Masterchef…they’re back…

So the contestants walk in and see two mystery boxes on each bench and then realise there are 14 benches and there’s only 10 of them…Gary repeats “they’re counting” over and over again…then says they’ve thrown a spanner into the works…and in walk the eliminated ones with no names on their aprons…I have to wonder will it be third time lucky for Georgia as she didn’t make the top 24, but came in when someone went out with medical issues, then was eliminated last night.

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Matt says it is 1 challenge, 1 plate, 1 place…and the top 10 aren’t cooking with them…they’re onlookers tonight.

The wooden mystery box contains…the elimination ingredients for each contestant…mmmm that could be interesting.

The steel mystery box contains…the ingredients that represent their best dish in the competition.

They have to decide which box to choose…attempt to raise the bar with the steel mystery box, or rid the demons with the wooden mystery box.  But the wooden box gets 60 minutes to cook and the steel box gets 30 minutes to cook.  Mmmmm….a big decision to make.

The 30 minute cooks are Deepali, Nick, Nicole and Emily…heaven help them.  The others are doing the 60 minute cook…Nicole’s not brave enough to go anywhere near the fish that sent her out in her moment of madness.  Strangely enough Nick’s going for a dessert…in 30 damn minutes!!!  Worse still he’s making the world’s worst mess while cooking which is annoying the others no end.  Oh fancy that the sponges he made aren’t airy…they’re dense.

Rachael has gone the redemption route which is concerning others as they see she has prawns in her steel box.

First eliminated Brendan has a few people worried as he’s spent 300 hours working in a commercial kitchen since being eliminated.

Emily has a bit of trouble when she’s trying to open the sambal sauce when the jar shatters, but then she decides to strain it to make sure there is no glass in it and serves it anyway.

Time’s up…first is Brendan…he made Chinese pork loin with pickled mushroom and lotus chip.  Matt says the pork is juicy and tender and shows how far he’s come.

Next is Rachael…she made saltbush-encrusted pork with native greens.  Matt likes that she used the native ingredients in a respectful way.

Tash is up with leek, asparagus and mint puree with charred leeks and there’s compliments.

Nicole gets told she’s cooked a lot in ½ an hour.

Deepali is up and gets told it is good home cooking.

Nick is up and he straight up says he’s not happy with it when George says “What was that?”  He made white chocolate ganache with hazelnut sponge and citrus crumb.

Byron is next…gee we’ve hardly seen him tonight…he made pigeon two ways with brown butter shallots…but he gets pulled up on the fact that there is very little on the plate for a lot of mess.  Matt says there was a lot of technique, but it needs to be cohesive.

Up goes Sean…he’s made garlic and thyme prawns with herb salad and prawn head sauce.  Matt says one word…YUM!

Sam is up with some salmon…but there’s not enough for them all to taste.

Scott made mango soufflé but it wasn’t a great soufflé.

Steven had a fill star anise in his dish…oh poor bugger.

Emily is up…fish-head stuffed longans with hot and sweet and sour sauce…and she wanted to show the dish she planned and says that she doesn’t want to kill the judges…oh god bless her…the poor love is teary.

Then is Georgia…ohhhhhhhhhh she’s got a smoking dome…talk about a tad fancy.  She made a chicken roulade with fig and onion relish and Moroccan rice.  Gary says the chicken is cooked to perfection and it is the best thing she has cooked in the competition.

Up next is Sarah…she made…stuffed chicken roulade with carrot puree.  Matt says this was the dish that sent her home, but she has totally redeemed herself.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

The top five dishes are Sean, Brendan, Rachael, Sarah and Georgia.

Well it’s not Brendan…or Sean…or Rachael…oh dear lord…get it over and done with already…oh look Sarah is back in the competition…sorry Georgia it’s not third time lucky for you.


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