Masterchef…super box

Well Marco Pierre White week is over…let’s see what this week has for us.

So apparently there are 11 contestants left…or so we were told when they arrived at the kitchen.  But they walk in and there’s only 2 mystery boxes…um okay.

So there are 2 contestants to go head to head…one through to the pressure test, one through to immunity challenge…the judges require 2 brave souls for this challenge.

They ask who backs themselves…and 6 step forward…Tracy, Emilia, Renae, Amy, Laura and Jamie.  As more than 2 stepped up they decide to play a culinary pop quiz to see who gets to be the 2 that cook…oh dear Jamie is the first to stuff up…he says that brick pastry is used to make baklava, see you later.  Laura’s gone as she doesn’t know the difference between a béchamel sauce and a mornay sauce…the different is mornay sauce has cheese.  Emilia doesn’t know the answer to the next question…of you go love.  There’s Renae, Tracy and Amy left.  Amy is out as she doesn’t know about the Ethiopian bread…well what do we expect, I don’t think many people would.

So there’s Tracy and Renae to go against each other.

The mystery box has…dates (which excites Renae no end), zucchini flowers, corn, watercress, chicken wings, yabbies, blackberries, goat’s cheese and they have 45 minutes to cook.

Everyone is concerned when Tracy gets the gas gun out and makes her own soda water for the batter…when she explains that George tells her she’s clever.

Time is up…Tracy is up first with her dish…zucchini flowers with yabbies, watercress and corn puree.  Gary says it is the best batter he’s ever had on Masterchef.  Matt says there is some conflict between flavours and now Tracy is annoyed that she put the yabbies on the plate.

image from – click on image to go to the recipe

Now for Renae…zucchini flowers and yabbies with date leather and date puree.  George prefers Tracy’s batter.  Gary says it is very sweet.  Matt didn’t like the zucchini flowers, but Renae cooked them how she likes them.

The winner of the mystery box was…Tracy…the poor thing looks like you could knock her over with a feather.  Renae on the other hand is overwhelmed and struggling to breathe and Gary has to console her and she’s thinking that going in the challenge was a stupid thing to do…as it was a risk that she didn’t have to take.

Okay invention test time…this time with a difference…teams of three and they are looking for the bottom team.  The teams are Brent, Jamie and Emilia, Laura, Georgia and Amy, then Kira, Ben and Colin.  Each team gets one item from three different categories…cuisines…Vietnamese, Moroccan, America…appliances…ice-cream machine, food processor, planetary mixer (and you can’t use any other appliance)…the last category is cook-top, oven or deep fryer…oh this looks interesting.  Naturally the decision is made using the knife block.

Cuisine is first…Emilia chooses America, Kira chooses Moroccan and Laura gets Vietnamese.

Appliances…Georgia chooses the food processor, Jamie chooses the planetary mixer and Colin gets the ice-cream machine.

For the last category…Brent chooses one and gets the cook top which he wants, Ben chooses the oven, leaving the deep-fryer for Amy.

They have 60 minutes and have to do 2 dishes with full access to the pantry and the fruit and vegie garden.

Well the American team have popcorn…they’ve wanting to do popcorn grits…um okey dokey…and they’re channelling Elvis for their peanut butter, bacon and banana dessert.  They think it’s all going too good which is worrying them and George is hoping the pork is cooked properly as it’s been poked and prodded a lot.

The Vietnamese team has made a mango salad, wrapped it in rice paper and are deep frying it…yeah well that’s not going to work, thankfully they’ve realised this.  But they’re struggling so far.  45 minutes in they finally decide to dump the rice paper rolls idea…about time!!

The Moroccan team are going okay…the fish is in the oven, the quinoa is cooking well in the oven, Colin puts crumble in the oven…then goes to the garden and forgets the crumble is in the oven, comes back and it is overdone…oh well!

Time is up…Brent, Jamie and Emilia are judged first.  They have made…pan-fried pork chop with popcorn grits and pickles and thankfully the pork is well cooked.  Gary loves the dish and thinks the popcorn grits are delicious and like a buttery mash.  George thinks it is a cool version of polenta.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe


Their second dish is peanut butter mousse with grilled banana and maple bacon crumb.  George tells them to get the plate away from him and it is one of the best desserts he has ever eaten.  Gary says it is up there with the best desserts.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Laura, Georgia and Amy are up next and Amy is already teary as she takes the plates up as they performed very badly.  They have Vietnamese fried chilli crab and Matt says it is absolutely delicious and George and Gary haven’t stopped eating and George is sweating up a storm and is loving it.  They also have a Vietnamese prawn salad with crunchy fried noodles and Matt says they’ve lost he sweetness of the mango which is a success and they’ve combined fried and fresh on the plate.  Gary would have liked a more obvious coating on the fried prawns.  Gary says it was far from a disaster with two tasty dishes.

Kira, Ben, Colin are up last…roasted snapper with green chermoula and Moroccan quinoa salad, Gary says the fish is nicely cooked, absolutely spot on.  George says the salad looks gorgeous and it is a super awesome dish.  The other dish is an orange blossom frozen yoghurt and apricot sorbet with baked fruit.  George says it is refreshing and Matt says the natural flavours shine through.  Gary thinks the sorbet is clever.

Sounds like it will be a very hard decision…but first we get a whole speech about the top ten and how anyone safe is in the top ten…which means that Tracy is in the top ten along with…team America…Brent, Jamie and Emilia.  The other safe team is…team Morocco…Kira, Ben and Colin.  Leaving team Vietnam which is Laura, Georgia and Amy…for the pressure test with Renae…ohhh that may be a tough one and Georgia’s all teary.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caroline Ward
    Jun 30, 2014 @ 00:32:59

    I cannot find the receipe for Kira’s Moroccan Quinoa Salad anywhere. Can you please post it. Thanks


  2. BEv Dibble
    Jan 13, 2015 @ 17:37:55

    So where is it?


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