Masterchef…croquembouche pressure test

Tonight we have a recipe-less pressure test…the croquembouche …oh this is going to be fun!!!

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

At least Jamie has an idea about choux pastry after his last pressure test.  Matt puts it out there that he’ll be amazed if any of them get a full croquembouche made.  God love Matt he then tears the recipe into three and Tracy gets to decide who gets what part of the recipe.

Colin gets the assembly and the caramel part of the recipe and he’s excited about that.

Tracy gives Jamie the choux pastry recipe to make it an even challenge even though he knows how to make it.  She gives Kira the crème patisserie recipe even though she knows how to make that…this is going to be rather interesting.

They have 3½ hours to cook and I get the distinct feeling they’ll need every second of it.

Jamie’s choux pastry is looking very good this first time and he’s putting 60 profiteroles into the oven.  Colin’s look okay and he puts 40 into the oven.  Kira on the other hand has rather wet looking choux pastry.  She’s hoping her second lot is better…oh but she’s not measuring out the recipe and is going by feel and Gary’s concerned about that.  Her third batch is a slightly tweaked version of batter one that was runny and batter two that was a bit dry…oh dear.

George and Gary are loving the look of Colin’s choux pastry and how much each profiterole is alike as he is piping them.

Jamie’s onto his crème patisserie and he seems confident, but I’m not sure…it’s rather thin at the moment and he keeps taking it off the stove before it boils which is what he shouldn’t do…it needs to boil until it thickens.  Even Colin realises that it needs to boil…Jamie needs to wake up and smell the crème patisserie, as opposed to smell the roses.  He decides to add more cornflour…oh dear lord.  He decides to put it in the fridge to thicken it up…Gary is concerned and tells him that is looks very thin and tastes floury.  Gary asks about the recipe and asks if he took it to the boil and Jamie says he did it to temperature…get the hint love.  He leaves batch one on the heat and starts batch two and hopes that it is thicker and then plans to mix the two…oh dear lord help him now.  Finally Gary asks him what he means he cooked it to temperature and he said about taking it on and off the heat and Gary asks why he thinks he would curdle and Gary tells him there is something he is missing but he won’t tell him.  Hallelujah he’s finally turned on the light after almost two hours working on the damn custard…suddenly it works, funny about that!!!!

Colin decides to make a few backup profiteroles as some of the ones in the oven are rather large and puffy.  Kira’s in shock about how her profiteroles look and feel…but some of them are quite biscuity and she thinks that’s okay as that how she likes to eat them.  Kira has the recipe for the crème patisserie so she flies through that and Jamie’s still working on his.

Colin is starting to pipe the crème patisserie into his profiteroles.  Then he’s onto making the caramel using the recipe that he’s been given.  Kira’s filled her profiteroles and is on to making the caramel and then constructing the croquembouche.

Shite…Jamie’s making very dark caramel while filling profiteroles…this could get ugly.  20 minutes to go and he’s only just gotten into the cone.

Kira’s filled the cone with profiteroles and is waiting for it to set.  Same with Colin.  Time to get it out of the cone.  Kira turns the cone upside down and it doesn’t come out to start with, so she starts tapping the outside of the cone and she can hear cracking noises and is quite worried…but then it comes crashing out…and thankfully it is standing…even the judges are clapping.

Time for Colin to turn the cone upside down…and he didn’t even have to tap the cone and it came out perfectly to more applause.

Now for Jamie and everyone is stressing…especially as he’s wondering if he should leave it until it is cool.  Thankfully it has come out fine and the judges are clapping…but get on with it instead of talking about being dark and mysterious like your toffee.

Colin’s having trouble with his toffee with 2 minutes to go.  But he cooks it longer and it seems to go okay.

Time is up and the judges are impressed that all three have put up better croquembouche that almost any contestant in the past, and in the past they’ve had a full recipe, not a third of a recipe.

Colin’s up first and George says it looks spectacular.  Gary enjoys there is a lot of custard in the profiteroles.  Matt loves the custard and the tight construction of the whole thing.

Jamie is up next and I have to say it looks amazing.  Gary is surprised that he finished.  Mind you he also burnt every finger and his palm in making the caramel but he says that it is worth it.  Matt says it looks better than the example they were shown.  Gary loves how great the caramel looks.  Oh dear…Gary’s got no crème patisserie in the profiterole that he was given…well that isn’t a good sign.  But when he gets some crème patisserie it is good, which surprises him no end.  Matt says it is the best croquembouche that he’s had in the Masterchef kitchen…but the issue of some unfilled profiteroles is not good.

Last up is Kira.  She’s all teary about what she’s achieved.  George is all excited about the crème patisserie and Matt says it is the best of the lot.  Matt also says the profiteroles are cakey and biscuity and not right.  Gary’s not sure how she sits now in regards to elimination.

All three has a flaw that was enough to send them home…ohhhh this is going to be close.  Gary says his favourite is Jamie’s.  George wants Jamie’s profiteroles and caramel and Kira’s custard and Colin’s construction.

Decision time…Gary tells them the fault of each of them then tells Kira that her profiteroles are what is sending her home today and yes she is teary and she says that she is taking away more belief and confidence in herself as a result of being in the Masterchef kitchen.

The update is she is working on her health business with videos, recipes and other information.


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