The black apron contestants encounter a bench row full of cloches…and they don’t look overly happy.  Actually 16 cloches with 16 classic dishes, a lid will be lifted and they all have to write down what the dish is…they can only see it, no smelling, no touching, no tasting…mmm interesting.  Thankfully for Colin, spelling doesn’t overly matter.

If you’re in round 2 you only get the ingredients that were used in the dishes identified in round 1 …oh and it needs to be the recognised name that is written down.

Oh goodness, gracious me…Byron is struggling on the first dish…thankfully he’s right with carbonara.

Dish 2 looks like apple tarte tatin to me…and the spelling is hysterical…they all got it right.

Dish 3 is…well Brent is worried…he says osso bucco…thankfully they all said that.

Dish 4…Colin is struggling…he said Thai fried rice…oh dear it’s Pad Thai…he’s through to round 2.

Dish 5…now Tracy is struggling…she put cacciatore and as soon as others coq au vin she knows she’s wrong…but Sarah also put cacciatore…Sarah and Tracey are in round 2 with Colin…HELL!!!  Matt is shocked Sarah got it wrong.

They have 60 minutes to cook, no access to the pantry, fruit, vegetables or the herb garden.

Sarah decides to go French as it is what got her into round 2…mmmm…they’ve all gone for chicken.

All the dishes sound really nice from what they’re saying to the judges.

30 minutes to go and some of the others are worried about Colin as his chicken thing isn’t in the oven yet and Sarah’s cutting it fine time wise with using the sous vide machine.  Colin’s goes in the oven with 20 minutes to go and he knows that it won’t be long enough so he turns the oven up higher…and the judges have said that undercooked chicken isn’t good and neither is raw pastry…ummm this could be rather close.  Tracy’s stressing over the temperature of her chicken ballotine after it came out of the oven and thankfully checks it with a thermometer…George says cook it in the oven until it is 60 degrees and then it will raise to 65 and that’s good, it’s going to over 72.  Sarah on the other hand is aiming for 56 degrees with her ballotine…oh shite!!!  That will be under and poor Colin is leaving his dish in the oven until there is a minute to go.

Oh dear…3 minutes to go and Tracy is cutting her chicken and Gary’s asking her why…mmm seriously this could go any way right now…and Sarah’s chicken is at 53 and Gary can only say it has been in a water bath though…I’m worried for all of them right now.

Tasting time…

Tracy is up first…chicken ballotine with butter onion puree…and I have to say the dish looks lovely.  George loves it and says it is perfect and harmony on a plate.  Matt thinks the flavours are impeccable…I think that she is probably safe.

Colin is next…chicken and mushroom pithivier with red wine reduction sauce.  It all looks good when it is cut in half.  Gary is thankful the pastry is cooked through beautifully and there’s no soggy bottom…not that he said soggy bottom.  But he’s not overly impressed with the filling.  George thinks the red wine sauce isn’t all that great.

image from

Lastly is Sarah…chicken roulade with popcorn chicken and chicken jus.  Before we go to an ad break Gary says “I love her cooking but there is something very, very wrong with that dish.”  Oh shite…the top piece of chicken is raw!!!  They don’t even taste it!!!

As soon as they tell Sarah her chicken was raw there are tears all over the joint…and yes of course she is going home.

Next week is Marco Pierre White week…ohhhhh this will be fun!!!


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