choose which of 2 chefs she wants to cook against.  There is Jason Jones from B’stilla and his dishes they show in the intro look good.  James Viles from Biota Dining in Bowral and he likes to be the connection between Mother Nature and the diner.  Now’s the trouble…Jason is her idol and James cooks how she wants to cook.  She chooses James, but Jason sticks around to watch from the balcony and offer advice.

image from

The two core ingredients up for grabs are…heads or tails.  Heads includes ox tongue, pig’s ear, beef cheeks, barramundi head.  Tails includes rump, pig’s tails and fish tails.  To make the decision they toss a coin…screw that if you ask me.  Tracy gets to decide anyway…she chooses heads.  They both have 75 minutes to cook.

Tracy has decided to do beef cheeks with gnocchi and Kylie is nervous, but Tracy is fine and is doing the beef cheeks in the pressure cooker.  She’s getting a lot of advice from upstairs about the potatoes for the gnocchi…well from Laura and Jason Jones in regards to putting the potatoes cut up into cold water and they’ll cook a lot faster than whole in hot water.  Oh dear…Tracy didn’t put the pressure cooker on properly…she forgot to check the valve before she turned it on and it hasn’t gotten to full pressure…rookie mistake there love!!  10 minutes to go and she’s got the gnocchi in the pot.  Time to get the beef cheeks out of the pressure cooker…dear lord I hope they’re cooked…thankfully they’re falling apart and Kylie is full of compliments.  She gets it all done and plated and personal I like how it looks.

James is doing pork neck.  Kylie asks him what he thinks about Tracy doing beef cheeks in 75 minutes, he says he would do them overnight.  Oh dear lord James has put brains in the blender and it looks rather interesting…oh dear god turn it off already!!!

image from

Ummmmmmmmm he’s cooked a bit of pork, but has a squid ink braise, so far it resembles Colin’s squid ink batter from before and I’m concerned.  Oh the brains are now on the plate and they resemble a rather grey looking sauce…still worried about that.  James’ dish looks amazing, I’ll give him that…but I’m concerned about some of the elements…such as squid ink braised pork and pureed brains for start.  Then he puts an egg yolk on as some kind of sauce and it doesn’t bust as he puts it on which he was worried about.

Tasting time…Tracy’s dish is first…braised beef cheeks with pan-fried gnocchi.  There’s lots of comments of yum and delicious.  Gary loves the beef cheek and how fresh the dish is with the roast garlic and how precisely the carrot is diced and how the gnocchi are all the same.  George likes it a lot and says the beef and gnocchi are cooked perfectly.

image from – click on image to go to the recipe

Now for James’ dish…pork neck and brain puree with egg yolk, onion and leek and the judges are smiling as it is bought in.  Matt sums it up perfectly before tasting and says it will come down to which dish is the most delicious…which it should.  George says the dish looks spectacular and thinks the brain puree is very cool and clever.  Matt thinks the neck is dry.

Matt loves that they don’t have to come up with an agreement on which dish is best as it is up for interpretation…strange about that.  George isn’t sure which dish Gary or Matt will decide is the better of the two, which is strange for him.

Scoring time…

Tracy’s is first…Gary gives her 9/10, George gives her 9/10 and Matt gives her 9/10 giving her a scores of 27/30 and Tracy is in complete shock.

Jason is next…Gary gives him 9/10, George gives him 9/10 and Matt gives him 8/10 giving him a score of 26/30.

Tracy is in complete shock…

image from

She’s won immunity!!!  Holy shite!!!


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