Masterchef…Marco Pierre White elimination

The pressure test is to replicate a dish from Marco’s cookbook White Heat…roast pigeon with a ravioli of wild mushrooms.

image from – click on image to be taken to the recipe

Got to love that Marco says the dish is quite simple…they know how to make pasta and they know how to cook meat…gee if only it was that simple!!

Matt tells them it is no small task with classic cooking with nowhere to hide and they have 90 minutes…holy shite!!!

Marco thinks it’s interesting that none of them started with their sauce as it needs time to get the flavour in it.

Tash still doesn’t do the sauce even after Gary says they need to do it…no she’s stuffing around with pasta dough which is getting worse and worse the more she messes with it.

Byron says he needs to forget that it is a Marco dish and focus on cooking…gee really????  I never would have thought that!!!

Tash is just randomly chucking chicken bits in the pan and Marco tells her to place them gently…she thinks she doesn’t have time as she’s not in the perfect world…honey, honey, honey…listen to the man it is his recipe…not your recipe!!!  Then she’s attempting to burn Marco’s eyebrows off with the alcohol and he’s blowing it all down, but no of course she doesn’t notice…wake up already love!

Oh dear…Amy isn’t using accurate measurements…she’s using intuition as that’s how she normally cooks…honey, honey, honey…what can I say to that???

Marco tells Byron not to panic with 2 minutes to go as he’ll start panicking…oh bless.

Time is up and Tash is stressed as she forgot to put on the baby turnips…even though they’re cooked…she just plain forget them.

First up is Amy…Marco asks her if it is in her to win and she says yes.  Matt is happy with the glossiness of the sauce.  Marco thinks overall she’s done very well…but he’s yet to taste.  Gary enjoys the pigeon and the sauce.  Matt thinks the dish is about the sauce and the creaminess of the lentils.  Marco thinks the balance of pigeon to alcohol was perfect and he can taste the meat in the sauce and he enjoyed his food.

Next up is Tash who is positive that she is going home.  Marco tells Tash that when you’re down on the floor don’t let anyone else pick you up, pick yourself up and if you go home tonight then take the knowledge that you gained from the experience and learn from it.  Then he asks her if she still wants to be in the competition and of course she said yes…well duh???  Gary loves the caramelisation on the pigeon, but thinks the lentils aren’t right.  George wasn’t happy with the pasta dough.  Marco says the most impressive part was that she got food on the plate.

Last up is Byron…oh dear they start talking to him and the poor bugger is almost in tears…or maybe it is because he burnt all his fingers…on both hands…poor darling.  Oh hell….now he’s in tears…damn he appears better every second that he’s on that show!!!  They all say that he needs more sauce…but with the lack of sauce now they’re not sure who is going home…Tash or Byron.

Decision time…Amy is safe…yes well we all knew that…Gary says that Tash had undercooked lentils…but Byron is going home because he didn’t have enough sauce on the plate…count your lucky stars Tash…that is all I can say…but damn who are we going to perve on now???

Marco decides to talk to him about him as a man and says that the greatest quality about Byron is his humility…oh dear lord…I think I’m starting to really like Marco…and he’s made Byron smile…oh how beautiful!!!  Even better that the judges get up to give him a hug…ohhhhhhhh that is just a tad too cute and sweet…shite…even Marco gives him a hug and walks him out…what can anyone say about that???

Right…so now that he’s left the Masterchef kitchen our boy Byron is doing work experience in Phillipa Sibley’s restaurant.


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