When Love Comes to Town…Orange

Ummmm now there’s another episode…WTF???  I was wondering why the tv guide said the show went to 11pm…not sure why though…

Anyway we’re off to Orange in New South Wales and they’re at a beautiful homestead…and no cheering townsfolk either.  Renee’s come back to the show and they’re all happy…yeah sure, I’m not sure how true the cheers were.

Onto the men-folk of Orange…Mitch and Sam.

Mitch is 25 and is a rural contractor, so he runs farms and gets down and dirty…yeah he’s not bad on the eye either.  When he’s asked if he can handle the ladies his response is “I can handle a bull so I reckon I can handle the women”…oh dear god, say it isn’t so.

image from ninemsn.com.au

Sam is a PE teacher and boarding master.

image form ninemsn.com.au

Mitch ends up with 4 girls and Sam with 6 girls.

Mitch takes them to the farm and makes the girls run around mustering the sheep…sorry to say I wouldn’t be enjoying that…back to having the girls to the jobs…yeah off you go mate…especially when you get a girl to check a sheep for footrot!!!  Then getting them to crutch the sheep…yes it got worse than the damn footrot.  These men need to wake up a tad!!!!  Oh dear it’s getting worse.  For the one on one dates he chooses Renee and Nikki.

Sam takes the girls tenpin bowling because it was “real fun with the kids and hopefully it is good with the girls”…oh honey, 6 girls are not the same as teenage boys at boarding school…but offering the possibility of a kiss for the first strike may or may not work…oh shite…Rebekah got a strike and got a small kiss on the lips and all the others are freaking out and Zoe is feeling like the 3rd wheel already.  Are you farking well kidding me????  He went for another pash with Rebekah in the photo booth…um hello???  There are 6 girls there, not just Rebekah!!!  He chooses Jess and Rebekah…like that’s a surprise…for the one on one dates.

Sam takes Jess mountain bike riding…I have to say it’s a different choice and thankfully not the worst date I’ve seen on this show so far…then he grabs her hand…oh that’s a tad cute, or corny, I’m not sure.  He takes Rebekah cherry picking…sounds okay so far…oh and yes…there’s a few more pashes going on.  Then she questions him about his date with Jess, oh honey, honey, honey…between that and saying you’ve got a deal breaker of not liking sport…I’m not sure what to think right now.  On the last night the girls chat, poor Jess is feeling like the 3rd wheel and toddles off to bed and Sam says he would love Rebekah to stay and she’s not sure…yet she’s sitting there holding hands with the boy.

Oh heck Mitch takes Renee to the Bull bar and rides a mechanical bull…well Renee wasn’t overly impressed…not that she can manage to get on the bull…I’m scared that he says “Renee’s a great catch, you wouldn’t kick her out of bed for farting”…WTF?????????  I’m slightly concerned by that.  He takes Nikki on the tractor because he hasn’t had “a hot chick in the tractor before”…honestly driving the tractor is not a damn date!!!  Oh lord…”you can bounce a quarter off her butt” honestly I’m scared!!!  Both Renee and Nikki want to know what Mitch is thinking and thankfully he’s confused and playing his cards close to his chest.  Renee says if he doesn’t tell her she’s jumping back on the bus…gee honey…put the pressure on.  Now him and Nikki are having the same conversation almost…honestly ladies.

Decision time…and yes it is really obvious as Nat says that Sam has a thing for Rebekah and that Jess has taken a step back…but first it is time for Jess to decide…and of course she’s getting back on the bus.  Then Rebekah…oh dear lord she’s falling for him and has decided to stay and she went the full on pash and Sam the poor bugger is sweating profusely…okay, time to move on to Mitch…now please!!!

Onto Mitch and his ladies…thankfully Nat says how can you expect the girls to make a decision when you can’t and he says he likes Renee and would love her to stay…so Nikki decides to get back on the bus…how about Renee???  She decides to stay in Orange and he went for the pash…yeah she wasn’t going for it.

OHHHHH someone comes back next time!!!! Bring it on ladies is all I can say!!!


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