Masterchef…Marco Pierre White elimination…will Laura or won’t she???

The question of the night…will Laura give up her newly gained immunity pin or will she play in the elimination???

Clever girl decides to use the pin!

Mmmm one dish to be cooked….decided through the knife block each knife with a classic dish…well we know it isn’t eclairs or soufflé…much to Brent’s happiness.

Emilia gets to pick out the knife that everyone will cook…she chooses risotto…the Masterchef death dish…Laura’s not overly happy though as she makes risotto once a week normally.

60 minutes to cook and an open pantry…no excuses says George.

Kira is doing quinoa risotto…..ummmmm okay!!  George is concerned as Marco is a purist.

Oh dear Tash has the rice on very early….but Kira is worried she may end up with undercooked quinoa.

Now Tash drown the rice in wine….oh shite!  Now the quinoa is having trouble still for Kira…as she cooked it differently to how she normally does it…will they ever learn???

Judging time…Colin is first…dill risotto with prawns…Gary says it is a little al dente but no chalky and need a minute or so more cooking.  Marco says he’s done a really good job.

Brent is up…mushroom and hazelnut risotto with poached chicken.  Matt says it reads like a dream and is the perfect combination and Gary has high expectations…oh dear Marco says it lacks seasoning…and to think that Laura was telling him to check the seasoning.  George says the chicken is poached perfectly.

Next is Kira…pumpkin and kale quinoa risotto…Kira’s happy with it…but are the judges???  Marco says it is not a risotto in his book.  Gary says there is a problem as it is a most delicious dish.  Matt says the fact that the quinoa is slightly undercooked gives it the nutty al-dente taste that risotto has.

image from – click on the image to go to the recipe

Emilia… fennel risotto with prawns…oh dear she’s in tears before they even taste the dish…suck it up love, you can cook and this is a competition, get used to it.  Gary says the rice is cooked absolutely perfectly and George says it is delicious.  Marco says that Emilia getting teary and releasing her inner emotions was a defining moment of the competition…I hope so.

Tash…asparagus, mint and lemon risotto.  Gary is disappointed with the asparagus and Marco can smell the wine and the citrus and Matt says it looks really slurpy.  Gary says the consistency of the rice is one of the best, but the main problem is the imbalance of the acidity.  George says that the right amount of acidity was needed and you need to take care with it, but Marco said he could see that she took great care with her dish.

Decision time…dish of the day went to Kira and the poor love is crying happy tears.  There were two dishes that were almost perfect…the two prawn dishes…Colin and Emilia so they are safe…and Emilia is teary and worried about Brent as she’ll struggle without his support in the house.  But she can breathe a sigh of relief as he’s safe and Tash is going home because of the excess wine in her risotto.

Tash is currently doing work experience at Ezard and making online cooking videos…now there is a Marco Master Class…but I have my last uni assignment for the semester due tomorrow so I need to finish it off while watching the Master Class.


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