Masterchef…Marco Pierre White week

Nothing like a mystery box…let alone one created by Marco Pierre White!!!

The contestants walk into the kitchen and there’s our old mate Marco and none of the judges and they’re about to poo themselves…quite literally…bless him that he introduces himself by saying he’s not that presumptuous that they know who he is…too cute.

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Oh here’s the judges…the 3 musketeers says Marco…and our boy Marco is here for the whole week.

The mystery box contents were chosen by Marco…white port, vine tomatoes, mixed spices, lobster, olive oil, ginger, carrots, cucumber and coriander.

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Poor Emilia has him standing right in front of her when he says what’s in the box, poor thing looks petrified to say the least…60 minutes to cook with 5 dishes tasted and a massive advantage for the winner.

I have to say after seeing him go to a few benches I would be debating whether I would poo or pee myself…the man is rather intimidating when he’s standing in front of you.

Marco tells the judges that the contestants need to keep it simple, but he is interested in how they prepare their lobster as it is interesting…mmmm I can see why he is thinking that.

Oh shite…the tears have started and poor Tracy is lost for words in front of Marco…not a good start lovey.

Oh double shite…ravioli queen Laura has her ravioli explode when it hits the water…then Marco walks over to her…poor darling.  Thank God the last 5 work!!!

The judges tell Marco to go and find the 5 dishes he wants to taste…but he strolls, he stops, looks, stares in their eyes and they’re nervous…but he doesn’t stop and stare at Ben and the poor bugger is worried.  Tracy can’t even look at him and goes to look away and he says “you should never hide your tears”…mate she’s got mascara running down her face, I don’t really think she’s hiding them that well.

He goes up to Emilia and says “Hello Emilia, follow me with your dish”… she’s made lobster ravioli with lobster reduction and lobster medallion.  He says the sauce and lobster are perfect.

Next up is Kira…she’s made lobster ravioli with butter-poached lobster.  He tells her he’s worked well for someone not used to making ravioli.

Then it’s Brent with…lobster bisque with pan-fried lobster.  Marco’s concerned about the vinegar that was used…but offers advice.

Next is Amy with…pan-fried lobster with tomato and ginger sauce and crispy-fried egg yolk.  Marco isn’t sure what the egg yolk does and says “if you’re going to do something make sure it contributes…god bless”…ummm doesn’t sound great.

Next is Laura with…pasta en brodo…she did the same recipe as her nonna but with lobster instead of chicken which Marco says is very clever.  He says he has no complaints.  George says it is a very sexy dish.

image from – click on the image to be taken to the recipe

Matt says they need to decide the winner, but Marco stops them and says there is one more dish he would like to taste and asks if the judges mind…of course they don’t…but then naturally there’s an ad break before we find out who the dish belongs to…okay we’re back and it’s Tracy…lobster brother with coriander ravioli and lobster medallion and she says straight up “before you taste I’m worried that my lobster is undercooked” and Marco thanks her for her honesty and amazingly it is perfect and Gary says it is the best bit of lobster that they have seen…poor love is smiling and not crying for a change.

image from

Anyhow…the winner of the mystery box is…Laura and she’s doing a Georgie Boy jumping up and down celebration dance and Marco says the difference was that she gave him an insight into her world.

The theme for the invention test is Italian…the choice of main ingredients is hers…the choices are dried porcini mushrooms, prosciutto or bottargo which is the roe of a grey mullet.  She also has 5 minutes to choose 5 more ingredients as they can only cook with 6 ingredients…gee I would have questioned him no end while I was in there.

image from

She chose…dried porcini mushrooms as the core ingredient.  So mushrooms, 5 other ingredients and one trip to the pantry, top 3 to immunity challenge, bottom 3 to pressure test, nothing too different there.

The judges ask Marco what he would do…he says “on Masterchef the death dish is risotto, I would make risotto.”

Poor Byron spends forever and a day in the pantry…surprise, surprise.

Got to love that when Laura is asked what she’s making and she tells Marco and Matt she’s making a stuffed gnocchi and Matt’s concerned and says he loves it the traditional way and Laura says “it is an invention test,” which Marco says put Matt in his place.

Byron sounds nervous and almost teary when Marco and Matt go and talk to him…he’s overwhelmed and confused and all over the place…poor bugger.

Time is up…Tracy made a duck neck sausage…and it is beautiful.  Marco thinks to stuff a duck’s neck in an hour is extraordinary!!!

image from – click on image to be taken to the recipe

Tash did gnocchi two ways…and she struggled with her cooking…Matt says the gnocchi are rubbery and hard.  Marco says do one of them perfect, not two of them badly.  Gary says she is in trouble.

Colin did porcini stuffed chicken thigh.

Emilia did gnocchi and Marco likes the puree of porcini.

Brent did an open lasagne and Marco says it all works.

Ben did chicken, porcini and parsley ravioli and he says that the sauce is whipped cream and porcini as his plan to turn the cream into butter and butter into sauce didn’t work…Marco thinks it is very clever and it all works and Ben looks like you could knock him over with a feather.

Amy looks like she is stressing and Marco says that without the capers it would have been a much better dish as it gave the mushrooms a much different flavour and Gary gives her a hug when she turns around in tears.

Georgia is told her food tastes way better than it looks.

Renee is told her dish is very strong and domineering.

Bryon’s turn with baby chicken and porcini mushrooms with balsamic reduction.  George makes a strange face…something’s not quite right…oh shite!!! He’s spitting out bones left right and centre and Marco says Byron knew he was in trouble before he walked to the front.  Then Marco says it looks like a horror movie…raw garlic, raw zucchini, bones left in…then he asks Byron what’s wrong…poor bloke needs a hug…instead he gets 2 minutes alone with Marco…and Marco was ever so sweet.

Lastly is Laura…stuffed gnocchi roll with onion, sage and porcini mushrooms.  Gary is full of compliments…and the only thing he doesn’t like it there isn’t more.  Marco tells her the only thing he has to say is that when he was her age he could not cook a dish to that quality….holy Jesus!!!

Up for immunity are…Tracy, Laura and Ben

Up for elimination are…Byron, Tash and Amy…I have to say there are no surprises there.



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