Masterchef…wedding days..

I’ll start by saying I’m damn well exhausted tonight, eyes popping out of my head exhausted, this is my hour of downtime…not that I’ve managed to have dinner or anything yet…god help me if anyone tells me a teacher works from 9-3:30 as I may well kill them right now…I’ve already put in 11½ hours today plus the 35km drive home in the dark, with the kangaroos…and a bit more to go later.


Mmmm we’re starting off site somewhere tonight…apparently it is Ascot House.  So they’re in 2 teams, cooking for 80 people with each term serving 40 people.  The red team have to make a fish entrée, chicken main and a 2 tier cake.  The blue team have to make a vegetarian entrée, beef main and 2 tier cake.  Oh and the cake makers are only making the cake and nothing else.  They’re catering for Margaret and Eddie’s 60th wedding anniversary, and they’re renewing their vows.

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The cake makers can ask one question…oh dear Margaret likes sponge and Eddie likes fruit cake…well that’s going to make things fun and god love it Eddie’s carrying a photo of the wedding cake with him.

Entrée is served at 1:30pm, main is 45 minutes later, cake is 45 minutes later…the bakers have a mere 4 hours.  The others have 90 minutes of prep and cooking before entrée is served.  They’re judged on quality of food, ability to get food out and how they perform in the kitchen…as usual losers are into elimination.

Oh fancy that…a Coles truck delivering the meat to them…hell you can knock me over with a feather right now after seeing that.

Blue team says they’re making – entrée…pumpkin tortellini with leek soup, main…roast beef cheek with eye fillet served with autumn vegetables.

Red team says they’re making – entrée…dory with potato puree and lemon cream sauce, main…chicken roulade.

Gary’s concerned about how long it is taking to prepare the fish…oh wait the warm sauce is gone as are the potatoes.

Good old Brent looks like he’s about to pass about…poor bugger goes out for air…oh dear, he’s over cooking as it’s too risky for him to continue so he’s out of the challenge, now Captain Byron is stressing…oh and they can’t use any of the beef that Brent touched.

Emilia and Colin are making the white team’s cake…a vanilla sponge with lemon curd, raspberries and a white chocolate ganache.

Tash and Georgia are making the red team’s cake…the bottom cake is a vanilla butter cake and the top cake is an almond and lemon flavoured cake with berry mousse and chocolate ganache and some handmade red flowers for it.

10 minutes before serving and Captain Ben is freaking out over fish and plating as the girls have no idea what he wants the plate to look like…oh well, leave the fish, go sort them out, pray for the best.

5 minutes before serving and the blue team are still putting pasta together, they’ve scrapped the tortellini and instead are doing ravioli and Byron is busy smashing bowls and has to use some red bowls…oh dear lord.

God love George asking if the red team is putting potatoes on the plate as he says “gee you would want to have had a kebab before you got here”…so with about 2 minutes to go they decide to use the potatoes again…seriously if my brain wasn’t already mush I would be confused by now.

Oh shite…the teams have to serve the entrees…bugger that…and the judges are at the head table.

Red team served…Pan-seared John Dory with radish and fennel salad…oh and some form of potato and yoghurt…buggered if I know, it wasn’t really explained.  Gary likes it and thinks it is clever and fresh, George enjoys it, but says the salad looks better than it tastes.  Matt says it was a lovely way to start.

image from

Blue team served…Pumpkin ravioli with leek and potato soup…Gary loves the soup, as does George and Matt loves the texture in the pumpkin.

Oh dear…the blue team have well cook beef cheeks, but haven’t even started on a sauce with 30 minutes until it has to be served.

Tash and Georgia are having fondant issues and it’s cracking everywhere…oh well.

Bugger…Emilia tries to make a whipped ganache and the beater was up too high and she split the cream…there goes the ganache and instead it is not a sponge covered with cream.

Oh shite…Ben’s helping the girls and he’s burnt some of the roulades and Gary keeps saying that it is such a shame as they were doing so well before they started roasting them.

In the blue team Jamie’s stepped up…not sure what’s going on with Byron as he seems to have become invisible…and with 5 minutes to go they are still cooking the eye fillet…oh wait now I’ve seen Byron, he’s putting plates on the bench and they’re going into mayhem and red team is serving while the blue team is nowhere near ready to serve.

Red team serve…chicken roulade and pumpkin puree with roast potato and beetroot…Gary thinks it is utterly delicious and could eat a whole bowl of the potatoes, but the chicken is on the edge of being overcooked.  Matt loves the sweetness of the pumpkin combined with the currants in the chicken.

image from

Blue team serve…braised beef cheek and eye fillet with parsnip crisps…and poor Byron is super apologetic for being late with the meal…George isn’t so excited by it, but both him and Matt want to know where their mashed potato is given they’re having beef cheeks…I agree, bugger too fancy, beef cheeks, mashed spuds and a nice sauce would have been great.  Gary comments on the sauce and says it just hasn’t worked for them.  Matt says “my mother says if you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing”…well that just sums it up.

Cake time…

2 minutes to go and the red team decide to pipe more stuff on…they obviously haven’t heard that less is more.

Red team…vanilla buttercake and lemon and almond cake…both have a berry mousse centre.  Gary likes both cakes, especially the lemon cake, George also likes the lemon cake.  Matt enjoys the brightness of the mousse and loves the thought that went into it with the decorations to match the chairs and the flower to match what Margaret was wearing earlier.

image from

Blue team…traditional sponge cake filled with vanilla whipped cream, lemon curd and fresh raspberries.  Matt says he can see a few spots where the cake wasn’t iced properly and Gary says that it needed a second layer of icing around it to smooth it off.  Gary and George are picking up some egginess in the sponge…George thinks the cream, curd and berries are delicious…but the sponge isn’t a great sponge.

image from

Right…time for the result…entrée…based on flavour the blue team won that course.  Main…red team won by a country mile.  Cake…and winner overall…Margaret and the three judges preferred the red team’s cake…so blue team are off to elimination.



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