When love comes to town…Airlie Beach and are they still together???

Oh dear…we’re in the bus and we hear that Jen hasn’t been on a one on one date yet…but apparently she’s after a hairless gorilla…okay I’m confused.

So we hit Airlie Beach.  The guys are Kendal who was a chef and is now a plumber and Doug who is a boilermaker who works at the mines.

Kendal – image from ninemsn.com.au – click on the photo to find out more about Kendal

Doug – image from ninemsn.com.au – click on the image to find out more about Doug

Doug is chosen by Jennifer, Amy, Caitlin and Zoe.  Doug’s taking them on a boat ride…but there’s crocs…no damn way in the world!!!  This spring chicken is terrified of crocs and I’ve lived near enough of them.  Oh dear lord he’s got the worst pick up line… “You know my name’s Doug, that’s God spelled backwards with a little you.”  Is he serious???  Thankfully there were very few crocs and they were rather small.  Gee he’s working the charm on Caitlin by the fire and billy can.  Decision time…for the one on one dates he chooses Jennifer…finally someone chose her for a one on one date…and Zoe.  Doug’s doing the two on one date as well…a trip to Whitehaven Beach…but poor Zoe is concerned about being next to Jennifer in a bikini…good thing it is overcast and drizzly…oh then again, they both go down to the bikinis anyway.  Oh god Jennifer feels the need to write their names in the sand and she then puts a love heart around it and he gets all excited realising that she’s into him.  Doug says to Zoe that he’s leaning towards her…she’s not overly impressed by that though.  On the last night poor Jennifer is feeling like the third wheel.

Kendal is chosen by JJ, Ainslie, Tash and Jess.  Kendal takes the girls on a cruise around the Whitsunday Islands.  But before you know it Ainslie is at the wheel of the boat with Kendal and she’s a tad excited that Kendall is 36 just like she is and he’s got chemistry flowing.  Decision time…for the one on one dates he chooses Tash and Ainslie.  So much for a one on one date…they’re on a two on one date out on the water.  Kendal says he came into the date chasing Ainslie and tells her that he’s enjoying the chase, but he can’t keep doing it and basically says she needs to decide if she wants to play with the boys or be with a real man as she’s normally dating 27 year olds and not 36 year olds like herself.  Kendal’s quite likely Tash too, especially her independence.  On the last morning he tells Tash he would like her to stay and that she can fill the house with happiness and joy and that he feels like a smiling giggling 23 year old…oh dear lord that sounds familiar.

Decision time…stay, or go home as this is the last stop on the bus trip.

Oh dear…now Ainslie thinks she’s met her match in Kendal, but we know that he likes Tash…oh god love, make a good decision…thankfully Ainslie decides to leave…hang on he’s very disappointed, I’m confused I thought he liked Tash.

Next up is Jennifer…will she stay for Doug???  No of course not, she’s heading off, no surprises there.

Now for Tash…she knows that Kendal likes her…but she’s not staying because she wants to build a life with someone and not slip into their perfectly packaged life, like he’s got…seriously love???  I mean really???

Lastly is Zoe…and she says that she knows what she wants…yes well she might, but we’re not too sure yet…oh FFS an ad break…get a hurry on.

Oh you have got to be kidding me???  We have a catch up on the other girls before we find out what Zoe did in Airlie Beach.

Turns out they’ve covered 10,000km searching for love…good thing Australia is such a big place.  Tash mightn’t have found a man, but she’s found friends and is all teary…oh honey, suck it up!!

Right, thankfully they go to Zoe first, we would like to know if she stayed in Airlie Beach or not…she started saying things and then said “I love him” and freaked as soon as she said it…oh honey.  Then we find out that she definitely stayed in Airlie Beach…and Doug arrives strolling down the stairs and they kiss…oh too cute…then hold hands as they sit on the couch.  He even chartered a plane to take her to Heart Reef…holy heck!!!  Turns out they’ve got a lot of things in common with each other…then there’s the big pash.

Time for Renae’s update…is she still with Farmer Mitch???  Oh look, here he comes and they have a quick kiss as well and they’re holding hands on the couch.  He says that Renae lets him be him…ohhhhh too cute.

Now for Shelley and Reggie’s update along with Abbie and Leigh’s update from Sale.  Can I just point out that tiny, tiny short dresses are not great for walking down the stairs with a camera aiming up???  There’s been a few close calls now.  Anyway…Abbie thinks that Leigh is very very sexy.  Shelley on the other hand has never met anyone as open as Reggie.  Oh and they’re both there and there’s a quick pash before all four squeezing onto the couch.  Abbie and Leigh live on opposite sides of Australia, but they’re somehow coping with that and making it work…and they put Leigh on the spot to share his feelings with her.

Next up is Rebekah…oh dear lord she was a bit full on during her stops off the bus.  The question is will Sam be there???  While she was in Orange he made her feel so special and great…but…he’s not there…and before we find out why there are tears and an ad break.  So they were calling and texting when she went back to Adelaide and then when she was on her way to the catch up she got a text from Sam.  Nat asks if she wants to show her the text messages from Sam…Nat’s not comfortable reading the message out.  Turns out that Sam’s moving overseas and has no intention of pursuing anything with her and poor Rebekah is struggling…even Nat is shocked to the core.  Rebekah tried to call him but he wouldn’t answer and Nat says she deserves more from him and Rebekah says she was definitely falling in love with him…oh poor thing…I’m not sure about Nat telling her that she is very brave though.

Nikki is up next and she stayed in Port Macquarie with Shahid…gee another tiny dress walking down the stairs.  Here comes Shahid down the stairs and yet another quick pash, but gee the boy raced down the stairs and apparently he always makes her giggle…oh hell…another one???

So that is it…the bus trip is over and there’s a few relationships formed as a result and a few awkward pashes around the others during the closing credits.


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